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Snake's Revenge

Typed out by Steve Begin ----------------------------------------------------------------- SNAKE'S REVENGE (Ultra Games) How to play PAGE 2 ------ Ultra Software Corporation Limited Warranty (not written) (Picture of the Official Nintendo Seal Of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System This game is licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Ultra Software Corporation 900 Deerfield Parkway, Buffaly Grove, IL 60089-4510 (708) 215-5111 PAGE 3 ------ Welcome to the world of Ultra! You're now the proud owner of Ultra's authentic version of Snake's Revenge for the Nintendo Entertainment System. We suggest that you read the following instructions thoroughly before infiltrating Higharolla Kockamamie's heavily guarded FORTRESS FANATIC. Table Of Contents Introduction/How To Play.....................4 The Commandos................................5 Controlling The Action.......................6 Battle Fields................................7 Top Secret Modes.............................8 Weapons......................................9 Equipment...................................10 Code Name: Password.........................12 Survival Tips...............................13 Taking Care Of Your Game....................14 PAGE 4 ------ Destination Ishkabibil The radar invisible Stealth copter dips and weaves through the narrow passes of a vast mountain range which stretches from the borders of Teristan to its capital city Ishkabibil. Only minutes from the drop zone, you clutch your assault rifle and stare out the window. Darkness is everywhere. Your fellow commandos from the FOX HOUND Battalion sit across from you. One sharpens his knife. The other polishes his grenades. No one speaks, but through the silence a message comes across loud and clead - this will be the most dangerous mission ever attempted, even more so that the infiltration of Colonel Vermon CaTaffy's stronghold. For now, you're challenging Higharolla Kockamamie and his army of raging lunatics. And you must overcome untold hundreds of Uzi toting soldiers, a heavily armed battleship and a loaded locomotive to reach your objective, destroying Higharolla's Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Attack Tank. Or else the world will be knocked to is knees by a fellow who has won the "Merciless Man of the Year Award" eight straight times. How to accomplish your mission Once the Stealth copter has penetrated Teristan's airspace, it will drop your squad on the fringes of Fortress Fanatic, a terrorist sanctuary on the outskirts of Ishkababil, where Higharolla's crackpot troops are stationed. From there you'll have to infiltrate the fortress, utilizing all of the skills you learned in FOX HOUND's Sneak Attack School. Shhhhhh, quiet. Or else you'll suddenly be surrounded by assault troops who don't play by the rules of the Geneva Convention. As you "snake" through the fortress, keep your eyes peeled for hidden weapons, crucial equipment and, most importantly, POT's (Prisoners Of Terrorism) who'll supply you with information vital to the operation's success. Also be on the alert for searchlights and heli-snoops that'll be looking to give your position away. If, during your mission, you receive a CALL SIGNAL, or at any time want to contact J.T., Nick or Jennifer, use your tranceiver (See p.8 for details). PAGE 5 ------ Finally, remember this: You must locate special Pass Cards to advance through enemy buildings or to enter rooms that contain "must have" weapons and equipment. Each of these cards (1-8) has a secret code which corresponds to various doors, and without them you might as well turn in your combat fatigues for a civilian's suit. The Three Commandos (and their foxy friend Jennifer) ______________________ (Place your name here) Aka: Solid Snake A black belt in 32 forms of oriental combat and skilled in every weapon known to man, you're FOX HOUND's most lethal fighting machine. You're a combination Rambo, James Bond, John Wayne and Lawrence of Arabia. You're also the leader of this perilous mission, and if you bite the dust, so does the free world. J.T. A Double Naught Spy from the Air Force's super secret Intelligence Department, John Turner is the greatest camouflage artist ever. He was last seen somewhere in South Vietnam back in 1969. But don't worry, he'll show up for this mission. Commando Nick Myer Nick graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, but found that Wall Street's cutthroat attitude was too tame. So he joined FOX HOUND and quickly became an explosives guru and leader of the Nitroglycerin Division. Nick's nickname: La Bomba. Jennifer X Very little is known about Jennifer, except the fact that she has an uncanny ability to infiltrate an enemy's headquarters. She's currently posing as a computer expert in the nerve center of Fortress Fanatic. Rumor has it that she's the younger sister of Ginger grom Gilligan's Island. Hint: her secret code name is Yr. Person. PAGE 6 ------ Controlling your commando A Button In the Main Screen, press to use your weapons or equipment. In the Horizontal Screen, press to jump. B Button In the Main Screen, press to punch or stab. In the Horizontal Screen, press to use your weapons. Start Button Press to begin your mission or to pause the action. Select Button Press during play and the Mode Selection Sub-Screen will appear. See page 7 for details on how to choose a weapon, equipment or the transceiver by using the Sub-Screen. Control Pad Press to maneuver your commando in four different directions. If you're in a Horizontal Screen (which appears after you fight through Base 1), press Down to lie on your belly and then press Left or Right to crawl. PAGE 7 ------ Battle Fields MAIN SCREEN Your life line Your rank, remember the higher the rank, the longer your life line. The weapon you've chosen from the B Section of the Weapons Screen The weapon you've chosen from the A Section of the Weapons Screen The equipment you are using HORIZONTAL SCREEN Your life line Your rank The weapon or equipment you are using The number of explosives The number of rations The number of oxygen tanks THE MODE SELECTION SUB-SCREEN Throughout the mission, you'll be searching high and low fro special weapons and equipment important to your survival. You'll also be keeping in constant contact with your cohorts for clues. At any time, you can change primary weapons, switch to different equipment or use the transceiver. To do so, press the Select Button and the MODE SELECTION Sub-Screen will appear. Next, use the Control Pad to move the "star" to either Weapon, Equipment or Transceiver. Finally, press the A Button. When you've finished changing items, guide the "star" back to the Sub- Screen, using the Select Button, and position it with the Control Pad next to RTN. Press the A Button, and you'll be back in the thick of things. PAGE 8 ------ Top Secret Modes WEAPONS MODE In this mode there are two sections: A & B. In the B section you'll choose to either fight with your fists or with a knife. In the A section you'll decide which weapon is most appropriate for whatever combat situation you're in. For example - if the enemy traps you in a room with a door jamming device, you'll want to switch to either hand grenades or plastic explosives to destroy it. To make selections, press the Select Button to move the "star" from section to section, then press the Control Pad to choose a weapon. After your selection, press the A Button, then press the Select Button to return to the MODE SELECTION Sub-Screen. EQUIPMENT MODE In this all-important mode, you'll select the equipment you need by following the same sequence described under the Weapons Mode. Remember, this is the mode where your Pass Cards are kept. During the mission, you'll have to move the "star" from card to card to enter certain rooms. Once in a room you might have to switch your equipment again. For example - if you suddenly find yourself under water, you'll have to move the "star" to the oxygen tank until you come up for air. Another reminder: Your rations are also stored here. If your life line runs low, switch to this mode, move the "star" to the rations, then press the A Button. It'll make you feel like a new Commando! Note: The deeper you go into the game, the more weapons and equipment you'll have to choose from. TRANSCEIVER MODE In this mode you can either respond to a CALL SIGNAL by pressing the Select Button or try and initiate communications with one of your co- commandos. To make a call, press the Control Pad to line up the cursor with either J.T., Nick or Jennifer, then press the A Button. If they're clueless they won't respond...but keep trying throughout the mission, because you never know when they might have a hot tip for you. A word of warning: your transceiver is useless when the enemy's alarm sounds. Note: After you finish reading each piece of the message on the screen, press the A Button. An extra function of this mode id the Detect Channel. If you move the cursor to this special channel and press the A Button, a grid will appear. If J.T. or Nick has planted a transceiver for you to track down, its location will flash. PAGE 9 ------ Lethal Weapons Beretta M92 (Picture of a hand gun) A punishing firearm that can be equipped with a silencer. H&K MP5 Machine Gun (Picture of a Machine Gun) A semi-automatic submachine gun that can also be equipped with a silencer. M67 Grenade (Picture of a grenade) Claymore Mine (Picture of some kind of bomb) Press the A Button once to arm it, and again to set off the explosion. Plastic Explosives (Picture of a bomb) M31 Shot Gun (Picture of a shot gun) Guided Missile (Picture of some kind of rocket) Once fired, use the Control Pad to direct this missile toward its target. Note: You cannot move while controlling the missile. The Mine (Picture of a ground mine) Place in key locations to surprise oncoming enemy soldiers. Note: Up to 3 mines can be placed per screen. ACME's Official Commando Knife (Picture of a knife) Flare Gun (Picture of a flare gun) When the screen goes dark, this baby will light up your life. Silencer (Picture of a silencer) Silent but deadly, this little device will help keep your mission hush-hush. PAGE 10 & 11 ------------ Survival Gear Truth Gas (Picture of a Truth Gas Tank) After capturing an enemy commander, select the Truth Gas from your Equipment Mode and use it to encourage him to spill his guts. Smoke Bomb (Picture of a smoke bomb) Signals your Commando squad, warning them where to attack. Oxygen Tank (Picture of oxygen tanks) Gives you plenty of fresh air when you're underwater. Note: Be sure to keep an eye on the Oxygen Supply Indicator at the bottom right of the Horizontal Screen Bugging Kit (Picture of some kind of remote control) Inspired by Watergate, this device allows you to overhear enemy conversations taking place behing walls. Boots (Picture of boots) They protect your soles when walking across wooden boards laced with poison- tipped nails. Mine Detector (Picture of a mine detector) Locates enemy mine positions Body Armor (Picture of a vest) Reduces your injuries by up to 50%. Infrared Goggles (Picture of goggles) Helps you detect alarm sensors. Clairvoyant Binoculars (Picture of binoculars) Allows you to see through the walls of Fortress Fanatic. Antidote (Picture of a bottle) If you've been poisoned, your life line will begin decreasing. Hurry and swtich to the antidote to stop the loss of life. Rations (Picture of canned food) Restores your life line. Backpack (Picture of a backpack) Use it to carry twice as many remote control missiles and mines. Pass Cards (1-8) (Picture of some kind of computer disk) These are the keys to your success, because they open doors which will lead to weapons, equipment, prisoners and eventually - victory! Power Armor (Picture of a mechanical arm) Gives you strength to move rocks and boulders. X Ray Detector (Picture of a ... machine!) Detects weak spot in a wall so that you can destroy that portion of the wall with plastic explosives. By the way, you might consider slipping into the Power Armor before busting through these so called "weak spots". Antenna (Picture of an antenna) Allows you to use the transceiver in areas which have been electronically jammed by the enemy. Dry Cell (Picture of a battery) If the battery level on your transceiver runs low, use the Dry Cell to repower it. PAGE 12 ------- Code Name: Password When your life line dwindles away, bringing your mission to a sudden and unsuccesful halt, you can save your weapons and rank by selecting PASSWORD. The transceiver will then come on the screen and display a secret code. Write the code down and save it! If you want to continue playing after your demise, without turning off the machine, select CONTINUE. How to restart your mission, utilizing Code Name: Password. When the Title Screen appears at the beginning of the game, press the Start Button to call up the START/CONTINUE option. Using your Select Button, select Continue. Press the Start Button to receive an important message, then press the A Button and the Password Screen will appear. Use the Control Pad and A Button to enter the Password. If you enter an incorrect letter or number, press the B Button to move the cursor back to the mistake and then make the correction. Another way to correct errors: Move the cursor to the Forward/ Backward arrows (><), then move the cursor to the incorrect letters or digits by pressing the A Button. PAGE 13 ------- Survival Tips Before the Stealth copter took off from the aircraft carrier USS Grover Cleveland, your superiors compiled these helpful hints to keep you from falling prey to Higharolla and his band of terrorist thugs. Use them wisely. 1. Open as many doors as you can. 2. Listen to rescued prisoners and use the Truth Gas to force captured enemy commanders to talk. After rescuing a certain number of prisoners you'll be promoted in Rank, thus increasing your life line. Note: Every time a person's message stops, press the A Button. 3. The Silencer is somewhere in the Jungle. Find it, or else your shots will be heard 'round the world. 4. If you're lost or confused, try to contact J.T., Nick or Jennifer. 5. It takes either 3 punches or 1 thrust of the knife to bring down an enemy soldier. Sometimes, before he perishes, your victim will leave you with rations or extra ammo. (Hey, to the victor go the spoils!) 6. When you reach the main door of Base 1, hide behind the bushes then try to contact your pals. Afterall, J.T. might have a plan. PAGE 14 ------- Treat your Ultra Game Pak carefully - This ULTRAGAMES cassette is a precision-crafted device with complex electronic circuitry. Avoid subjecting it to undue shock or extremes of temperature. Never attempt to open or dismantle the cassette. - Do not touch the terminal leads or allow them to come into contact with water or the game circuitry will be damaged. - Always make sure your computer is SWITCHED OFF when inserting the cassette or removing it from the computer. PAGE 15 (Comliance with FCC regulations)

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