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Werewolf: The Last Warrior

Typed out by NES-W8-USA Werewolf - The Last Warrior(tm) Instruction Manual Data East(r) --- "I will destroy you, Faryan..." But in order to get to Faryan, you've got to battle your way past his army of death slaves. Nothing in Faryan's New World can be taken for granted - evil lurks everywhere. There are five levels you must clear in order to reach Faryan. Easier said than done - each level is protected by one of Faryan's Level Bosses. And they get gnarlier as you go along. But you've been granted powers of the Great Spirit, War Wolf. You know what you must do. The time has come to live your vision. Destroy Faryan. --- Operating instructions Control Pad: Moves your character in the direction you point. A Button: Punch. B Button: Jump Start Button: Pause the game. Press it again to start. Select Button: Press during pause to see Scoreboard. --- Getting started You've been through a lot in the past four weeks, War Wolf - you're probably ready to go. - Press Start Button at the title screen to proceed. - Press Control Pad Up and Down to select a one-player or two-player alternating game. - Press Start Button to begin play. - You can press Start Button to move past any dialog screens if you've already read them. You begin the game with five lives. If you lose a life, choose CONTINUE to keep playing from that spot. You may keep selecting CONTINUE until you run out of lives, at which point you will be forced to start again from the beginning. --- The game screen The Scoreboard lets you know how many lives you have remaining and your current score. To reach the Scoreboard from the Game Screen, press Start Button and then Select Button. Press Start Button to return to the Game Screen. Life How much damage you can sustain before you lose a life. Anger How much anger you have built up. Enemy How much damage an enemy on the screen can sustain. Time How much time you have left to clear the current level. Status Shows your current mutation status - Human, Werewolf or Super Werewolf. --- Faryan's new world Throughout Faryan's New World, the Great Spirit still lives - offering War Wolf strength and support throughout his journey. You will reveal the Great Spirit's treasures whenever you kill one of Faryan's death slaves. You will also find them hidden throughout the game. Here's what to look for: A red "W" allows you to transform from Human to Werewolf. The small white Power Bubble builds your ANGER points. Collect five while you're in Werewolf mode and you will be transformed into Super Werewolf. Faryan will try to trick you with a blue "W", which will transform you from Super Werewolf or Werewolf back to Human. If you're already human, it will make you lose LIFE points. However, there is a way to turn the tables on Faryan and use his blue "W" in combination with a red one to go directly to Super Werewolf status. The Healing Source will restore one LIFE point. A red Power Bubble will destroy all enemies on the screen as soon as you touch it. The Giant Healing Source will restore all your LIFE points. There are also giant red Power Bubbles that will make you invincible to all enemies for a short period of time. Some of your enemies will be carrying guns. Kill them and you can pick up the gun they leave behind - but you only get one bullet so use it wisely. The Points Bonus will build your score. You can gain more TIME by grabbing the hourglass. 1 UP gives you an extra life. You also pick up an extra life when you hit 50,000 points. --- Special powers War Wolf You start the game as Chief War Wolf. As War Wolf you may unleash the strength of the Great Spirit within you to shoot a Power Ray at your enemies. To let fly the Power Ray, hold down A Button until War Wolf begins to glow, then release A Button to shoot. Werewolf Once you have transformed into Werewolf, all of your abilities are enhanced by the powers given to you by the Great Spirit. As Werewolf, your Power Ray will send shock waves throughout the entire screen and inflict great damage on everything there. Due to the strength of this weapon, you too will suffer gamage and lose LIFE points when you use the Power Ray as Werewolf. In addition, once you are Werewolf, you have four additional powers: Crawling: You will be able to crawl into low tunnels and areas that War Wolf is unable to enter. To crawl into these areas just point in the direction of the tunnel you wish to enter. Back-Flips: As Werewolf, you may use your speed and strength to do back-flips that allow you to avoid certain kinds of trouble. To do a back-flip, press A Button and B Button at the same time. Climbing: The Great Spirit understood the demands of your quest and empowered you with mighty lance blades as arms that allow you to climb walls. To climb, jump onto the wall and then press Control Pad Up and down to scale and descend. You must then press B Button and Control Pad away from the wall to jump off. Getting up over the edge of a wall you're climbing requires you to jump up and away from the wall and then immediately back toward the ledge you were holding. Ceiling Walking: You can also use your blades to hang from the ceiling and "walk" hand-over-hand across ravines and dangerous areas you'd rather not get into. To grab onto the ceiling, jump (B Button) and then punch up (Control Pad Up and A Button together) to dig in - timing is crucial. Once you've grabbed on, use Control Pad Left and Right to move across the ceiling. Control Pad Down gets you down off the ceiling. Super Werewolf Once you become Super Werewolf, all of your powers are at their peak. You are stronger, faster and much more powerful than you were before. While your ANGER lasts, you will be far more destructive than any of Faryan's Death Slaves - so use the time wisely. Once your anger subsides, you'll go back to regular Werewolf status and can again begin gathering white Power Bubbles to build your ANGER back up.

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