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Vice: Project Doom

Typed out by tsr NES-9G-USA Sammy(r) Vice: Project Doom(tm) Instructions ----- Story A small band of alien survivors landed on Earth several centuries ago. In order to survive in this new environment, they produced a neon green gel which provided nourishment. In an effort to blend into human society, they developed clones. As centuries passed, BEDA Corporation came into being. This was a company which manufactured and distributed electronic and technological equipment; however, behind all this the company was also responsible for the maintenance of the alien race. The neon gel had a very different effect on humans. It became a substance that was sought after by some of the world's wealthiest abusers. The gel is mass produced by BEDA Corporation for profit, but the side effects proved to be lethal for human users. Vice officer Quinn Hart, along with his partner Detective Reese, set out on assignment to locate the manufacturers of the mysterious gel. During the investigation, Reese disappears. Since his body has never been found, he is believed dead. Now, Hart must go alone to uncover the source of the gel and the force behind it. His skills, nerves and ultimately fate are at stake in this deadly plot for survival. ----- Main screen A: Jump B: Fire selected weapon Start: Pause/Skip cinema Select: Select weapon (whip, .44 magnum, grenade) Pad: Multi-directional controller Shooting screen B: Weapon no.1 (default= .44 mag.) A: Weapon no.2 Start: Pause Select: Switch weapon on button B (gun, grenade) Pad: Multi-directional target aquisition Car chase screen A: Shift gears (1 slow, 3 fast) B: Fire Start: Pause Pad: Multi-directional steering ----- Items Bullet - Provides 10 extra bullets for your .44 Magnum. Grenades - Provides 5 extra grenades. Heal-Aid - Restores 2 units to your lifeline. Meat - Restores 10 units to your lifeline Coin - 100 coins = 1 extra life. Weapons Laser Whip - Forms an arc of deadly power, good at close range. .44 Magnum - A sidekick packed with lots of stopping power. Hand Grenade - A long range destroyer, but keep a close eye on your inventory. ----- Vice dossier Hart Vice officer Quinn Hart has been on the force for several years. He has an uncanny knack for getting out of tight spots; some of the other officers often joke about him being "super-human". Christy This vice officer is probably one of the sharpest on the force. She often works with Hart and Reese to solve tough crimes. Christy is also Hart's latest and longest flame. Sophia An associate of Christy, Sophia manages to show up in some of the most unusual places. Officers joke at her ability to track anyone, anywhere. Damian Hawke A successful entrepreneur who has managed to productively operate BEDA Corporation since it was handed over to him. He is ruthless, intelligent, and sharp. Personal records on him are sketchy and scattered throughout the world. ----- BEDA hardware Below are descriptions of missing top secret military weapons. Oddly enough, these instruments of war were developed by BEDA Corporation and contracted to various governments. M5 Scorpion Developed for the USMC by BEDA Corp. Military Division, the M5 was designed to back conventional tanks and infantry. Its GOR navigation system, Pulse- Plasma Cannon, and missiles make it a worthy opponent. PCU-100 Vardkin Designed for the Red Army, the Vardkin personal combat unit was to be used for close range military actions. However, the Soviets declined production because of the hazardous effects of its homing missiles on ground personnel. PCU-110 Rogue A prototype of an updated Vardkin, the Rogue was constructed for close range combat using high-temp. weapons. So far, tests suggest that the Rogue's combat ability is far beyond that of its predecessor. BEDA Corporation is a leader in advanced weaponry. It is rumored that they have developed a personal combat suit which conforms to the body like an armored wet-suit, and launches an odd, biological weapon. ----- Continue Even a good cop can get nailed, but it doesn't always mean a 21 gun salute - you have unlimited continuations. After all your men are eliminated, the screen will flash "GAME OVER". Press the Start button, and the game will continue at the beginning of the last stage played.

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