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Time Lord

Typed out by NES-LZ-USA Time Lord Instruction Manual --- Urgent memo TO: TIME LORD Date: January 1st, 2999 A.D. FROM: A. QUANTUM, CHIEF SCIENTIST MB TIME TRAVEL RESEARCH CENTER Welcome, Time Lord. We are unable to greet your personally; the Research Center is under alien attack and all personnel are being evacuated. You are about to embark on a life-threatening quest to prevent the planet Drakkon from conquering Earth. The Drakkons possess the most advanced time travel technology in our solar system. As you read this, Drakkon lords are forming powerful alliances in 4 historical time zones. If their armies succeed in altering our history, the Drakkons will easily defeat us in the present. Earth will become a mining colony, and its people slaves. To win this war, you must revisit the past and vanquish the enemy. But our time travel system is crude and limited; it can remain operational for only 1 year. Complete your mission before January 1st, 3000 A.D. - or you will self- destruct with the system. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU, TIME LORD. READ THE FOLLOWING PAGES THOROUGHLY BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR MISSION. GOOD LUCK! --- Using the controllers The illustration at right shows the controller parts you'll be using as you play. - To begin your mission in each time zone - Press START. - To move - Press the control pad in the directions shown at right. - To jump - Press BUTTON A. - To punch/use a weapon - Press BUTTON B. - To jump and kick/jump and use a weapon - Press BUTTON A and BUTTON B together. - To switch from weapon to weapon - Press SELECT. - To pause - Press START. - To restart - Press START again. --- The playing screen The bottom of your playing screen will always show the following information: EXTRA LIVES You start the game with 3 extra lives - that's 4 lives in all. YOUR LIFE ENERGY Lessens each time you're hit by an enemy. You lose 1 life when it's gone. ORB INDICATOR Light boxes show the number of Orbs you've collected. THE DRAKKONS' LIFE ENERGY Lessens each time you destroy a Drakkon Lord. You win the game when it's gone! WEAPON YOU'RE NOW USING YOUR SCORE CALENDAR DATE Moves ahead toward January 1, 3000 A.D. TIME ZONE YOU'RE NOW IN --- The game Starting off: 2999 A.D. Press START twice to get the screen that explains your mission. Then press START again, and you'll appear inside the MB Time Travel Research Center in the present time zone - 2999 A.D. Collect the 5 Orbs the scientists have left on and around the warp platform. You'll then warp into the past to begin your quest! Your quest in the past One by one, you'll warp through 4 historical time zones: CASTLE HARMAN, MEDIEVAL ENGLAND 1250 A.D. DEAD MAN'S GULCH, WESTERN U.S.A. 1860 A.D. A PIRATE SHIP IN THE CARIBBEAN 1650 A.D. WORLD WAR II, FRANCE 1943 A.D. In each time zone, you must do 3 things: - Collect weapons - Collect 5 Orbs - Defeat the Drakkon Lord to collect your fifth Orb and warp into the next time zone. Your quest in the present After defeating the 4 Drakkon Lords in the past, you'll return to the MB Time Travel Center in the presents. In this time zone, you must fight a final ferocious foe: the Drakkon King himself! Your time limit Complete your qeust before January 1st, 3000 A.D., or you'll self-destruct with the time-travel system! --- Enemies The past and the present are teeming with enemies who will lessen your life energy with each hit. Destroy them to boost your score! There are 4 kinds of baddies: - Drakkon Stormers: You'll find them and their robots invading the MB Time Travel Center in the present. And you'll find their weapons deadly! - Drakkon Minions: These are the creatures controlled by the Drakkon Lord in each time zone of the past. Their weapons, powers and methods of attack vary. - Drakkon Lords: There's one Drakkon Lord in each time zone of the past. Each appears in the form of a different creature. Defeat him with just the right weapon to continue your quest! - The Drakkon King: The last foe you'll meet, and the toughest to beat! He anxiously awaits your return to the present time zone. Weapons You'll enter each time zone bare-fisted - punching and kicking will be your only weapons. Search carefully to find and collect the weapons the scientists have sent you! They're hidden in packages to prevent discovery by the enemy. Selecting The Right Weapon To switch from weapon to weapon, press SELECT. Some weapons are better than others for attacking enemies and gathering Orbs and bonus items. You'll often find that your hands and feet are your best weapons! Bonus items Power Packs: They'll replace your life energy. Search for other items that will boost your energy supply! Hearts: Each heart you collect will give you 1 extra life. Various other items will do the same. Can you discover what they are? Treasure: Collect dollar values of 10,000 and 50,000 to boost your score. Some are harder to reach than others! Money bags can also be found. You'll find lots of them, if you know how to make them appear! Orbs These round golden objects contain the essence of time travel. Orbs give you the energy needed to warp into the next time zone. Collecting the Orbs is a great challenge. Some are hidden from sight; others seem beyond your reach; still others turn invisible at your approach. You must discover the secret of collecting each one, or you'll get "stuck" in the past with no way back! The locations of some Orbs will vary each time you play, so every game will be a new challenge! Just when you thought you knew where they were... Your score Finding treasure, destroying enemies and collecting Orbs and other items will all increase your score. --- The 4 time zones of the past Medieval England: 1250 A.D. Thou hast come upon the foreboding Castle Harman of yore and lore. Bewarde, Time Lord! Forsooth, thou knowest little of mythical beasts, armored knights, or the dark perils of a castle dungeon... Thine Adversaries Guard thyself against winged dragons, knights in armor, and fleet-footed archer elves with poison arrows. Thy Blade Search, and thou may discover a broadsword of legendary strength and magical powers. Dead Man's Gulch: 1860 A.D. Howdy, pardner! Welcome to the wildest ol' town in the West! Folks here don't take too kindly to rabble-rousin' tinhorns, so you're in for one hum-dinger of a showdown! Varmints and Critters Keep your eyes peeled for wild dogs, cowboys with itchy trigger-fingers, and vultures waitin' for the carcass of an unlucky gunslinger. Firearms Try rustlin' up a six-shooter and a shotgun, both loaded with a unlimited bullets. The Caribbean: 1650 A.D. Yo-Ho-Ho! You just boarded the Dona Marie, a perilous pirate ship swarming with swashbucklers! Get ready to shiver the timbers on 3 decks of danger and derring-do! Foes Beware of bloodthirsty pirates a-plenty, crabs a-creeping, sea serpends a-slithering, and barrels a-rolling. Cut-Throat Cutlery Look high and low for a cutlass and a throwing dagger. World War II: 1943 A.D. You just joined the army, Soldier, and got deployed to the front lines in France! Better head for those bunkers fast! Without camouflage, you're an easy target for tanks! Your Enemy And Their Arsenal Soldiers with heavy reinforcements, land mines, tanks, parachute bombs, hungry piranhas, and knockout gas. Your Ammo Scout about for a well-hidden pistol and a full supply of hand grenades. Returning to the present Whew! Home again... but it's months later, and the Research Center is now crawling with Drakkons! This is your final destination, so you won't find any Orbs here. But search quickly for a weapon or two, or you wo'nt stand a chance against these hi-tech heavies! Your Opponents Fight off robots, hoverbots and well-armed Drakkon stormers. Your Weapons You won't get far without collecting a rocket laser gun and a missile gun. --- Winning the game Defeat the dreaded Drakkon King to win! The sign-on screen After the game ends, the Sign-On screen will appear. You can enter up to 3 letters here. Press the control pad UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT to locate each letter, then press SELECT to lock it in. To erase a letter, press RUB. To enter only 1 or 2 letters, press END when finished. Top time travellers If you score is high enough, it will appear on the Top Time Travellers screen next to your sign-on. Congratulations! Lost in the past? Discovering the secrets of Time Lord takes skill, cleverness, patience - and sometimes, just plain luck! If you've gotten stuck in the past and can't continue your quest, flip to the last page for our Game Counselor number and hours. Give us a call. We'll be happy to help!

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