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Super Glove Ball

Typed out by Steve Begin ----------------------------------------------------------------- Power Glove Gaming Series SUPER GLOVE BALL (Mattel), nes-5l-usa Game Guide Reaches a new dimension in game play! PAGE 2 ------ Thank you for purchasing SUPER GLOVE BALL by Mattel for your Nintendo Entertainment System for use with your Power Glove or NES controller. For greater game satisfaction read these instructions and save this game guide for future reference. This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. (Picture of the "Official Nintendo Seal of Quality". This game is licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo recommends against using a rear projection television with your NES as image retention on the screen may occur. PAGE 3 ------ CONTENTS An A-mazing Story!...................4 Power Up and Play....................6 Control Pad Play-book................6 POWER GLOVE Play-book................8 Your Instrument Panel...............10 Moving Around the Maze..............11 Types of Rooms & Maze Map...........12 Denizens of the Maze................14 Weapons & Power Items...............15 Expert Exploration Tips.............16 POWER GLOVE Tips....................17 PRECAUTIONS 1. This is a high precision Game Pak. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit or drop it. Do not take it apart. 2. Avoid touching the game pak connectors. Do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 3. Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol, or other such solvents. 4. Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from the Nintendo Entertainment System. PAGES 4 & 5 ----------- SUPER GLOVE BALL: AN A-MAZING STORY Your shuttle commander's log. Spacedate: August 15, 2005. I had just started my repair work on the Allied Space Agency spy satellite, when I was caught in a dimensional rip in space. All outside contact has been severed. Without spacesuits or weapons my only hope is to use my jet-powered robo-repair glove to try to find a way out of this drifting maze in space. Spacedate: August 16, 2005. I can't help but wonder whether this maze is a freak of nature or created by some alien race to test my intelligence. I have tried to break out, but nothing seems to work. The robo-glove is useless against the walls of force around me. There must be a way out. Spacedate: August 17, 2005. Balls of energy seem to form out of thin air and float around this insidious space trap. I tried to hold one of these balls, but couldn't hold it for long. However, I have learned to hit these floating balls to break holes in the force field surrounding. I am now moving onto the next level. Who knows what new challenge will be waiting for me? Spacedate: August 18, 2005. There are things alive in here, strange things I've never seen before! They're trying to destroy me. So far my only defense seems to be hitting them with energy balls. My glove charges are getting low. I don't know whether I'm going to make it. This may be my last entry. PAGES 6 & 7 ----------- POWER UP AND PLAY * Insert the Game Pak into the slot in your Nintendo Entertainment System and turn on the power. You are now the Shuttle Commander, your mission: to find a way out of the maze. (Note: if you are using the Power Glove, calibrate and center as directed in your owner's manual before starting the game.) * Press START on Power Glove, joystick, or control pad to begin the game. * Use the robotic hand on screen to hit floating energy balls at tiles, blocks, tubes, and adversaries as you wander from room to room looking for the way out. CONTROL PAD PLAY-BOOK The game automatically knows that you are using a control pad or joystick. START: * Press to begin game play. * Press during play to pause, press again to restart game. SELECT: * Hold down select button while moving to an available room when you clear the wall of your choice. * Hit select button to fire robo-bullets. Press control pad arrow while firing to curve bullets. A Button: * Press and hold down to move robo-glove into the room. Release button to move robo-glove back out of the room. B Button: * Press to make a fist for punching and grabbing. * Press B, then release to launch a new ball. (Picture of the NES control pad) Use Directional Controls to hit the ball with the robo-glove. PAGES 8 & 9 ----------- POWER GLOVE PLAY-BOOK The Power Glove gives you "intuitive control." The robo-glove onscreen will echo your Power Glove moves. The game automatically knows that you are using the Power Glove. START: * Press to begin game play. * Press during play to pause, press again to restart game. SELECT: * Hold down select button while moving to an available room when you clear the wall of your choice. move up ^ move left (--- ---) move right |-- [GLOVE] G G move down V L L O O move in (-- V V [GLOVE] E E move out --) NFM (Note From Me): I tried to recreate the little drawings of the Power Glove as accurate as possible. When it's written [GLOVE], imagine that the Power Glove is drawn there. If the word is written horizontally, the Glove appeared in the horizontal position in the manual. Same thing if the word is written vertically. The letter 'G' is the finger end of the Glove, while the letter 'E' is where your arm comes out of the Glove. [End of NFM] Exlusive Power Glove Move! To curve the path of the ball, twist your wrist when you hit it. To use Power Punch, make a fist + punch in desired direction. Make a fist to catch the ball. Open hand to throw it. To launch a new ball when you lose one, make a fist, then open hand. 2 Ways To Fire Robo-Bullets. * Point index finger while bending last 3 fingers as shown (NFM: sorry, no picture!) * Press and release the A button on the Power Glove control Pad. NOTE: You can curve the path of the bullet by moving in a direction while firing. PAGE 10 ------- YOUR INSTRUMENT PANEL Your Current Score (*) (Upper left of the instument panel) Robo-Glove Power Charge Level, when it's empty, you're empty. (Under Score) Number Of Bullets Left To Fire (First icon & number in the center) Number Of Balls Left. If you lose all your balls, you'll lose a power charge. (Second icon & number in the center) Number of Robo-Glove Power Charges Left. If you lose all your power charges, the game is over (Third icon & number in the center) Maze Level (Fourth icon & number in the center) Power Item In Use or Enemy's Lifeforce (Right of the instrument panel) (*) At the end of the game a high score table of the top 10 scores will be displayed on the television screen. The table is erased once the power is turned off. PAGE 11 ------- MOVING AROUND THE MAZE * You can always hit, catch, or punch an energy ball with your onscreen glove. Punching the ball gives you special moves. However, it is hard to control the direction in which the ball travels when you punch it. * For the worst part, when the ball hits an obstacle it is destroyed. There are some enemies that may require extra hits or a power item to destroy and there are some tiles that are indestructible. * In general when you knock out an entire wall of a room you may move your robo-glove through the opening you've created to go to another room. You may choose to move in the direction indicated by the arrow or continue playing until you clear another wall. To move to another room, press and hold SELECT then move directional pad or Power Glove in the direction of the room you want to explore. * If nothing happens when you try to move to another room, you have run into part of the indestructible outer skin of the maze. Look around! You might find the hidden escape room that leads out of the maze. Otherwise, you'll have to continue playing in the current room until you find a way out. * The triangle on the back of the robo-glove turns blue when you're holding a ball. PAGE 12 ------- TYPES OF ROOMS There are six major types of rooms you can enter. Each type of room has its own characteristics and creatures. Discovering the mysteries of the different types of rooms of the maze is the real key to finding your way out. For example, in some rooms you must solve a puzzle wall instead of knocking out a wall to move to the next room. Tech Tile Room: Special training features for beginners. The Dead Pool Pit: If the ball hits the water, watch out! Things can get wild. Sub-Level Steam Tunnel: A real test of your survival skills. Puzzler Room: A real battle of wits. Bounceback Bonus Room: You must hit a secret, unmarked tile to enter. Escape Room: It's up to you to find it! PAGE 13 ------- MAZE MAP This is what the maze looks like from space. (Sorry, no picture! It looks like a space ship with a huge maze within it) PAGE 14 ------- DENIZENS OF THE MAZE Most of the power hungry creatures you'll encounter are confined to certain types of rooms, but a few are free to roam the entire maze. Use the ball or your power items to destroy them before they destroy you. Here are the enemies you are most likely to encounter, there may be others as well. The wizzard: An en-lightening fellow! Iron Lion: Watch out for his tail! Kamikaze Barnacles (looks like a pyramid): Possess explosive personalities. Free-Roaming Snizzard (looks like a snake): Be prepared to take a licking. Rocket Bullet: Shoots out anytime, anywhere. Stone Shark: It loves finger food. PAGE 15 ------- WEAPONS & POWER ITEMS To earn any of these items, touch them or hit tiles with a "?" Robo-Bullets: Fire to kill enemies or activate othe power items. Super Ball: Give the ball extra bounce. Ice Ball: Slows enemies temporarily. Bomb Ball: Maze Meanies will get a blast out of it. There my be other surprising powers at your disposal. The game gets more and more difficult as it goes along. So, practice using as many weapons and power items as you can at the beginning of the game. PAGE 16 ------- EXPERT EXPLORATION ADVICE Player's Tips 1. Anyone can zap a maze-dweller, but only the most cunning players will find their way out of this space trap. Make a map as you explore this a-mazing place. 2. It is very easy to lose energy balls. Enemies eat them or players miss them. Don't get discouraged. The more you practice the fewer balls you will lose. 3. It may take you some time to get used to moving in a 3-D space, especially moving in and out. Here's one way to tell if the robo-glove and the ball are at the same depth: compare the robo-glove position with the shadow the ball throws. PAGE 17 ------- POWER GLOVE PLAYER'S TIPS 1. It is VERY important to stay in the sensing zone once you are centered. Rest your elbow on your knee or a chair arm when moving the Power Glove. The entire robo-glove will change color when you move out of the sensing zone. 2. The title screen will blink if the Power Glove is not in the sensing zone when you power up the game. The title screen will stop blinking when you are centering the Power Glove within the sensing zone PAGE 18 ------- 90 DAY LIMITED WARRANTY blahblahblah!! PAGE 19 ------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS moreblahblahblahblahandblah! BACK COVER ---------- (C) 1990 Mattel, Inc., Hawthorne, CA 90250 U.S.A. Printed in Japan. All Rights Reserved.

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