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Vegas Dream

Typed out by NES-LS-USA Vegas Dream(tm) HAL America Inc.(tm) --- Up to four people can play this game in either of two options - Vegas Dream or One Spot. You, along with up to three friends, are setting off on a trip to Las Vegas. Once you get there, you will be given a stake of $700.00, with the chance of increasing it to $1,000,000. You can challenge your friends or the house in Blackjack, Rouletter, Slot Machines, or Keno. In the course of playing the game, you will be approached by all kinds of people - players looking for side bets, hustlers looking to take advantage of you, chances for romance, strangers with hard-luck stories. You will have to size up each encounter and decide what would be to your best advantage. So will you realize your dream of making the big money, or will you have to return home penniless....only time and fate will tell. One Spot One Spot contains the same four games as Vegas Dream, without the frills. For those who want their gambling straight, no chaser - One Spot is the choice for you! --- Use of the controller Control Pad - Used to select the game, and the amount of your bet Select Button - Used to select the game of your choice, or to call up the sub-screen Start Button - Used to start the game B Button - Used to pass a round of play A Button - Used to enter your bets The controller functions have different functions in each of the four games. In some of the functions the A, B, and Start buttons can be used interchange- ably. Consult the directions for each respective game if you have any questions on controller functions. --- Starting the game A. Pressing the Start Button will display the Game Select screen. Use the Select button to choose One Spot or Vegas Dream. Selecting Vegas Dream will display the B screen shown below, and selecting One Spot will show screen C. B. If you are starting a new game choose Start and the Name Entry screen will appear. If you are continuing from an earlier game, select Continue, and enter it with the A button. C. When the Game Select screen appears, select the game you want to play with the control pad and enter it with the Start button --- 1. Name entry All entries on the name entry screen are selected with the control pad and entered with the A button. Enter Name Entry from the Select menu, choose Mr. or Ms., then enter the name. Up to 10 characters may be used in a name. 2. Name delete Using the Name Delete entry makes it possible to eliminate a name from the display without changing the scores of the other players. 3. End Each time you finish entering a name the display will return to the Name Entry screen with the cursor at End. After entering the last name, pressing the A or B button will bring up the Game Select menu. --- Sub-screen You can press the Select button at any point during the game and gain access to the sub-screen. This screen displays the commands shown below. Use the control pad to make your selections, and the A button to enter them. Game Change If you select Game Change on the sub-screen, the four games will be displayed. Select the new game using the control pad, and enter your choice with the A button. Game Stop Choosing Game Stop in the Vegas Dream mode will display the passwords needed to continue the game at a later time. In the One Spot mode it will display what percentage of the total pot is currently held by each player. Money Change The Money Change mode makes it possible to loan money back and forth between players. First select the player loaning the money by using the control pad, then select the borrower. The amount is selected with the control pad in the same way bets are placed. Continue and Password When you select Game Stop in the Vegas Dream mode, a password will be dis- played for each player (Sorry it's so long!). When you restart the game, select Continue on the opening screen, and the Name Entry screen will be displayed. Enter the password in the same way you enter players' names. --- Blackjack Blackjack, while requiring judgement and skill to play well, has deceptively simple rules, and can be played passable after only a few minutes play. The object is to accumulate cards that add up to as close to 21 as possible with- out going over. Face cards count as ten, number cards count as their index number, and aces count as 1 or 11. In the Vegas Dream version of Blackjack, all players' cards are dealt face up, with the dealer's cards dealt one face up and one face down. A player may elect to receive more cards (Hit) or not (Stand). There is no limit to the number of cards you can ask for. As in casinos, the dealer must hit on 16 and stand on 17. If the first two cards dealt to a player add up to 21 (an ace and a face card or 10), the player has drawn a Blackjack, which pays 3 to 2. In case of a tie, all bets are a draw. If the dealer's hand is closer to 21, or if the player goes over 21, the dealer wins. Insurance If the dealer's up-card is an ace, the player can, for half of his initial bet, buy insurance. If your original bet was $10.00, you can buy insurance for $5.00. If the dealer does not, in fact, have a 10 point card in the hole, and so does not have a Blackjack, you lose your insurance bet of $5.00. If the dealer has a Blackjack, he pays off your insurance bet at 2 to 1. Insurance bets are completely separate from your original wager. Double down If the first two cards dealt the player add up to 9, 10, or 11, the player may 'Double Down'. The player doubles his bet, and receives one more card face down, to be uncovered after the dealer has finished his hand. Split If the player receives a pair as his first two cards, he may double his bet, split his pair, and make two Blackjack hands out of one. Some pairs are better to split than others. Experience, experimentation, and access to a seasoned gambler will help you to determine which pairs you should split. Directions for play First place your bets. Move the control pad left or right to pick the column ($1, $10, $100 column), and up or down to select dollar amounts. Then enter the amount using the A button. When everyone has placed their bets the cards will be dealt. --- Roulette Roulette is the oldest casino game still in operation. It consists of a lay- out, on which bets are placed, and a revolving wheel divided into 38 parts into which a small ivory ball can fall, designating a winner. The odds vary a great deal depending on where you place your bet. You may place bets on indi- vidual numbers, on any combination of numbers, on rows of numbers, or take your choice of black or red. In Vegas Dream, however, you may not place bets on certain combinations of 0-00 and 1-2-3. A quick scan of the board with the cursor will show you where these spots are. How to play Vegas Dream roulette You can use the control pad to pick the area where you want to place your bet, then enter it with the A button. Once you have chosen the location of your bet, you can move the control pad to decide the amount of your bet in the same way as in Vegas Dream Blackjack. You can place bets in as many locations as you like. When the first player has finished, push the B button, and the second player may place bets. When the last player has finished, pushing the B button will start the Roulette Wheel spinning. Numbers played Payoff One number 36 for 1 Two numbers 18 for 1 Three numbers 12 for 1 Four numbers 9 for 1 Five numbers 7 for 1 Six numbers 6 for 1 One 12-number row 3 for 1 Any 12 numbers 3 for 1 Numbers 1-18 2 for 1 Numbers 19-36 2 for 1 Even or odd 2 for 1 Black or red 2 for 1 --- Slot machines A slot machine is the ultimate in simplicity - you put in a coin, pull the lever, the drum spins, and you wait and see what happens. If three of a kind appear in a row, you win. Sounds easy, and it is. Anyone can play the slots. Anyone can win big in a heartbeat - the same applies to losing. Vegas Dream gives you two ways to win big - or lose big. Jackpot bar In Jackpot Bar you can only win on one of the lines but, depending on the mark you match, payoffs of up to 1000 to 1 are possible. How to play Vegas Dream slots When you select the slot machines on the Game Select screen, you will get the Pot'o Gold and Jackpot Bar screen. If you want to play Pot'o Gold, select the amount of your bet with the control pad and enter it with the A button, and the game will start. You can choose the number of lines you'd like to play with the upper arm of the control pad. If you make a mistake, you can cancel your selection with the lower arm of the control pad. Once you've determined the amount of your bet, pushing the B button will start the drums rolling. If you are playing Jackpot Bar you can select the amount of your bet with the control pad, then pushing the B button will start the drums spinning. Slot Machine Odds Pot'o gold 3 7's - x1000 If you line up three 7s on the Hit line - x10000 3 bars - x200 3 bells - x100 3 watermelons - x50 3 lemons - x20 3 berries - x10 2 cherries - x5 1 cherry - x1 Jackpot Bar 3 JP bars - x1000 3 tri-bars - x200 3 double bars - x100 3 single bars - x50 2 matching and 1 non-matching marks - x20 3 different kinds of marks - x10 2 JP bars - x5 1 JP bar - x1 You can use the Jackpot Bar to match any of the marks. --- Keno In Keno, 20 numbers between 1 and 80 are picked by the house. The player can pick as many as 15 numbers, then decide how much to bet. Once the bets are set the winning numbers are displayed on the Keno board. Any matching numbers are a 'Catch'. The payoff for each catch depends on how many numbers were init- ially picked (3 Spot, 4 Spot, etc.) and how many of your spots were caught. How to play Vegas Dream keno Move the cursor to the numbers you want with the control pad and enter your selections with the A button. When you have finished selecting numbers move the cursor to End and push the A button. Then select the amount of your bet using the control pad, and enter it with the A button. After all the players have made their selections the 20 winning numbers will be displayed. Catches will be displayed in red.

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