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Solar Jetman

Typed out by Jesse Smith INSTRUCTION MANUAL NES-LJ-USA SOLAR JETMAN HUNT FOR THE GOLDEN WARSHIP TRADEWEST CONTENTS The Solar Jetman Story_______________4 Controlling the Action _____________ 5 How to Play_________________________ 6 Weaponry & Equipment_______________ 10 Scoreboard ________________________ 11 Aliens ____________________________ 12 Password __________________________ 13 3 THE SOLAR JETMAN STORY The Golden Warpship was once the most powerful spacecraft in Solar Jetman's galactic fleet. But that was before alien space pirates shipnapped the vessel on its last mission. The Warpship now lies disassembled and hidden throughout the galaxy, with Solar Jetman the only remaining hope for its recovery. This will be no easy task for our interplanetary hero. Solar Jetman must search through twelve menacing alien worlds in his quest to rebuild the Golden Warpship. Each one filled with savage alien armies, black holes, extreme gravitational forces, warp zones and deadly booby traps. Once Solar Jetman has reconstructed the Warpship, he can forge ahead to meet the final challenge awaiting him. 4 CONTROLLING THE ACTION Control Pad: Left= Rotate counterclockwise Right= Rotate clockwise Up= Shields off Down= Shields on Button A: Press to fire. Button B: Press to thrust. Select Button: Used in conjunction with buttons A or B to provide a more powerful option. In the pause mode, press to select map if mapping device has been acquired. Select + Button A: Unleash optional weaponry. Select + Button B: Utilize power thrust when equipped with boosters. Start Button: Press when you are ready to play or pause game during play. 5 HOW TO PLAY After landing on the alien planet, Solar Jetman emerges from the Mothership in his Jetpod ready for exploration. The Jetpod is sensitive to each planet’s gravitational forces, so maneuvering may be tricky. Each Jetpod is equipped with a limited amount of fuel. If it looks like you're running low, you may need to return to the Mothership to refuel. Most planets have fuel drums scattered about their surface which can be retrieved by shooting. The Mothership itself must be completely refueled before you can enter the black warp hole and collect a piece of the Golden Warpship. 6 The Jetpod can fire its infinite supply of bullets in the direction in which it is pointing. More powerful weaponry can be purchased when enough points are earned. Optional weaponry and equipment are automatically re-energized each time the jetpod returns to the Mothership. However, you will lose them if the Jetpod is destroyed. If the Jetpod is destroyed, Solar Jetman will still fight to the finish on his own — even in his more vulnerable state. You'll receive a free Jetpod if you can make it back to the Mothership in one piece. 7 Alien goods are scattered throughout each planet. Your tractor beam will automatically activate when close enough to the booty. But beware. You must deactivate your shields to employ the tractor beam and your thrusting power is reduced when towing the object. Once you have a hold of an alien object, you can bring it up to the Mothership for analysis. Some objects are very valuable. Some are very well guarded. With sufficient exploring, you may discover an easier method of transporting booty to the Mothership. Until you have collected all essential items on a planet, you will not be given the option to blast off when re entering the Mothership If all items have been collected, blast off is automatic upon Mothership reentry 8 After capturing the missing piece of the Golden Warpship and reloading the Mothership with enough fuel, you will be offered the choice of remaining on the present planet or continuing your journey onto the next world. May luck be with you on your quest for the Golden Warpship. You never know what surprises may be lurking ahead... 9 WEAPONRY & EQUIPMENT After accumulating enough points, you may purchase additional weaponry and equipment from the Interstellar Marketing Co. Trading Post. You will find some aliens more vulnerable to certain weapons than others. 10 SCOREBOARD Fuel Level Indicator Weapon Level Indicator Points Accumulated Lives Remaining 11 ALIENS # A few of the aliens and obstacles awaiting Solar Jetman: Limpet Cannon Firing robots fixed to rocks. Mega-Gravity Planets Too strong to resist. Saucer Forcers Lethal aliens fight until they die. Double-Barrelled Piston Pumpers Twice as baddies. Pre-programmed for destruction. Crystal Snappers The jar of doom awaits you. 12 PASSWORD SYSTEM The password system allows you to pick up a game at the level you left off. Password Operation The password is a 12 digit alphabet code given at the start of each level and upon game over. 1. Select password option during game attract sequence, using the select button. 2. Press START button. 3. Enter password using LEFT/RIGHT on keypad cross control to control digit being changed. Change letter using UP/DOWN on keypad cross control. UP= Reverse scrolling alphabet DOWN= Forward scrolling alphabet 4. To start using password, press button A or B. To default to Planet 1, press START button. Legal passwords are accepted when START button is pressed. 13

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