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Star Tropics

Typed out by tsr NES-OC-USA Star Tropics (tm) Instruction Booklet The Story Hi. My name is Michael Jones, but my friends call me Mike. I'm fifteen years old and I live in Seattle Washington. Have you heard on my Uncle Steve? Well, most people don't call him that, they call him Dr. Jones. He is a very famous archeologist who is looking for some lost ruins in the Coral Sea. I've never actually met him, but last week I received a letter from him inviting me to stay with him at his laboratory on C-Island. I leave tomorrow on a helicopter! I bet I won't be able to sleep at all tonight. Well, goodnight. (the letter is tacked on to the end of this file.. see below) Today I landed on C-Island after a long helicopter ride. The people are very friendly, and they all seem to know my Uncle. At Coralcola I sure like this village, but I haven't been able to find my uncle any- where and no one here seems to know where he is either. Hi Mike! I'm Chief Coralcola, a close friend of your uncle's. Listen! Try not too be upset... Your uncle, Dr. Jones... has been... abducted!! Mike, you are the best hope of rescuing Dr. Jones. I'm the Shaman of Coralcola, and the Chief's sister. Many wild monsters are said to be lying in wait in the dark below But remember! The magic of the Southern Cross is always on your side. Look for the Southern Cross in the sky above to help you find your way. Good luck! How to Start the Game - Press any button during the Title screen to enter the Menu mode. Creating your own Mike To start a new game, you create Mike by first registering your player name. - At the Menu mode, use the SELECT button to choose REGISTER YOUR NAME and press START to enter the Register mode. - Use the Control Pad to choose a letter and press the A button to print. When you finish registering your name, select END and press START to return to the Menu mode. Starting the game - At the Menu mode, use the SELECT button to choose your Mike and press START to begin the game. Erasing an old Mike - At the Menu mode, select the ELIMINATION MODE and press START. - At the Elimination mode, select the Mike you want to erase and press START. Reviewing the previous chapter You can replay the game from the beginning of the chapter you have experienced. - At the Menu mode, select the REVIEW MODE and press START. - At the Review mode, select the Mike you want to review and decide the chapter using the Control Pad. And press START to begin the game. The Review Mode does not affect game data you have previously saved. However, anything you gain in while in the review mode will not be saved. - True Gamemasters always try the review mode, just to be certain that they haven't missed any important clues. Quitting the game Your game data is saved automatically, so you may turn the power off or reset any time you like, except when the following message is being displayed on your screen: NOW SAVING YOUR DATA... REFRAIN FROM TURNING POWER OFF OR RESETTING! A battery is used to retain the player's game data for five years. However, depending on the conditions under which the Game Pak is kept (such as exposure to high temperatures, etc.), the life of the battery may be shortened. How to Play the Game StarTropica consists of two different phases: the Travel Stage and the Battle Stage During the Travel Stage control pad: Moves Mike/Sub-C A: Talk B: For Sub-C Submerging (You need the ID code to work the submergible system.) Select: Checks Status Mike can't use any weapons or items during the Travel Stage. Talk Most islanders are friendly and know who you are. Try speaking to them. Face a person then press the A button to bring up the person's words on the screen. The conversation progresses by using the A button. Arrows indicate if there is more to be said. When Mike enters a tunnel or cave, the Battle Stage begins. - During the Battle Stage. control pad: Moves Mike A: Jump B: Attack Start: Pause/restart (for choosing a weapon or using magic items) Select: Use to quickly choose a new weapon without stopping the battle. -Choose a weapon Move the left/right Control Pad to choose any of the weapons Mike possesses. Press START to return to the battle. -Use magic items First of all, move the up/down Control Pad to switch the screen to the list of the magic items. Move the left/right Control Pad to choose any of the magic items. And press the B button to use the magic item. Press START for returning to the battle. -Hearts for Mike's energy At the bottom of the screen, hearts appear indicating Mike's energy. When Mike is attacked by an enemy, one of these hearts turns white. If all hearts turn white, it means Mike loses a life. The life level show the max-capacity of Mike's energy. It will be increased, when you advance to a new chapter. When Mike loses a total of three lives, the game is over! You must try again from the beginning of the Battle Stage. Fight enemies courageously! -Mike starts his adventure with the basic weapon: the island yoyo. This Island yoyo is so powerful that you can do damage to almost all of your enemies. However some tough monsters await you. So you need the help of special weapons or magic items, which are hidden in the underground. You'll need to find these hidden items in the Battle Stage. Your collected weapons and items are displayed with each icon, followed by a number indicating how many shots are left. When you lose a life, you have to give up all of your special weapons and magic items, which you have collected. You can't carry over any special weapons or magic items to the next Battle Stage. Basic/Special Weapons )Three types of basic weapons #1 Island yoyo The legendary weapon passed down from C-Island ancestors. #2 Shooting-star The Queen of Shecola's powerful weapon. You must have six red hearts to be able to use it. #3 Super-nova This weapon is only rumored to exist, and it is said that you must have eleven red hearts to use it correctly. )Special weapons -Fire -Baseball bat -Slingshow -Bola -Baseball -Miracle Mirror -Spikes -Asterisk (Twin cross-blades) And other special weapons will help you! )Magic Items Beat enemies to win small hearts or stars! -Small hearts Each restores Mike's energy by one mark. -Stars Collecting a total of five stars also restores his energy by one mark. Try finding these hidden items! -Big heart Increases Mike's life level which shows the max-capacity of his energy. -Medicine Restores Mike's energy by five marks. -Snowman Doll -Rod of Sight -Lantern Magic items of temporary ability (Impossible to store for later use) -Stop/Slow -Try-your-luck sign -Anklet -Vitamin X And other magic items will help you! Enemies -Jelly ~ A slug with acid venom. -Rattus ~ A dirty rat roaming around in the caves. -Looper ~ A Snake inhabits the dark underground. -Nocto ~ A quick little bat. -C-serpent ~ A huge sea monster inhabits the cave of C-Island. -Mud-o-Fish ~ A tropical fish that can crawl on the ground. -Spinistar ~ A mutant starfish with horns. -Octot ~ A jumpy cave dweller. -Puff ~ A blowfish-like monster inhabits the water. -Octo the Huge -Dodo ~ One tough bird. -Ninja-monkey ~ A winged, mutant island monkey. -Bonehead ~ A mutant ostrich. -Mad Muddy ~ A gummy goblin that inhabits the lava swamp. -Magma the fierce -Bonedog ~ A skeleton canine. -Muumu ~ A little slow afoot. -Skull ~ A flying menace. -Minie -Maxie ~ The ghosts with the most. -Pirate Ghoul -Mr. Armstrong ~ Shake hands with bad luck. Many other enemies await you as well~ ..ooOO 'the southern cross is one of the most beautiful of the constellations in the southern sky. island sailors use the southern cross as a guide for navigating the often dangerous island waters. in addition to its use in navigation, the island mytics talk of the strange power that the southern cross is said to give to those who look to it in time of crisis.. OOoo.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (the letter from Steve, included in the Startropics package) Dear Mike, I am sorry I did not write you sooner, but I just returned from a long voyage in the islands in search of lost ruins and artifacts. I was very pleased to find your letter upon my return. Boy, time sure is flying by! Last time I saw you, you were just starting school... and now, 15 years old, an honor student, and captain of your high school baseball team! I think it's a great idea that you visit me during your vacation. I'm sure that you'll enjoy the tropical islands, the blue water, and the friendly people you'll find living under the Southern Cross. You can even take a cruise in my super submarine, Sub-C. I have enclosed some pictures and a map of C-Island for you. Hope to see you soon, and give my regards to your family. Sincerely, Uncle Steve (when you wet the paper, as the game instructs you to do at one point, you get this secret message...) Mike I found some strange ciphers in my last voyage. Since then, someone has been watching me! I put a tiny transmitter in my shoe. ITS FREQUENCY IS 747Mhz. Perhaps I worry too much, but better to be safe than sorry.

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