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Solomon's Key

Typed out by Gabriel NES-KE-USA TECMO(tm) Solomon's Key(tm) Instructions P.2 Thank you for selecting the fun-filled "SOLOMON'S KEY" game pak by TECMO, INC. ------------------SAFETY PRECAUTIONS------------------ Please take the time to read the important instructions in this booklet. Observing the step by step instructions and complying with warnings will be your personal guarantee to greater game satisfaction over a long period of time. 1) Avoid subjecting this high precision game pak to extreme temperature variances and tremendous shock. Furthermore, never attempt to disassemble your game pak. 2) Do avoid touching terminal connectors, and keep clean by inserting game pak in protective storage case. 3) Use of thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol and other cleaning agents can damage the game pak. 4) For best results, play the game a distance away from your television set. 5) Pause for 10-15 minutes after 2 hours or more of continuous game playing. This will extend the performance of your game pak. * Please note that this game has been programmed to take advantage of the full screen. Some older models have rounded screens and may block out a portion of the image. THIS GAME IS LICENSED BY NINTENDO FOR PLAY ON THE NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM(tm) NINTENDO AND Nintendo Entertainment System(tm) ARE TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. P.3 1. PROLOGUE Long, long ago the world was in a state of chaos, where demons caused evil & tormented all. That changed when Solomon, a great king & magician, invented a magical formula which he wrote inside a secret book called "Solomon's Key". This book arrested and sealed away all evil demons into a constellation sign which was hidden. "Solomon's Key" restored light and peace to the world. Upon hearing this legend, a taoist monk searched for a long period of time to find "Solomon's Key". After locating the constellation sign, he discovers the "Key". Once in his grasp many dreadful demons were freed from the magical power of this book. The world was brought back to chaos and darkness. Everything on earth was now under control by the demons just like the pre-creation days. King Yutra from the fairyland called "Lyrac", ordered the wizard, Dana to restore order back to the world. Dana accepted this mission and stepped into the forbidden land of the "Constellation Sign". P.4 2. HOW TO OPERATE THE CONTROLLER o NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS * THIS GAME IS ONLE A(1) PLAYER GAME! Control pad--Use to control | (A)button _| |_ | |_ _| __ __ _ _ | |_| (__) (__) (_)(_)---| | | |------(B)button Select button--| |--Start button * SELECT BUTTON Not used. * START BUTTON Pressing this button starts the game. [Pause function] Pressing the start button during the game causes the game to be stopped temporarily. And pressing it again restarts the game. OPERATION FOR DANA * [control pad] BUTTON _ * Oblique operation allows oblique _|j|_ _J_ump jump or enables him to walk in |l r| run _R_ight crouched position. |c| run _L_eft _C_rouch (A)button Stone-appearing/ disappearing magic used. (See P.6) (B)button Fire-ball magic used. (See P.7) P.5 [control pad] BUTTON Butting: Giving Jump two headbutts to Oblique Jumping ^ brown stones causes _ _ _ them to break. | _ | _| |_ _| |_ Running <|_ _|> Running |_ _| to the |_| to the |_| left Right |_ _| v Crouching Walking in crouched position In order to make him walk in crouched position, press down on the button and move it obliquely. Dana:"Dear friends, practice operation." P.6 (A) BUTTON USED FOR STONE..... This button permits the appearance and the disappearnace of the brown colored stone. whereas the white stones cannot be erased and no stone is allowed to appear at the point of demonic seal. 1. Usually a stone appears in front of Dana when you push the (A) button. 2. When Dana crouches a stone appears or disappears below him when you push the (A) button. 3. When jumping, a stone appears to your astonishment when you push the (A) button. * If you use the magic (A)button on the burn-ing fire called "Burn", the heating power available to Dana is weak-ened for a short period of time. The demonic seal makes the stone-appearing/disappearing magic (A)button ineffective. [looks like a flying bat] P.7 (B) BUTTON (FIRE BALL MAGIC) Pressing this (B) button causes a holy fireball to be thrown. The enemy will be covered with flames and die. * A fireball moves along stones. It disappears when it strikes against the enemy. * A super fireball will burn-out every enemy in it's path. * You can store fireballs by means of a jar called Mamda. But keep in mind that the capacity is limited by the length of a scroll in the upper right hand side. Think before you act! P.8 3. HOW TO PLAY THE GAME * CLEARING METHOD The constellation sign consists of 50 rooms which communicate with each other through doors. Obtaining a key allows a door to be opened. And going intoa room with an opened door, Dana can go to the next room. In some rooms, the key is hidden in a stone. P.9 * LIFE AND BONUS You may think that all you have to do is to simply obtain Solomon's Key and go to play the next round? But there's no time to remain idle. You can see a character called "LIFE" on the upper part of the display screen? The "LIFE" displays refers to the remaining lives of Dana. The constellation sign if full of magical powers which absorbs Dana's life. Dana must succeed in order to free the fairies who will give you extra life and bonus! [across the top of the screen, left to right] Player's Score , Dana's Life , Number of Liberated Fairies, Rolled Scroll Book (stock of fire balls) P.10 4. MAGIC ITEMS There are 12 kinds of items. You can see each kind of items from the beginning. Other kinds of items are hidden in stones. And special kinds of items reappear after being taken out and erased. The enemy should also have other special kinds of magical items as well! Jar of Manda There is a source of fire-balls in a blue jar which can be stored on a scroll by taking it out. An orange jar is for super fireballs. Jar of Magadora The next fireball is a super fireball. You can't get it without ruining an enemy. Scroll of Lyra The magical power of a great taoist enables a scroll to be extended so that Dana can get one more fireball. In some cases, an enemy has this scroll. Crystal of Rad A blue crystal allows a fireball to reach a point half a block ahead and a red crystal lengthens the reach of a fireball by two blocks. An enemy might have a red one. Watch OUT! Medicine of Meltona This medicine is contained in an orange jar and has the superb power of ruining Demons head and Saramandor in an instant! P.11 Hourglass of Norm This hour glass belongs to a time merchant named Norm. The red hour glass performs the function of resetting Dana's life to 5,000 and the blue one to 10,000. You should not take the red one if Dana's life has surpassed 5,000. Medicine of Edlem This is a grey medicine put in a bottle and made from a special kind of herb planted on the hillside called Edlem, located to the north of the fairyland of Lyrac. A half-filled bottle has double power and a full bottle of this medicine is five times as powerful. Medicine of MApros This medicine is a present from an immortal hero named Mapros and it allows one more Dana's to be added. Fairy | [looks like a tinkerbell] P.12 Treasure bags There are eight kinds of treasure bags and Dana can get them ruining his enemies. The scores are 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000, respectively. Jewels There are three kinds of jewels. The scores are 500, 5,000, and 50,000, respectively. Gold coins and silver coins There are six kinds of gold and silver coins in all. The scores are 100, 200, 1,000, 2,000, 10,000, and 20,000, respectively. SECRETS 3 ULTRA-TECHNIQUES There are a great number of techniques not introduced in this instruction manual. It's great fun to find your own unique, techniques, isn't it? We will tell you some of the special techniques if you promise not to tell anyone else that we assissted you! [Example 1] (Changing the course of a fire ball) If a fire ball comes ot the stone in front of Dana, Dana can change the course of it's direction making the stone disappear. Losing a foothold, the fire ball will travel over Dana's head. [Example 2] (Remote stone appearing/reappearing magic) Let Dana stand at the edge so as to allow a stone to appear or disappear one stone ahead of another. [Example 3] (Countermeasure against Burning fire) It is possiblef or Dana to stand at the edge of a stone with near burning fire. P.13 5. DEMONS AMBUSHING DANA /\ Mirror of Camirror This mirror leads to the world of death. Some demons appear through this mirror. Demonshead Independent of the body, only his head has risen from the dead. If demonshead strikes a stone, he rebounds and disappears after a specified period of time. Demonsheads appear through the mirror one after another. Goblin He used to be a watchman of the constellation sign and has superhuman strength that he can break a stone with his bare hand with ease. Goblin continually chases Dana. You can drop Goblin to make him disappear. Saramandor A fire blower having been materialized by a wicked magic is called Saramandor. It comes near Dana and blows off fire towards Dana. Just like Demonsheads, Saramandor appears through the mirror of Camirror. /\ Dragon A small animal was changed into a demon by a wicked magician. Approaching Dana from behind, it suddenly turns around and blows off fire also. /\ Gargoil Its skin is as hard as a rock. If he finds his enemy in front of him, he shoots a fire ball which is capable of breaking a rock. Drop him to ruin him. P.14 /\ Ghost The soul of a dead person has risen from the grave as a ghost. It only moves to the right or to the left. When a Ghost strikes a stone, it is broken. /\ Neul It is half Ghost and half bat. It moves vertically and always watches Dana. /\ Panel monster It is the head of a giant which is almost petrified. It does nothing except blow off fireballs one after the other. Sparkling ball Its second name is lightblitz. It moves along stones and comes near Dana before he is aware of its presence, and danger. Burns Burns are flames burning with cursed oil. Erase a stone under Burns so as to drop and ruin the Burns. P.15 6. EPILOGUE The constellation signs are full of mysteries. Follow some of them here, listed below. Fairyland A rumor says that the fairyland is attacked by demons and that the fairies ask for help. Be sure to find and help these fairies. Mystery of Solomon's Key It is said that two pages for "Time Conjuration" and "Space conjuration" were torn away and are presumed missing. If these two pages are ever combined, they will produce a powerful magic, thus exerting an incredible influence upon the games final result! We hope you will experience many magical mysteries. Solomon's Seal will surely guide Dana to these two pages. The princess of all the fairies The daughter of the king Yutra is said to be imprisoned somewhere in the constellation sign. Her name is Lihita. According to an ancient legend, the miracle of her release someday will cause the world to be full of fairies. It depends on whether you will get wonderful results. The mysterious trip of Dana has just begun to unfold, please enjoy! P.16 7. GAME DEVIATION VALUE (G.D.V.) Your game deviation value is displayed on the screen when the game is either over, or you finish the game to its end. This method of evaluation is epoch-making in that your abilities are properly analyzed and synthetically computed. Ability estimates in terms of only score has fallen behind the times. G.D.V. permits simultaneous estimation of various techniques besides contemporary scores. What on earth is the ultimate game deviation value? How about you? Do you understnad this advanced concept? This instruction manual does not explain everything about "Solomon's Key". It leaves much to be devised by you. Try to find your own creative techniques to get a high deviation value. There is no alternative but ot make every effort in order to,get satisfactory results. We hope you will succeed. Even if you call us to ask for answers, we make it a rule not to tell all our secrets... You must develope your game skills on your own! P.17 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY TECMO GAME PAKS [ommitted] P.18 COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS [ommitted] P.19 SPECIAL BONUS OFFER [ommitted] Instruction Manual for the game "Solomon's Key"(tm) TECMO(tm) (c) 1987 TECMO, INC.

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