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Spy Hunter

Typed out by SUNSOFT for the Nintendo Entertainment System SPY HUNTER Instruction Manual Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the SUNSOFT "Spy Hunter (tm)" game pak. Spy Hunter (tm) is the fastest, craziest espionage thriller to hit the arcade ... and now it's yours for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System (R), in this brand new exclusive home release. TABLE OF CONTENTS Mission Objective - Precautions ____________________________ 2 Control Functions __________________________________________ 3 How to Play ________________________________________________ 4 Your Weapons _______________________________________________ 6 Enemy Agents _______________________________________________ 8 Road Hazards ______________________________________________ 11 Helpful Hints _____________________________________________ 12 1 ______________________________________________________ YOUR MISSION Pilot your vehicle through the track. Seek and destroy enemy agents who will use every means to wipe you out. You must avoid the road hazards and protect the friendly pedestrian vehicles. There's terror at every trun - tire slashers, torpedoes, bomb dropping helicopters - standing in your way of the most diabolical collection of enemy agents ever to hit a video screen. You have your skill and reflexes along with Smoke screens, Oil slicks, and Heat seeking missiles to outmaneuver your opponents. One mistake and it's all over. So strap yourself in; no need to check your ammo. You've got more than enough; and take the challenge. Be: SPY HUNTER (tm) PRECAUTIONS Be sure to turn the power OFF before inserting the cartridge or removing it from the computer. This is a high-tech instrument. Do not store it in an area subject to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Never drop it, bump it or attempt to take it apart. Avoid touching the connectors. Do not allow them to get wet or dirty. Doing so will damage the unit. 2 _______________________________________________________ CONTROL FUNCTIONS Control Pad / Turbo Accelerator / \ / B Button \ / Machine Guns ------ Right / A Button | ^ | / / Activates ----- ----- / Weapons Left ----- | ( ) | / / ----- ----- |===| |===| ( ) ( ) | v | / \ ------- / \ / Select Button Start Button Brake Select Preferred Starts Mission Type of Weapon Calls Weapons Van ________________________________________________________ HOW TO PLAY You will recieve one extra racer if you score 10,000 points before the timer in the lower right counter counts down to zero. Thereafter an additional racer will be awarded every 30,000 points. Up to 5 additional cars are available for extended play. Your car will turn into a speed boat when it eneters the boat house located on the river bank. The speed boat will contain all the weapons that were avaliable to the car at that time. Your turbo racer will be disabled upon contact with a tire slasher or bomb, when hit blank by the gunman in the limo, when hitting a bomb crater, when you collide with another vehicle moving at a much different speed, or when you leave the shoulder. Your speed boat will be disabled when being hit by a torpedo or bomb, hitting a barrel, colliding with a boat going at a different speed, or when leaving the river bank. All enemy vehicles are blue except the helicopter. Available weapons are displayed in the upper left corner. SPY HUNTER (tm) is a one-player game 4 ________________________________________________________ ----------------------- ----------------------- | | | | | | | | | | | | ----------------------- ----------------------- Boathouse Weapons Van 5 ________________________________________________________ YOUR WEAPONS Along with your machine guns, you have a choice of a few other devsstating toys. A SMOKE SCREEN - Used to slow down any surface vehicle foolish enough to come up from behind. B OIL - Rear mounted nozzle sprays a layer of oil on the road to eliminate any surface vehicle from behind your racer. 6 ________________________________________________________ C MISSILES - Heat-seeking missiles which destroy the enemy helicoptors. NOTE: ALL NON-ENEMY VEHICLES YOU KILL WILL DISABLE POINT SCORING MOMENTARILY. OBTAINING WEAPONS Call weapons van with start button. (Weapon vans are only available as you travel into a new territory.) Align your turbo racer directly behind weapons van ramp and accelerate into van. Once inside the van, your car will be loaded with the weapon appearing on the top of weapons van. Your racer will then be dropped off on the side of the road to continue your mission. 7 ________________________________________________________ ENEMY AGENTS Your opponents come from all points of the world with only one objective: DESTROY THE SPY HUNTER (tm)! They have numerous weapons of their own at their disposal: Tire Slashers Specially designed care equipped with tire slashers capable of disabling your turbo racer. Bullet Proof Bullies Cars equipped with bullet proof rear armor and capable of pushing your car off the road. Limousines Limousines, piloted by enemy agents equipped with shotguns and capable of shooting from either side of the rear seat. 8 _________________________________________________________ Cruise Boats Cruise boats equipped with two front/rear torpedo tubes. Speed Boats Speed boats dropping barrels that explode on contact. Helicoptors Enemy helicoptors, equipped with bombs. 9 _________________________________________________________ DESTROYING ENEMY VEHICLES Your racer is equipped with two front mounted machine guns. They are capable of disabling all enemy agents except cars equipped with bullet proof rear armor, and the bomb dropping helicoptors. Throughout the game, additional weapons may be earned. G-6155 C.I.A. PROTOTYPE INTERCEPTOR (With Marine Counterpart) Surface to Air, ------------- Dual 50 Caliber Infared, Heat / \ Continuous Fire Seeking Tomcat - / \ Machine Guns BCC Missiles | | | | | | Z-80 Based Engine: | | Microprocessor 1200 Horsepower, | | Total Control System Fuel Injected, Turbo | | charged with | | intercooler | | High Performance ------------------- Oil Slick Dispenser High Density Military Type Smoke Screen Canister 10 ___________________________________________________________ ROAD HAZARDS As you maneuver down the road at break-neck speed, destroying your enemy, you must remember the people you are here to protect. The friendly vehicles amke your job difficult because of their slow speed and unpredictable behavior. They are not hostile and should not be fired upon. Other road hazards include: Ice on the road- Water puddle on the road- Craters in the road - from bombs. 11 _____________________________________________________________ HELPFUL HINTS 1. It is inadvisable to pass enemy agents on a straight road. Try to run them off the road, or wait until there are curves. 2. Oil is one of the most effective ways of dealing with trailing enemy agent ground vehicles. 3. When coming to the forks in the road, try to lure the enemy vehicle to the opposite road you intend to take. The rest is up to you! Good luck. 12 ___________________________________________________________ Watch for the best arcade titles from the best new name in home entertainment software. SUNSOFT. SUNSOFT (tm) A division of Sun Corporation of America 932 A.E.C. Drive Wood Dale, IL 60191 (312) 350-880 SUNSOFT (tm) is a trademark of Sun Corporation of America. Spy Hunter (tm) is a trademark of and licensed from Bally Midway Manufacturing Corp. Nintendo (R) and Nintendo Entertainment System (R) are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1987 Sun Corporation of America.

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