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Tecmo Bowl

Typed out by NES-TW-USA Tecmo Bowl(r) Instructions (c)1988 NFLPA (c)MSA --- 1. Controller parts and operating instructions * This game can be played by one or two players. In Tecmo Bowl, you have total control of the player. Use the controller to pass, run, and kick. The following pages will list easy-to-follow instructions. Control Cross - used for maneuvering the players, selecting play formations, and other operations Select Button - used for selecting play mode (one player, two players, coach mode) Start Button - used for starting play Button A - used for hiking the (the snap), choosing the receiver, kicking and other operations Button B - used for pass plays, diving tackles and other operations --- 2. Starting the game - Selecting the mode Select Button -) Start Button Select "ONE PLAYER" (you VS the computer), "TWO PLAYERS", or "COACH" mode. Then press the start button. - Selecting the team Control Pad -) Button A One player - Choose your team by using the control cross and Button A. In order to continue play of a saved game, input the whole password using the control cross and then press Button A. (Passwords will appear on the screen after a game is won.) Two player Coach - Controller 1 is for the kick-off team, and Controller 2 is for the receiving team. Select your teams the same way you would if you were playing as ONE PLAYER against the computer. Note Certain "TECMO BOWL" playing rules may differ slightly from professional football rules. --- 3. Explanations of the screens - The game takes place on this screen. [the scoreboard, from left to right... -tsr] Scoreboard display for PLAYER ONE with player's name and statistics. Time Score Scoreboard display for PLAYER TWO with player's name and statistics. First down yard-line. --- 4. How to play offense - Hike (snap) Button A When on offense, begin play by pressing Button A to snap the ball from the center to the quarterback. - Kick Button A or Button B The kick meter at the top of the screen indicates your kicking strength. The higher your strength, the farther the ball will fly. - Dodging a tackle Oponent contact -> Button A (repeatedly) You can avoid being tackled by the defense by repeatedly pressing Button A and straight-arming your opponent! * Passing Choose "pass" on the formation select screen. Remember, you can only pass when using a pass formation. - Choosing a receiver Move cursor with Button A By moving the cursor with Button A, you can select your eligible receiver. - Throwing the pass Button B The receiver with the cursor will be the eligible receiver. --- 5. How to play defense - Selecting player Ready to play -) Button A Use Button A to select the player you want to control. - Diving tackly Close on runner -) Button B Use the control cross to make your "control" player close in on the runner. Make a diving tackle by pressing Button B. A diving tackle will stop any player, no matter how big he is! - Dodging a block Opponent contact -) Button A (repeatedly) As you close in on the runner to make the tackle, there may be an opposing player there to block you. Press Button A repeatedly to avoid being blocked. (This method is the same as in the section HOW TO PLAY OFFENSE.) --- 6. Selecting the formation * The screen for selecting the formation will appear after the ball is dead. There are four formations to choose from. - Selecting formation Control pad -) Button A Use Button A with the control cross to select your formation. After you have chosen the formation, the indicator under your team name, at the top of the screen, will change from "SELECT" to "READY". "RUN" indicates "running" play and "PASS" indicates "passing" play formations. If you are OFFENSE, select the play you would like to use. If you are DEFENSE, try to select the right defending formation to crush your opponent. - Field goals and punts Control pad -) Button A An indicator such as the one on the left will appear with Button B. But, on "fourth down", this indicator will appear without pressing Button B. Only the team on OFFENSE can make this selection. Use the control cross with Button A. If you choose "CANCEL", the screen with the RUN/PASS formations will reappear. --- 7. Coach mode If you choose the COACH MODE, you can enjoy running the team as Head Coach. You become PLAYER TWO. You call the plays from the sidelines by selecting the formation. The computer does the rest. As Head Coach, you want to outwit your opponents with an unbeatable strategy and command your team to victory! --- 8. Team introductions You can check the roster in the opening screen with Button A. IND. - Indianapolis This team has great defensive power. Their weak passing attack is made up for by their running ability. MIA. - Miami With "MARINO" as your Quarterback, his incredible passing ability will be the center of your offense, this offense tops the league in scoring, but their defense is weak. CLE. - Cleveland The powerful Running Back "MACK" and Quarterback "KOSAR" are the center of the offense. The team has real offensive power. DEN. - Denver "ELWAY" is a popular Quarterback and is almost a one-man offense. But the defense has its ups and downs. SEA. - Seattle Seattle is a team with a lot of talent. They're coming off a strong season, but can they win the championship? LA - Los Angeles The two Running Backs, "ALLEN" and "JACKSON", are the core of the team and then display incredible strength as their running plays unfold. Their defense is tough. WASH.- Washington This is an extremely well balanced and powerful team. They are aiming for the championship with a consistent game. SF - San Francisco There are several stars on this team, including Quarterback "MONTANA", Wide Receiver "RICE", and Free Safety "LOTT". They were said to be the most powerful team last season. DAL. - Dallas Although a traditionally strong team, last season they seemed to weaken. But never count them out. This year with Running Back "WALKER", they aim to make a comeback. NY - New York Superstar team leader "TAYLOR" holds the defense together which is out to destroy any offense. Quarterback "SIMMS" is the key to their offense and is counted on heavily. CHI. - Chicago Chicago was the top in defense last year. On offense, Chicago's Rusher, "PAYTON", has been running circles around the defenses. MINN.- Minnesota Quarterback "KRAMER", Wide Receiver "CARTER" and Running Back "NELSON" are the heart of the team, performing well-executed plays. --- 9. Quick reference for using the controller Offense Hike (snap) - Button A Kick - Button A or B Dodging a tackle - Button A repeatedly Choosing receiver - Button A Throwing the pass - Button B Defense Selecting player - Ready to play Button A Diving tackle - Close on runner Button B Dodging a block - Button A repeatedly Formation Selecting formation - Pad (choose the formation) + Button A Selecting to punt on kick a field goal - fourth down Pad + Button A --- 10. How to win * Pass - Complete your pass and go for the touchdown! Don't throw a pass when the receiver is covered by a defending player. The ball will be intercepted. Look for the open receiver and throw the pass. Go for the touchdown! * Interception - Control the player with the control cross and if you stay with your opponent like a good defender, you'll have a chance for an interception!

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