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Total Recall

Typed out by NES-L4-USA They stole his mind. Now he wants it back. Total Recall(tm) Acclaim(tm) - Masters of the Game(tm) --- You are Quaid. Just a regular guy with a day job - who'd like to visit Mars. Then you see this commercial: " the -memory- of your ideal vacation - cheaper, safer, better than the real thing. Just call Rekall." So you do. "Let me tantalize you," says the Rekall salesman. "You're an undercover agent, people are trying to kill you left and right. You meet a beautiful woman. And by the time it's all over, you've got the girl, killed the bad guys, and saved the planet." You smile reluctantly. "OK," you agree. "Give me the memory implant." --- Who are you anyway? You're Douglas Quaid, right? A guy who does heavy construction downtown... Or are you? You go to get this brain implant, one that leaves you with memories of a Martian vacation. But when they tap into your grey matter to prime you for the implant, they hit a memory cap... Someone wanted you to forget who you were, where you've been, what you've done... You work your way back home - fending off thugs with your bare hands - only to find your wife isn't really your wife. And your marriage is merely another memory implant. Plus, hired guns are after you. You gotta split. So you end up in an abandoned cement factory. Weird place. Keep your guard up there. And, oh yeah, there's one guy you never want to even get close to. Richter. Avoid him at all costs. Things get really hectic when you're on the run. So you gotta keep your strength up. Pop energy canisters whenever you can get your hands on 'em. And stay away from dark alleys. If you stay cool, you'll get an offer for a free ride to Mars. Take it. It's the only way you're ever going to find out what's really going on here. Mars is a strange place. It's like the Wild West of The Future. They're mining some kind of super-valuable stuff called turbinium ore. And everyone wants a piece of the action. But a power-hungry guy named Cohaagen is trying to run off with the whole enchilada. Why doesn't anyone stop him? Could it be that this was -your- job? Somewhere in this fiery red planet lies the answer to the two most important questions of your life: who are you? and who is it that doesn't want that question answered? --- Ready to travel Loading 1. Make sure the power switch on your NINTENDO(r) control deck is OFF. 2. Insert the TOTAL RECALL(tm) cartridge as described in your NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM(r) manual. 3. Turn the power switch ON. You'll first see the TOTAL RECALL title screen. Press the START BUTTON. You'll then see the credits screen and the background screen. Game play begins when you see Quaid downtown - heading for the subway station. --- How they do it downtown The people you meet on the streets! They sometimes have the worst manners! In fact, they act like they own the place - and like they don't want you around... At first, most of these thugs and special agents underestimate your fighting ability. But there is one man who'll get you every time: Richter. Stay away from him. Don't even attempt to fight him! Look everywhere for Energy Canisters and weapons - they'll turn up in the most unexpected places. And remember to take them up on that free ride to Mars. Once you get to Mars, the same rules apply: defeat the riffraff, collect energy canisters and weapons, and steer clear of Richter. Then go after the top man: Cohaagen. He's Richter's boss, and he won't be easy to defeat. But where there's a will, there's a way... --- Controls - on foot Through much of the trip, Quaid, you'll be on foot. Walking through streets, subways, interplanetary flight terminals and more. These are the controls you'll use at those times. Up: Enter doors Left/Right: Moves you right and left & selects weapons (when paused) Start: Start/pauses game / admits you to next level B: Punch or fire weapon A: Jump --- On the screen All the game play information lies across the top of the screen as follows: Score Energy blocks remaining Lives remaining Weapon in use High score --- The controls - in the transit hub In the Martain Transit Hub you'll jump behind the wheel. At this point you must use a slightly different set of controls. Note: Avoid Richter's car in the Transit Hub at all costs. The following control points are for the Transit Hub only. (For the control points during the rest of the adventure, see Controls - on foot, page 8.) Up/Down: Execute turns Left/Right: Drive backwards/forward B: Drop mines A: Fire weapons --- Found weapons You don't know who you are. Or what's going on. You don't even have your own weapons. But as the game progresses, you will be able to pick up weapons when you need them. Some are out in plain view. Others are more difficult to find. To pick up a weapon, simply walk over it. To select a new weapon, press START. Then press the ARROW KEYS right or left to cycle through the choices. When the weapon you want is shown, press the START BUTTON again to resume play. HAND GUN - Easy to maneuver. Easy to run with. But be forewarned: when you bust through the X-Ray Scanner, you'll lose it. MACHINE GUN - This one's hot. It lays down a curtain of destruction. You'll be equipped with it once you get to Mars. LASERS - Your most powerful piece. Fires a deadly beam of searing power. LAND MINES - (Only in the Transit Hub.) These'll knock out anyone who comes close to them (except for Richter.) --- The lives of Quaid You begin the adventure with 3 lives. Within each life you have 5 Energy Blocks which are shown on the screen near your score. As you fight and get injured, your Energy Blocks are depleted. You can replenish your Energy Blocks by consuming the contents of the Energy Canisters. Since different Energy Canisters contain different amounts of energy, consuming some will show immediate results (on your Energy Bars) and some won't. Energy Canisters - Try to find as many of these as you can. They are hidden everywhere. Consume the contents of a canister moving over it. To show that you've consumed the contents, the canister will float away. Extra Life - You can never stumble on enough of these. So search everywhere for them. Losing a Life - When you lose a life - and it's bound to happen - press the START BUTTON to resume. --- Vacation tips Here are some tips that may make your trip to Mars somewhat more enjoyable: - If walking past alleys makes you jumpy, there is a way to avoid getting pulled in by the enemy. - Be sure to search every nook, every corner, every cranny for Energy Canisters and Extra Lives. - Don't mess with Richter. Avoid him at all costs! - Warning, by the time Richter makes it to your apartment, it's probably too late for you to escape. --- Bon voyage! Something's wrong here. Something's missing. And it looks like it's your identity. But you've got your youth. And your strength. And you're going to make it to Mars if it's the last thing you do. (And it just might be.) On red hot Mars, you'll find out who you really are... And why they'll go to any length to keep you from finding out...

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