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Starship Hector

Typed out by Dark Warrior Starship Hector Game Story/Prologue In the Star Year of 2038, the Fourth (4th) World War on Earth destroyed all of mankind. The Starship Hector was thousands of light years away on an exploration mission. Upon their return to what is now ancient Earth, the Starship Hector found Earth to be desolate and inhabited by gruesome Bio-Mechanical Creatures. Starship Hector must fight its way past many different empires of these Bio-Mechanical Creatures to save Earth's future. This challenge will be the toughest battle the Starship Hector will ever face. You must skillfully change battle strategies constantly. This is the ultimate challenge to your battle skills. The objective is to help the Starship Hector to survive in Ancient Earth and to defeat the gruesome Bio-Mechanical Creatures. Earth's future is in your skillful hands! The game has six (6) different stages: ______________________________________ | # of Stage | Empire Stage | -------------------------------------- | History (1)| Incaic Empire | -------------------------------------- | History (2)| Mayan Empire | -------------------------------------- | History (3)| Atlantis Empire | -------------------------------------- | History (4)| Egyptian Empire | -------------------------------------- | History (5)| Moo Empire | -------------------------------------- | History (6)| Yamataikoku Empire | -------------------------------------- Play Modes In addition to "normal play", Starship Hector is equipped with "score keeping" and "timed competition" modes that can be played within time limits of two (2) or five (5) minutes. Push "start" to access the mode selection screen. Select the desired mode to start the game. Push "select" to access the score keeping screen. Shows the highest score for each mode. Characteristics of the Game Starship Hector is a shooting game with scrolling screens. The game scrolls either vertically or horizontally depending on which stage is being played. Vertical Scroll Stages 1, 3, 5 scrolls vertically. The enemy not only attack in the air but also from the ground surface. Horizontal Scroll Stages 2, 4, 6 scrolls horizontally. Be careful not to damage the Starship by bumping into the walls inside the cave. Starship Hector's Strategy Shooting Strategy shooting means to plan your attack operations and maneuvering. The first thing to do is to learn the movements of enemy characters in each empire stage. Then practice over and over until you find a winning strategy. Screen Indication The score, number of Starships remaining and energy level are indicated on the screen. Energy Level Maximum energy level is 16 bars. When the energy level reaches "0" a Starship will be taken away. Extra Starships Every game stars with 2 Starships. An extra Starship is added only when the score reaches 200,000; 500,000 and 1,000,000 respectively. (i.e. one Starship added when the score hits 200,000 and again at 500,000, ect.... 3 Starships maximum.) Energy Level The energy level decreases when hit by the enemy creatures. Collect "recovery capsules" to increase the energy level. Each recovery capsule will increase the energy level by one-maximum 16 bars/level. The Starship must hit certain characters on the screen to release the capsules. A Starship will be taken away when the energy decrease to "0". Weapons & Control Functions Starship Hector has 2 types of attacking weapons. The "Sparkle Gun" is to shoot at flying enemy creatures and the "Craster Bomb" is to destroy the enemy on the ground surface. Shoot upwards in vertical scroll stage. Shoot to the right in horizontal scroll stage. Drops forward & downward in vertical scroll stage. Drops downward-right in horizontal scroll stage. Secret Techniques/Hints There are many secrets hidden in the game. Here is one of them: HECTOR Panel Bonus: In stages 1, 3 % 5, the bonus panels are hidden on the ground surface. There are a total of 6 panels spelling H E C T O R. Each panel will earn you 10,000 points; but, when you find all 6 panels, you will earn 1,000,000 special bonus points. Hint: Shoot Craster Bombs 8 times at a certain point to collect a panel. (Pages showing characters of Hector would be here... sorry can't get the pictures for you.)

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