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Stealth ATF

Typed out by NES-LH-USA By Activision Stealth ATF(tm) Instruction Manual ========== Introduction ========== The Stealth Advanced Tactical Fighter, America's most closely guarded military secret, is in your hands. You're at the controls, flying top-priority combat missions against enemy forces around the world. Luckily, you're prepared for the worst. Your aircraft has all the right stuff -- maneuverability, speed, weapons capability, and deception. Once you get the bogeys in your sights, you can pulverize them with missles or cannon fire, then move in on your next target. When the bad guys lock on to your craft, you just kick into "stealth mode" and drive their radar systems crazy. Each time you complete a mission, you move on to another theatre of war. Your opponents get meaner and tougher -- but so do you, and soon they won't stand any chance at all. ========== Getting Started ========== *Insert the Stealth ATF cartridge in into your Nintendo Entertainment System as instructed in you owner's guide. *Plug a controller into controller port 1 for a 1-player game. If two people play, plug in both controllers. *Turn on you game system and TV or monitor. The Stealth title screen appears, followed by a brief game demonstration. To interrupt the demo and begin play, press the START button on your controller. *The title screen appears. Press any button again to go to the Player Selection screen. Now press the SELECT button to switch between 1-player and 2-player games. Press the START button to make your selection. NOTE: In a 2-player game, the players switch control of the Stealth fighter each time on of them completes an assigned mission or is shot down. *You're ready to fly the first game mission. The Mission Description screen briefs you on your combat theatre and assignment. Press any button to begin the mission with your Stealth fighter in takeoff position. *To take off, first throttle up by pressing the A button on your controller, then press the down derectional arrow (equivalent to pulling back on a joystick) to lift the plane's nose off the ground. Watch the speed gauge to check your velocity before you lift off. You're flying! When your plane exits the top of the screen, combat begins. NOTE: During play, you may press the SELECT button to pause play at any time; press it again to resume play. Each time you pause and resume play, the game's background audio mode changes from music to flight sounds and back again. ========== Missions ========== Your job is to engage and destroy enemy aircraft. Maximum points are awarded to the pilot who destroys bogeys while avoiding hits from enemy weapons (see "Scoring" for more information). After you complete a mission successfully, you advance to the next theatre of combat. Read the Mission Description briefing, and prepare to take off again. ---------- 2-Player Dogfights --------- A second player may join the action at any time by picking up controller 2 -- he assumes control of the enemy plane closest to the center of the viewscreen (this feature works in both 1-player and 2-player modes). ========== In Combat With the Stealth Fighter ========== Use your controller's directional arrows to control the direction of flight. Press the right arrow to roll the fighter to the right, and the left arrow to roll the fighter left. Press the down arrow to climb, and the up arrow to descend. To bank you Stealth fighter, press two directional arrows simultaneously. Press up and right or down and right to bank right. Press up and left or down and left to bank left. You control the speed of the aircraft during takeoffs and landings by throttling up (press the A button) or throttling down (press the B button). In flight, the Stealth's computer system automatically sets the flight speed of the aircraft. Here's a summary of how the directional arrows and other buttons on your controller work when you're in combat: UP -- Nose down DOWN -- Nose up LEFT -- Roll left RIGHT -- Roll right SELECT -- Pause and turn background sound on/off START -- Stealth mode A -- Fire cannon B -- Fire missle To bank the Stealth Fighter, press the right of left directional arrows and then release. ---------- In the Cockpit ---------- As you fly, you can make use of your cockpit indicators to monitor you altitude, fuel supply, heading, angle of attack (AOA), and damage sustained. You may also refer to you mission status indicators to check on the enemy's numbers and you own missle supply. ========== Stealth Firepower ========== Combat pits you against several foes in daytime or at night. You have two kinds of weapons at your disposal: Cannons (unlimited fire), and Missles (8 per mission). To fire your cannon, get the bogey in you sights and press the A button on you controller. You have unlimited cannon fire. This is just as well, since you must get off five accurate cannon shots at an enemy plate to destroy him. To fire your missles, you should first lock on to an enemy plane. A lock-on symbol appears together with an onscreen message. Press the B button on your controller to fire. ---------- Stealth Mode ---------- To evade enemy missle attacks, press the START button during flight, and you'll enter the Stealth Mode. This makes you invisible to enemy radar. Once you pass out of danger, you automatically leave Stealth Mode. Enemy radar may one more track your progress through the skies. NOTE: You may only use Stealth Mode once per mission. ---------- Bonus Rounds ---------- Each mission featurs a bonus round to reward expert fliers -- although you must perform superbly during a mission in order to earn the bonus round. During each bonus round, waves of enemy planes fly by without attacking while, onscreen, units of time tick off. You can rack up big bonus points by downing the bogeys before time elapses. ---------- Landing ---------- After you destroy the last bogey during a mission (or complete the bonus round), the landing sequence will automatically appear. Your instumentation panel shows the following from left to right: *% of Engine Thrust *Speed *Your Position Relative to the Runway *Angle of Attack *Rate of Descent You must learn the correct speed and angle of attack to make a afe landing. ---------- Scoring ---------- In Stealth ATF, you earn points by shooting down bogeys, of course, but you also earn valuable extra points according to how much fuel you have left at the end of a mission and how little damage you've sustained. Here's what earns what: Destroy a plane with a missle : 1000 pts. Hit plane with cannonfire : 100 Destroy plane with cannonfire : 1000 Fuel Bonus : 0-4000 Damage Bonus : 0-900 Completion Bonus : 5000 Destroy a missle : 200 ========== Game Over ========== Each player has three "lives" for each game. Crash or get shot down, and you'll lose a life -- and begin the same mission over again with the mission briefing. If you perish three times, you'll see a GAME OVER message and return to the title screen. Press the START button to resume play. ========== Strategy Tips ========== *Use your firepower wisely. You have a limited number of missles, but they're more accurate than the cannon -- and your best bet at long range. *Take care during landings. If you try to land too fast or too slow, you can crash and burn -- and lose one of you precious lives -- even if you've survived combat unscathed. *At higher mission levels, always try to position your Stealth fighter behind enemy planes. *When engaged in a bonus round, move quickly to down the easily-destroyed enemy craft before time runs out. *You'll have better luck chasing enemy planes if you're level or only slightly banked.

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