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Typed out by Steve Begin THUNDERCADE (American Sammy) Instructions PAGE 1 ------ Thank you for selecting the fun-filled Thundercade game pak by American Sammy Corporation. This game is licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. (Picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in wormanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. PAGE 2 ------ SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Please take time to read the important instructions in this booklet. Observing the step by step instructions and complying with warnings will be your personal guarantee to greater game satisfaction over a long period of time. 1) Avoid subjecting this high precision Game Pak to extreme temperatures and shock. Furthermore, never attempt to disassemble your game pak. 2) Do avoid touching the connectors. Store the game pak in its protective STORAGE case. 3) Use of thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol and other cleaning agents can damage the game pak. 4) Pause for 10-15 minutes after 2 hours or more of continuous game playing. This will extend the life of your game pak. * Please note that this game has been programmed to take advantage of the full screen. Some older models have rounded screens and may block out a portion of the image. PAGE 3 ------ 1. GAME STORY Terrorism has reached new heights. AATOM (Atomic Age Terrorist Organization of Miracali) has constructed their own nuclear power plant, and threaten the world with atomic terror. The world powers have decided to initiate operation THUNDERCADE to stop AATOM. Equipped with a high-preformance combat motorcycle, sidecar cannons, and backed by a precision B-7 bomber, you set out on the dangerous mission. The wind rages through your hair as your cycle charges into enemy territory. Your sidecar cannons unleash a storm of hot metal rounds, shredding tank armor and shattering concrete. When the going gets rough, you call in air support and let the flyboys wipe'em out. Through city streets, forests, and strongholds you fight, but can you make it to the fortress and save the world? PAGE 4 ------ 2. CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (Picture of the control pad and all its buttons) * Use the control pad to move the combat cycle. * Press the A button to bomb. * Press the B button to fire cannons. SELECT BUTTON Determine the number of players on the title screen by pressing the Select button. 1 PLAYER - For individual play. 2 PLAYERS - For simultaneous play. START BUTTON Press the Start button to begin the game. ((PAUSE FUNCTION)) If you wish to pause during a game, press the Start button. Press the Start button again to continue play. PAGE 5 ------ 3. DISPLAY DESCRIPTION 1st Player's Score (Upper left of the screen) 2sn Player's Score (Upper right of the screen) Heros Available ('H' Letters at the bottom of the screen) Bomb Reserve ('B' Letters at the bottom of the screen) (Picture of your motorcycle and B-7 bomber) PAGE 6 ------ 4. HOW TO PLAY THUNDERCADE consists of four zones: the city, the base, the woodland and the fortress. With a combat cycle and air support, you have to battle your way through these zones and destroy the nuclear power plant -- your final objective. Your combat cycle is equipped only with a machine gun. To increase your fire- power, side cars can be added to the cycle. While fighting, look for these extra cannons along your route. Some will appear in the open, while others will be hidden in buildings, greenery, or other obstacles. Be careful! Not all obstacles can be destroyed, and if you run into some of them, you may crash. Your combat cycle will automatically jump before water pools, inclines and dirt hills. While jumping, you can move to the left or right, but cannot slow down. You can also easily slip above enemy fire while in the air, but are vulnerable as soon as you land. You have three heros, each with three bombs in their reserve, at the beginning of the game. When you encounter many enemies or an exceptionally difficult one, you canuse the bombs for more firepower. Available bombs and heros remaining are shown at the lower part of each player's side of the screen. If all heros are eliminated, the game will end. Up to the tunnel at the end of the third zone, you can continue the game twice. Once you go through the tunnel, you are allowed another continuation PAGE 7 ------ 5. CONTINUE OPTION THUNDERCADE offers the player the option to continue a game after all heros have been eliminated. Pressing any button on the control pad during the continuation countdown will start a new game at the beginning of the area where the last hero was eliminated. In two-player mode, when the longest surviving player loses all heros, any button on the controller can be pressed before the end of the countdown to continue the game for both players. If you clear the tunnel at the end of the third zone, you secure another continuation. Scores obtained in previous stages are not carried over into the continued game. PAGE 8 ------ 6. SIDE CARS Various types of side cars appear in the battle scene, each of them having different capabilities. Pick them up to power up your combat cycle. If you have side cars already, new side cars replace the old ones. Some of the side cars appear on the ground, but some are hidden in obstacles, thus, to pick up the side cars, you must destroy the obstacles. (Picture of your combat cycle) 12.7mm CHAIN GUN (Side car with one front cannon) 105mm CANNON (Side car with one big front cannon) DUAL 30mm CANNON (Side car with two front cannons) DUAL 105mm CANNON (Side car with two big front cannons) DUAL SIDE 30mm CANNON (Side car with two side cannons) DUAL SIDE 105mm CANNON (Side car with two big side cannons) PAGE 9 ------ 7. AIR SUPPORT Against heavy enemy forces, a tough strategic target, or any situation too hot to handle, remember that you have a B-7 bomber providing air support, just press the "B" button on your controller. Each hero starts with three bombs in his bomb reserve. If you pick up a bomb (see "items" page 11), it will be added to your stock. The number of bombs in the reserve is diplayed as 'B:3' (in this example, there are three bombs) at the lower corner of each player's side. The Hero's position and bomb timing are critical, since the bombs only destroy what they hit. Pressing the "B" button within the first two seconds of the first bombing extends the target range and doubles bombing area. PAGE 10 ------- 8. BONUS STAGE If you secure a bonus item at the end of zone 1 or zone 2, or safely go through the tunnel at the end of zone 3, you can play the bonus stage. While in two player mode, if either players enter the tunnel, both will receive bonus play. In the bonus stage, a sky truck appears and drops supplies. By driving your bike back and forth, you should secure as many of them as you can. You can obtain the following items in this stage: BOMB (see "items" page 11) ONE-UP (see "items" page 11) VULCAN CANNON (see "items" page 11) PARACHUTE Each parachute carries four missiles. Missiles as well as bullets are fired by pressing the B button. After the completion of the bonus stage, the screen displays a list of items obtained. PAGE 11 ------- 9. ITEMS (Picture of a boxed 'B') Bonus Stage Item These items appear if the gunships are destroyed within a certain period of time. You can play the bonus stage by securing this item. In a two-player game, the bonus game can be played only by the player who obtains the bonus item first. (Picture of a boxed 'V') Vulcan Cannon This item can be captured in the battle field or bonus stage. If you secure this item, the Vulcan cannon system is connected to your combat cycle. (Picture of a boxed bomb) Bomb This is an item for air support. The bomb can be obtained in the battlefield or during the bonus stage, and is stored in your bomb reserve. (Picture of a boxed '1up') One-Up Player gains one extra hero. PAGE 12 ------- 10. PERFORMANCE-ANALYSIS DISPLAY This display appears when the game is over or a zone is cleared. It lists shots fired, the number of hits, the hit ratio, and displays a progression map. Screen Example: 1P HIGH SCORE 2P 000000 000000 000000 SHOT FIRED 0000 NUMBER OF HITS 000 HIT-MISS RATIO 00 % CITY BASE ___________________________________________ |___________________________________________| WOOD LANDS FORTRESS ___________________________________________ |___________________________________________| These figures can help you better your score and game performance, and judge the distance to the final objective. PAGE 13 ------- 11. HINTS * When fighting large targets (Gunships, Submarines, etc.), use both the cycle cannons and bombs. * Destroy an many obstacles as possible, for you may find valuable tokens or side cars in them. * Enemy bullets cannot harm you when jumping, however, watch your landing! * When you have a favored side car cannon, don't touch any others or you may lose it. * Most enemy attacks can be stopped by bombing. * Using a joystick with rapid-fire will improve your fire-power. PAGES 14-15-16 & 17 ------------------- 12. ENEMIES Green Soldier (100 points) Red Soldier (500 points) Light Tank (green) (500 points) Heavy Tank (pink) (1,000 points) Armored Mobile Rocket Launcher (1,500 points) Chopper (800 points) Jet Fighter (1,500 points) Pillbox (up to woodlands 1,500 points, after woodlands 2,000 points) Missile (1,500 points) Missile Launching Pad (500 points) Rocket Laucher (Note From Me: Laucher was written like that in the manual) (2,000 points) Strategic Targets Submarines and gunships have one or more strike zones. When confronted with these mammoth enemies, combination attacks with guns and bombs are most effective. Submarine (5,000 points) Gunship Engines -- 2 places (2,000 points each) Cannons -- 5 places (2,000 points each) * If you completely destroy the gunship, 10,000 points will be added to your score. Nuclear Power Plant This is the final objective of the game. There are ten windows in the plant, and snipers are firing from each window. You must destroy them one by one. Upon destroying all windows, the power plant explodes and you have completed your mission. Sniper (500 points) PAGES 18 & 19 ------------- 13. OBSTACLES Supply truck (1,000 points) Gas Drum (200 points) 6 Gas Drums (1,000 points) Building (2,000 points) Greenery (500 points) Cactus (100 points) Mine (0 points) Lauching Pad (Note From Me: same thing as in page 15) (2,000 points) Helicopter (1,000 points) Infantry Installation (2,000 points) Gate (2,000 points) Dirt Hill (2,000 points) PAGE 20 ------- MEMO PAGE 21 & 22 ------------ 90-Day Limited Warranty American Sammy Game Paks & Compliance With FCC Regulations BACK COVER ---------- (C) 1989 American Sammy Corporation Licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Printed in Japan

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