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Star Wars

Page 42. -------- (C), (R), & TM 1991 LUCASFIILM LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USED UNDER AUTHORIZATION. STAR WARS and all other elements of the game fantasy are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. Lucasfilm Games is a trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company. PRECAUTIONS 1.This is a high precision Game Pak. Do not store it in places that are very hot or cold. Never take it apart, hit it or drop it. 2.Do not get the terminals wet or dirty. Avoid touching them with your bare hands. 3.Do not clean the Game Pak with solvents of any kind, such a paint thinner, benzene, or alcohol. 4.We recommend against using a rear projection type television with your NES as image retention on the screen may occur. Licensed by NINTENDO(R) for play on the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. JVC. Page 43. -------- EPISODE IV A NEW HOPE It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy. Page 44. -------- Getting started 45 Luke, Han & Leia Controls 46 Select Screen 48 Scoring 49 Tatooine 50 Landspeeder Controls 51 Asteroid Field 51 Death Star 52 Millenium Falcon Gunner Controls 54 X-wing Fighter Pilot Controls 54 X-wing Controls on the Death Star 55 The Rebel Alliance: Your Chracters 56 The Empire: Your Enemies 57 Game Credits: Designed and Developed by Lucasfilm Games. Programming by BEAM Software Pty. Ltd. Page 45. -------- GETTING STARTED With your Nintendo Entertainment System turned off, insert the STAR WARS Game Pak and then turn on your Control Deck. Press START and the opening sequence of the lifepod escaping to the Tatooine Desert with C-3PO and R2-D2 aboard will begin. If you would like to skip the opening and begin play, press START again. Number of Players: STAR WARS is a one player game. However, you and two friends can take turns playing as Luke, Han, or Princess Leia (after you find them). Game Over: The game is over whenever you lose all of your Luke Skywalker lives or when the Millennium Falcon or X-wing is destroyed. Continue Yes: The game starts again from the beginning of the level that you were in. You keep all of your characters, items from previous levels, and score. Luke restarts with three lives. Continue No: The game will end and the title screen will appear. There are a limited number of continues available. When all of your continues have been used, the GAME OVER screen will appear the next time you run out of lives. Page 46. -------- LUKE, HAN & LEIA CONTROLS Most of the action in the STAR WARS Nintendo game takes place using either Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or Princess Leia during the scrolling game sections. You cannot control C-3PO, R2-D2 or Obi-Wan. Please read about all of the player controls to understand how to use your characters. Instructions for controlling the landspeeder, Millennium Falcon, and X-wing start on page 51 of the manual. Instructions for the Select Screen are listed on page 48 of the manual. Up on control pad - Climb Up ladders. Enter doors and elevators. Left on control pad - Move your character left. Right on control pad - Move your character right. Down on control pad - Duck or crouch. Climb Down ladders. Page 47. -------- Select - Select Screen Start - Pauses the game. Press again to continue. A Button - Jump. Press and hold A to jump higher. B Button - Fire weapon. Swing Lightsaber (Luke only). Run. Holding down the B button while walking will make your character run. Special Move: Long Jump: While holding down the B button, run in the direction you want to jump, then press and hold the A button to jump. Skipping Text Screens: Pressing any button will speed up the text display in the transition screens. Pressing any button a second time will advance you to the next screen or return you to the game. Page 48. -------- SELECT SCREEN During any action screen, press SELECT to bring up the Select Screen. To choose your Team Leader or Weapon: * Use the CONTROL PAD to move the cursor and highlight the character or weapon you want. * Press any button to choose your character or weapon and return to the game. Han and Leia cannot be selected until they have joined your party. You cannot display the Select Screen when: * Your character is in the air, either flying or falling. * You are aboard the Millennium Falcon or X-wing in space. * You are in the X-wing making the final attack on the Death Star. To Use C-3PO, R2-D2 or Obi-Wan Kenobi: * Use the CONTROL PAD to move the cursor and highlight the character you want. * Press A and the character will either display its message or perform its special task. C-3PO * His message will be displayed. Press any button to return to the Select Screen. * His comments often steer you in the right direction. R2-D2 * Although he cannot speak, C-3PO interprets his messages. * After reaching the Death Star Control Room, he can display the map of Death Star hallways. Obi-Wan Kenobi * His messages speak the wisdom of a Jedi Knight. * He can use the Force to resurrect Han or Leia five times. SCORING Your score is based on the percentage of tasks you have completed. It is not necessary to complete every section of the game before you are allowed to move on to the next level. You may even complete the game and destroy the Death Star with less than 100%. Power players should try for 100%. Your score is updated on the Select Screen after you play through a level and successfully complete the objective. It is possible to play through several of the caves, for example, without finding any goals which count towards your score. The lower your score, however, the harder you will find it to successfully complete the game. Page 50. -------- The Tatooine Desert is a desolate wilderness, populated by dangerous creatures. Accompanied by your new droid, C-3PO, you are searching for the runaway droid, R2-D2. The caves are very dangerous. You'll need fast reflexes and perhaps a better gun to get through all of them. This section begins with Luke aboard the landspeeder. Any damage taken while in the landspeeder will affect Luke's energy level. There is an energy bar in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. When it reaches empty, one Luke life is gone. Guide your landspeeder to the different entrances and avoid banthas and enemy turrets. The Tatooine Desert includes a sandcrawler, many caves, and the spaceport of Mos Eisley. Collect as many shields and extra lives as you can - they'll come in handy later. Some of the more interesting inhabitants and items to be found on Tatooine include: * Shields for the Millennium Falcon (you need these for the Asteroid Belt) * R2-D2 * Obi-Wan Kenobi * Luke's Lightsaber * Han Solo Regardless of how much of Tatooine you have explored, once you board the Millennium Falcon you will leave Tatooine. Page 51. -------- LANDSPEEDER CONTROLS Up on control pad - Moves the landspeeder towards the top of the screen. Left and right - Moves the landspeeder right or left on the screen. Diagonal - Moves the landspeeder diagonally on the screen. Down on control pad - Moves the landspeeder towards the bottom of the screen. Select and Start - Pause. Press again to continue. A Button - No action. B Button - Accelerates the landspeeder ASTEROID FIELD Now aboard the Millennium Falcon, you suddenly find yourself coming out of hyperspace and right into the middle of an uncharted asteroid field. It's the remnants of the planet Alderaan, destroyed by the Empire's new Death Star. Maneuver the Falcon through the asteroids, avoiding as many as you can. You cannot fire in the asteroid field. Two collisions with an asteroid costs Page 52. -------- the Falcon one shield. Lose all your shields and the game is over. If you successfully navigate the field, you'll find yourself locked in the dreaded Death Star's tractor beam. Control Pad - Pilot the Millennium Falcon. Start Button - Pauses game. Pressc again to continue. The rest of the buttons are not used. THE DEATH STAR Before you can rescue Leia or even think about striking a blow against the Empire, you'll need to find a way out of the Hangar. The Death Star is a treacherous maze of hallways and elevators. Find the Control Room first. If you've brought R2-D2 along from Tatooine, you can use his ability to tap into the Imperial Computer Network to display a detailed map of the interior of the Death Star. page 53. -------- TRACTOR BEAM You must disable the tractor beam before the Millennium Falcon is free to leave the Death Star. DEATH STAR CELL BLOCK/HALLWAY TWO Princess Leia is scheduled for termination, unless you can find your way through the intricate maze of the Death Star cell block and free her. TRASH COMPACTOR Now that you've rescued Princess Leia, get through the rest of the cell block to the trash compactor. The complex trash disposal system aboard the Death Star is your only exit after rescuing Princess Leia. And it doesn't smell so good either. just ask Han... You've made it through the machinery, only to find that an alien beast has taken up residence in the trash compactor. DEATH STAR HANGAR Can you make it back to the Millennium Falcon? The labyrinth of the Death Star Hangar is protected by some amazing alien life-forms in the service of the Empire. The deadly spikes should be avoided at all costs. Page 54. -------- MILLENNIUM FALCON GUNNER Fleeing the Death Star' aboard the Millennium Falcon, you'll fight wave after wave of enemy TIE fighters seeking to block your escape to the Rebel Base at Yavin. Control Pad - Press the control pad to move the targeting cursor around the screen. Start button - Pauses game. Press again to continue. B Button - Fire Millennium Falcon lasers. The rest of the buttons are not in use. X-WING FIGHTER PILOT >From the Rebel Base your first assignment as a member of the Alliance is to join the attack on the Empire's Death Star. You've been assigned to pilot an X-wing fighter. R2-D2 will regenerate a limited number of shields - if he's with you. Page 55. -------- Control Pad - Press the control pad to move the targeting cursor around the screen. Keep pushing the Control Pad to pilot the ship in the direction the targeting cursor is moving. Start Button - Pauses game. Press again to continue. The rest of the buttons are not in use. The assault on the Empire has begun. Run the gauntlet of Empire defenders aboard your rebel X-wing. With R2-D2 you'll find your chances of success are significantly improved. X-WING CONTROLS ON THE DEATH STAR Control Pad - Moves X-wing A Button - Fire laser torpedoes at the Death Star B Button - Fire X-wing lasers. The rest of the buttons are not used. Page 56. -------- Now your mission is in its final stage. Guide the X-wing down the treacherous trench and destroy the Death Star by blowing up the exhaust port and causing a nuclear chain reaction. Your X-wing is armed with unlimited laser torpedoes. Good luck. And may the Force be with you. APPENDIX A: THE REBEL ALLIANCE Your Characters: Luke Skywalker - His plans to attend the academy and become a fighter pilot were changed forever by the Empire. You start out with Luke as your main character - with three lives and a small gun. The number of lives Luke has remaining is displayed in the upper right of your screen. You should use Luke more than any other character since he can build up extra lives - up to seven. When all your Lukes are gone the game is over. Princess Leia Organa - If you rescue her from the Death Star cell block, you'll find she's a pretty handy character in certain situations. Like Han, you must use her sparingly, since she cannot collect extra lives. Obi-Wan Kenobi - the last of the Jedi Knights. Old Ben Kenobi, as he's known on Tatooine, will be a very valuable addition indeed to your party. He's the key to getting, the lightsaber, and to using the Force to bring Han and Leia back to life. C-3PO - a nervous but well-educated droid. What C-3PO lacks in a taste for adventure he more than makes up for with his encyclopedic knowledge. Page 57. -------- R2-D2 - We recommend you don't leave Tatooine without him. R2-D2 can regenerate your shields on the X-wing. He's also able to tap the Imperial Computer Network on the Death Star and show you layouts of the two hallways. APPENDIX B: THE EMPIRE A selection of your Enemies Jawas - Mos Eisley Street Banthas - Tatooine Sandpeople - Tatooine caves Flying Insectoids - Tatooine caves Womp Rats - Tatooine caves Giant Slugs - Tatooine caves Bounty Hunters - Cantina Boba Fett - Mos Eisley Street Stormtroopers - everywhere Various Drolds - scattered throughout Page 58. -------- GAME CREDITS Lucasfilm Games Team: Original Game Design by Akila J. Redmer Contributions to Design by Kalani Streicher, Kelly Flock and Mike Ebert Background Art by Harrison Fong, Annand Cabrera, and Jon Knoles Character Animation by Jon Knoles and Gary Winnick Produced by Akila J. Redmer and Howard Phillips Package Design and Art Direction by Rick Strand Manual Design and Layout by Mark Shepard Documentation by Kelly Flock Proofreading by Judith Lucero Lucasfilm Games General Manager: Doug Glen Product Marketing by Cynthia Wuthmann and Mary Bihr Lead Tester: James "Purple" Hampton Beam Software Pty., Ltd. Team: Lead Programming by Andrew Carter Flight Sequences Programmed by Trevor Nuridin Cinematic Sequences Programmed by Jeff Kamenek Additional Programming by Bill Mclntosh and Damian Morton Character Animation by Holger Leibnitz and Grant Arthur Level Design by lan Malcolm Musical Arrangements and Sound Effects by Marshall Parker Programming Tools by Philip Mitchell Hardware Support by Gavan Anderson Testing by Ann Davie Beam General Manager: Alfred Milgrom Special Thanks to George Lucas

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