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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Typed out by tsr NES-U2-USA Ultra(tm) Games How to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(r) --- Prepare to shell out some punishment Steam rises from Wall Street sewers like hot breath from a pack of wild dogs. Just below the pavement's puddle strewn surface, the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles(r) have gathered around the leftovers of a family-reunion-sized sausage pizza with extra saude. Usually these party dudes would inhale the mozzarella platter as if it were the last "za" on earth, but not tonight. You see, only hours ago, their trusted friend, April(tm), was kidnapped from her mobile news van by the vile, ruthless, terrorist bully SHREDDER(tm)! He's a Slice-O-Matic crum, a villain more vicious than an army of mind altered Bruce Lees. With their lovely cohort held hostage, the fearless foursome must concoct a way to rescue April before Shredder brain washes her into joining his Ninjitsu Foot Clan. They'll combine this treacherous task with the mission they've had since their mutated beginnings - to thrash Shredder and capture his Life Transformer Gun, the lone piece of technology that can turn their rat friend, Splinter(tm), back into the man he used to be. So take control of these heroes in a half shell, and either claim total victory over New York's premier Kick Man... or lead them onto the menu at McTurtles (Home of the Quarter Flounder with Cheese). How to play Your initial goal is to rescue the fair maiden, April, a hip version of a medieval damsel in distress (see Defender of the Crown(tm) for the original version of a bummed-out babe). But your ultimate objectove is to battle through the streets and sewers of New York until you score a victory at the TECHNODROME(tm), home of the evil Shredder and his Life Transformer Gun. To reach this territory of terror, you must overcome 5 levels of adventure without getting all four turtles captured by Shredder's Foot Clan Warriors. Each level has several stages. Along the way, your every instinct will be challenged both above ground and below, and imprisonment happens swiftly if your Life Line runs down or you're run down by a Roller car. Once a turtle is captured, he is out of action until you find and rescue him. (Prisoners could be anywhere. To release them, simply touch their hand.) At the end of each level (except Level 2) you'll unfortunately find a Karate Boss who is anxiously waiting to turn you into turtle soup. Be advised to keep an eye out for weapons, ropes and life sustaining pizza pies as you go. To begin, press the Start Button for a display of the Information Screen. This screen should be utilized throughout your quest, to read maps and to gain useful hints from Splinter and April (once you've rescued her!) From the Info Screen you'll also choose the turtle you wish to guide. Press the Control Pad up or down to highlight each turtle, then press the Start Button to lock on your decision. During play you can return to the Info Screen by pressing the Start Button. The adventure ends when all four turtles are captured, or if you run out of time in the Underwater Scene. Remember, like any boy or girl, turtles need their fair share of oxygen. How to continue After your last turtle has been captured or drowned, CONTINUE or END will appear. Choose one of these using your Select Button, then press the Start Button. If you prefer to continue, you'll return to the level where the game ended, but without the weapons, ropes and pizzas previously collected. The turtles (not to be confused with the Beatles!) The fab four of karatedom await your beck and call. These jammin' dudes, stars of stage, screen and comic books, are pumped full of pizza power. Each has a different skill and a unique personality. You must decide when is the best to control each turtle. Return to the Info Screen to switch turtles from situation to situation. Remember: these Samurai sidekicks are only as gifted in the ancient art of warfare as you. Leonardo(tm) Leonaro's primary weapon is the hair splitting Katana Blade. He's most effective when attacking sewer enemies, especiall ones that lurk overhead. Raphael(tm) The needle tipped Sai is Raphael's preferred attack tool. The speed and grace of his strikes are what he prides himself on. Michaelangelo(tm) Compared to his comrades, Michaelangelo's power is only average. Enemies around his feet usually fall prey to his Nunchukus onslaught, though, and his courage will amaze you. Donatello(tm) The dreaded Bo (not to be confused with everyone's favorite "10") is Donatello's form of amusement. Don't be fooled by the fact that it looks like a simple stick, because this baby can take out enemies from both above and below. --- How to keep things from getting outta control The Control Pad Press to move forward, backword, up and down. The Select Button Press to switch from a weapon the turtle is specialized in to a weapon you've found or a rope. The Start Button The B Button Press to attack. NOTE: To jump and attack in one move, press the A Button and B Button simultaneously. The A Button Press to jump. Also press continuously to swim. Controls for the Party Wagon When cruising the streets in the infamous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon(tm), press the A Button to fire the Vulcan Cannon and the B Button to launch Anti-Foot Clan Missiles. By the way, enter the Party Wagon simply by climbing aboard and exit by pressing the Select Button. --- The all important information screen Area Map Displays diagram of the level you're exploring. Your location is highlighted by a flashing white dot. Red Grid Squares indicate areas where the turtles can get through. White Grid Squares clue you in on underground passages and buildings. Weapons each turtle is currently using Turtle Data Colored graph indicates the turtle presently on the prowl. Messages from your loyal friends --- New York, New York (a turtlin' town) Fifth Avenue/Greenwich Village Hudson River near the Holland Tunnel Wall Street JFK International Airport Shredder's Base Inside the South Bronx The Technodrome(tm) --- Pizza and other life sustaining goodies The Party Wagon Whole PIzza Totally revitalizes your turtle. Half Pizza Returns a portion of your prowess. Slice O'Pizza Restores a slice of life. Anti-Foot Clan Missile Perfect for demolishing enemy barricades in Level 3. The Rope Use in Levels 3 and 4 to leap from building to building. Kiai When thrown, it travels in a straight line, decimating enemies in its path. Single Shuriken Hurl these gruesome weapons one by one. Triple Shuriken Toss in trios. Boomerang If you catch the boomerand on its return flight, you can use it again and again. Nunchukus Michaelangelo's weapon. Bo Donatello's weapon. Katana Blade Leonardo's weapon. Sai Raphael's weapon. Mr. Invincibility Locate one of these and you'll find yourself indestructible for a limited period of time. --- Enemies galore Foot Clan Foot Soldier(tm) Following in the thousand year tradition of karate combat, he's a killing machine blindly guided by Shredder's commands. Mouser(tm) With jaws capable of crushing iron sewer grates, the Mouser is Splinter's prime enemy and the turtle's smallest threat. Stick 'Em Up (AKA: The Roof Leaper) Ignorant to the force of gravity, this pesty sewer thug (the product of a horrible chemical spill) pounces about on ceiling pipes, waiting to rain terror from above. Fire Freak An ex-pyromaniac from Brooklyn, this hot dog takes careful aim before launching fireballs that turn into clones of himself. Searchlight Mechanism If this hovering scoundred spots you, watch out! The Roller Car In search of turtle fodder, Foot Clan platoons tour New York's famous avenues in these Roller Cars (once used by David Letterman during his now famous "smashing" episodes). Karate bosses Bebop(tm) and Rocksteady(tm) Part beasts and part criminal misfits, these guys are Shredder's most trusted sidekicks and the enforcers at the end of Level 1. (Value 4,000 and 5,000 points respectfully) Mecaturtle Appearing like your average turtle, this Level 3 commander will show his true colors if you do him any harm. (Value 6,000 points. Value 7,000 points if destroyed after his transformation.) Big Mouser Ruler of Level 4, he turned to a life of sleaze after being booted from the Mouseketeer Club. (Value 8,000 points) Technodrome Guardian Level 5's mobile stronghold, this roving ruffian will zap you senseless unless you aim for his eyeclops radar. (Value 9,000 points) Shredder(tm) At last, your arch enemy at arms length. Of course, he's the meanest of the mean, the dirtiest dirt in town. If you fail to destroy him and capture his Life Transformer Gun, he'll turn you into an ordinary turtle - and considering all the cars in New York that would make you a leading candidate for a future road kill. AAAAAAARGH! (value 10,000 points)

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