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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tournament Fighters

Typed out by tsr NES-TF-USA Konami(r) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle(r) Tournament Fighters(tm) Instruction booklet --- This time it's serious Sure, being a teenager is fun, but when you're also a Ninja master and a mutated turtle, you're going to face some real challenges. Shredder has issued a challenge that can't be ignored. So if you want to see what kind of guts it takes to be a champion, then pop this Nintendo Entertainment System(r) game pak into place, turn on the juice, and get ready to sweat like a turtle. One more thing: if you want a fighting chance in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters game, you better read this instruction manual. --- Who's the baddest? On a smoldering summer afternoon in the sewers below Manhattan, Leonardo tucks down - the long blades of hig Katana swords cross in front of him - rolls forward, then stops in a crouch with one foot planted firmly in front of his body. His hands lash out to the sides, bringing the blades across the front of his body with a scissor-like Snikt! Halfway into the move, the blades cut across - and then through - the burlap bulk of a practice dummy. "Oh dude, I just fixed that dummy!" Leo looks over at Michaelangelo, who is waving his arms in disgust. "Sorry, but I've got to practice." "Yeah, man, but do you know how long it, like, takes to fill one of those sand dummies back up? I thought we said we weren't going to use the blades on 'em." "Mikey's right, Leo," Raphael says as he enters the training dojo. "We're gonna use da logs fer da blade practice, you know whut I'm sayin'?" "But they dull my blades. I don't get a good sweeping follow-through with..." Kaboom! An explosion from the sewer rocks the room. A few seconds later, followed by a cloud of dust, Donatello darts into the room. "Donny, are you messin' with explosives again, dude?" "No, Mike. That wasn't me," he says, brushing brick dust off his shell. "I was heading down here to practice, and I saw this little remote-controlled boat coming upstream. Next thing I know - BOOM! The thing goes up like a grenade. But instead of framents, it spewed out a bunch of these capsules." He reaches out to the others. In his three fingers is a golf-ball sized cap- sule with a piece of paper inside. Leonardo takes it. After careful examin- ation, he twists it open and pulls out the paper. They look over his shoulders at the message: I offer you Turtles a challenge. Let us meet in the streets of Manhattan and see which of us is the most powerful. Of course, you really don't stand a chance! -Shredder "Hey, let's have a tournament to see who fights Shredder." "Good idea, Leo," says Donatello. "Let's go, dudes. Hand-to-hand. No weapons. We'll show Shredder who's toughest!" --- Getting started To begin, insert your game pak into your NES. Turn the power on, and watch the action begin. The story is fun to watch, but after playing the game a few times you may want to press the Start button and skip to the title screen. At the title screen you can select one of the four game modes or enter the Option screen. The game modes are: - Story - 1 player; pick a Turtle and fight all other characters - vs Player - 2 players; pick any character - vs CPU - one player; pick any character - Tournament - 1 to 4 players (2 at a time); pick any character The Option screen Before you begin play, you may wish to adjust some of the game's options. Press the control pad up or down until Option is highlighted, then press the Start button. - Difficulty - Choose Easy, Normal or Hard. - BGM - BackGround Music. Use the control pad to change the selections, then press the B button to hear that sample of the game's background sound. - Speed - Select Normal or Turbo to change the fighting speed of the charact- ers. - Timer - Change the length of a tournament round. You can choose 45, 60 or 99 seconds, or pick 00 for no time limit. When you are done, press the Start button to return to the main selection screen or select END with the A or B button. --- Story mode - 1 person; playing as a Turtle against all This is where our story picks up. The boys are trying to find out who is the toughest Turtle, and therefore who will head on to the ultimate showdown with Shredder. Along the way the player must test his/her skill against each Turtle and two other Turtle friends: the quick-tempered Casey Jones and the fireman- turned-Samurai-dragon, Hothead. - After selecting this mode, you will see the Turtle selection screen. Use the control pad to select a Turtle, then press the B button. You will proceed to the tournament. --- vs. Player mode - 2 players; any character; 1 match In this player against player mode, you and a friend can each pick a different character and duke it out, or you can pick the same character and see who has better control of the moves in a best 2-out-of-3 match! - First comes the character selection screen. Use the control pad to pick a fighter, then press the B button. (Due to the nature of the dragon-warrior spirit which inhabits Hot Head's body, there cannot be a duel between two Hot Heads. It would be like putting two Siamese fighting fish in the same bowl. Trust us - that's an ugly scene you don't want to see!) - Strength/Stage Select is next. Press up/down on control pad to switch between the (top) Strength and (bottom) Stage Select setting. Press left/ right on control pad to change settings. Press Start to proceed. --- vs. CPU mode - 1 player; any character; 1 match Same as the previous 2-player game, except there is only one player. - Follow the directions for vs player mode (page 11). [above] Note: To change the strength of the CPU character, use the 2nd player control- ler. A higher number means greater strength. --- Tournament mode - up to 4 players; single elimination tournament This is a tournament between four combatants. You can have up to four players, with two players playing at a time. You can also select 0 (human) players, pick the characters, then just sit back and watch the action! The winner between the two fighters plays the winner between the next two fighters to determine the tournament champion. Note: In matches between two CPU fighters, you may press the Select button to skip that round. - You may select up to four characters. When the selection screen appears, highlight either MAN (human controlled) or CPU (NES controlled). - If you use human players, they will be able to enter a four letter/number name. Use the control pad to move to a letter/number on the keyboard screen. Press A to accept the selected letter/number. Move to another letter/number and press A again, until you have completed the name you want. To backspace and change a letter/number, press the B button. To accept the name you have entered, move to the Enter key and press the A button. - After you enter a name (or right away if you selected the CPU to control a fighter), you will have to pick a character for each position. A character will appear in the window to the right of the name. Press up/down to change characters. - When you have finished selecting the four tournament fighters, you will proceed to the first match. --- How to play The object of the tournament is to use your skills to defeat an opponent in two out of three rounds in a match. You can kick, punch, flip and block your nemesis to your heart's content. You can also pick up the Fireball and whip it for a big blast, or use your special power moves to inflice major damage. --- Controlling your warriors The controller is used by each player to control the movements of your selected fighter. - The control pad is also used with the A & B buttons to execute different moves. Start: Pause (during fight) A: Kick B: Punch Jump Jump left up Jump right \ | / Move left (block attack)- + -Move right (block left side attack) / | \ Crouch --- Summary of moves [UR=upper right, LL=lower left, etc. -tsr] A button moves A = Kick UR or UL + A = Jumping kick D + A = Low kick LL or LR + A = Low kick (sliding kick for Leonardo) B button moves B = Punch UR or UL + B = Jumping punch D + B = Low punch - When standing over the Fireball, press B to pick it up. - To throw the fireball: hold D, then LR+R+B Throwing moves - If there is a certain amount of distance between two fighters, press the control pad away from your opponent and press B to do a throwing attack. (See profiles for types of throws.) NOTICE: All moves in the instruction manual are described for a character on the left side of the screen attacking a character on the right side of the screen. If you are on the right and attacking to the left, the moves are reversed. --- The combat arena The action takes place in one of four locations: the waterfront, the ship, the sewer or downtown. This is how the screen is arranged. [left to right.. -tsr] Number of victories Energy meter Score Timer Score (player 2) Energy meter (player 2) Number of victories (player 2) --- Character profiles The following pages list each of the competitors with their strengths, weak- nesses, and special moves. A note about combination moves Some of the special moves tell you to press the control pad in a certain direction to accumulate power, then follow with another movement. - Accumulate means you hold the control pad in that direction for about 2 seconds. - Combination moves are done by pressing the control pad in those directions in one continuous motion, then press the appropriate button. --- Leonardo He's the leader of the group and a loyal practitioner of the art of Ninjitsu. He is a perfectionist, but only possesses average power. - His throw technique is a shoulder throw. - His special move is the Tornado Spinning Kick Tornado Spinning Kick - D to accumulate, then LL L + A --- Raphael He's got a fierce attitude, and the power to back it up. - His throw technique isn't even a throw - he hops on his opponent's back and bites them! - His special move is the Turtle Drill. Turtle Drill - LL to accumulate, then R + B --- Michaelangelo Mike is a free-spirited, fun-loving dude. He's got a lot of athletic talent, too. His leaps are high but his defensive abilities are weak. - Hit throw technique is a somersault throw. - His special move is the Kangaroo Kick. Kangaroo Kick - LL to accumulate, then R + A (low) or R + B (high) --- Donatello He's smart and loves to tinker with mechanical things, but doesn't spend as much time in the gym as the others. His attack is a little weaker. - His throw technique is a shoulder throw. - His special move is the Heel Drop. Heel Drop - D to accumulate, then U + A --- Casey Jones He's a loner with a strong sense of justice. Versatile attack abilities, but vulnerable to strong attacks. - His throw technique is a German Suplex. - His special moves are the Somersault Stick and the Spiral Attack. Somersault Stick - D to accumulate, then U + B Spiral Attack - R D L + B --- Hot Head A former fireman who unwittingly unleashed an ancient Samurai dragon's spirit. His massive power and resistance to damage make up for his slow speed. - His throw is a biting throw. - His special move is his Fire Breath. - He spits the ball rather than using it as a Fireball. Fire Breath - D LR R + A --- Shredder He's out to defeat the Turtles any way he can. He is a powerful Ninja master with a variety of attacks, quick speed and awesome power. - His throw technique is the Hikoki throw. - His special moves are the Explosion punch and the Burst attack. Explosion punch - Push B repeatedly Burst attack - R LR D + B --- The bonus game After every couple of rounds that you win in Story Mode, you will have a chance to play the Bonus Round. The object is to break through all of the walls before the timer runs out. Look for the cracks in the walls to find weak spots, then punch and kick your way to some mega-points!

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