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Tom and Jerry

Typed out by Chris Pepin ------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom & Jerry NES Manual by HI TECH EXPRESSIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------- YIKES! -- AN INTRODUCTION They're at it again! That frantic feline and mischievous mouse better known as Tom and Jerry! This time Tom's mouse-napped Jerry's nephew Tuffy and locked him in a trunk up in the attic. Now it's up to you to help your furry little buddy, Jerry, dash his way up from the basement through every level of the house in order to rescue Tuffy in time. Along the way, you'll encounter dozens of household obstacles, hidden dangers and hilarious surprises... not to mention lots and lots of cheese. So get a move on already -- and watch out for that cat! ------------------------------------------------------------------- QUICK START 1. Make sure your Nintendo Entertainment System is off. 2. Insert the Game Pak into your Nintendo Entertainment System. 3. Turn on the power. The title screen will appear. Press start and get going! ------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTROLLER DIAGRAM *Use the Control Pad to move Jerry in any direction: up, down, left or right. *Press the A Button to make Jerry jump up. *Press Select to cycle through any of the Defensive Items Jerry has picked up along the way. *Press the B Button to get Jerry to use the selected Defensive Item. *To pause the game at any time, press Start. To resume the game, press Start again. ------------------------------------------------------------------- STATUS AREA You can keep track of your score, number of lives left, Jerry's strength, current Defensive Item selected and the Hi Score by glancing at the Status Area at the bottom of the screen. Whenever you have selected a Defensive Item other than a Marble, the Hi Score indicator becomes a Power indicator, displaying the number of uses left for that particular Defensive Item. Every Defensive Item has a different power duration; some can be used only once, some more than once. When you have used up a Defensive Item, the Power indicator will automatically switch back to the Hi Score indicator and the selected Defensive Item will automatically become the Marble again. ------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFENSIVE ITEMS Jerry's main defense is his unlimited supply of Marbles. As you explore the levels of the house, keep an eye out for other Defensive Items that will help you overcome the seemingly endless obstacles you will encounter along the way like buzzing bees, sneaky spiders, wacky bats and more. These Defensive Items include the following: Bubble Gum Meat Cleaver Cup of Water Moth Ball Hammer Invisible Ink Drill Each Defensive Item has its own unique power against different obstacles. Rather than tell you everything you need to know about them all right now, Jerry feels that you should rely on your own rodent curiosity to discover as much as you can about them on your own. So, who are we to argue? ------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFENSIVE ITEMS (CONTINUED) PICKING UP ITEMS To pick up an item, simply move Jerry until he touches it. The object will then disappear from the playing area and be added to Jerry's inventory. CHEESE Cheese is good... very good. Collect all the cheese you can find. Each small piece of cheese you collect will earn Bonus Points at the end of each Stage. Large wedges of cheese recharge Jerry's strength level during play. ------------------------------------------------------------------- JUMPING & CLIMBING JUMPING Like most mice, Jerry is very fast and agile and can jump great distances. However, he can also make shorter jumps. You can control how high and far Jerry jumps by holding down the Jump button (the A Button) for different lengths of time. If you press and hold down the jump button, Jerry will make his biggest jump. If you just tap the jump button, Jerry will make a softer, smaller jump. You will need to continually rely on your mastery of jumping as you progress through the Stages of the house, so Jerry's advice is to practice, practice, practice! CLIMBING Jerry can also climb up and down certain objects in the house like wires and power cords. To make Jerry climb, position him in front of the objects to be climbed and press the Up arrow on the Control ------------------------------------------------------------------- JUMPING & CLIMBING (CONTINUED) Pad. Jerry will grab on and start to climb up for as long as you keep the Control Pad pressed or as long as there is room to climb. While climbing, you can pick up speed by jumping straight up. By simultaneously jumping and keeping the Up arrow pressed, you can climb from one surface to another. This is another important skill you will want to practice. NOTE: If you jump while climbing without keeping the Up arrow pressed, Jerry will fall off the climbing surface at the end of the jump. MOUSE HOLES There are mouse holes hidden in some levels of the house. Some of these lead to Bonus Stages where you can collect lots of cheese. Others are exits to the next level in the house. Enter them by pressing the Up arrow on the Control Pad. ------------------------------------------------------------------- LOSING A LIFE/GAINING A LIFE While cats have nine lives, mice ordinarily have three. Some of the obstacles Jerry may encounter will cause him to lose a life. Others merely diminish his strength--although repeated encounters with the same type of obstacle will eventually result in Jerry giving up a life. When all of Jerry's lives are lost, the game ends. However, you will have 10 seconds to press the START button to continue the game at the Stage you left off. If you continue, your score will be reset to zero. You may do this twice in a row, after which the game will automatically start over from the beginning. Mice can gain extra lives, too. For every 50,000 points you rack up, you will receive one Bonus Life. TOM Periodically, Tom will appear to try and thwart Jerry's rescue attempt. Use your marbles (the ones in your inventory and the ones in your head) to outwit Tom. If you can get to the attic and beat Tom, you've won the game and the life-long admiration of your little nephew, Tuffy! ------------------------------------------------------------------- HI TECH EXPRESSIONS 584 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NY 10012

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