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Snake Rattle N Roll

Typed out by Aaron Calder page 1 This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed the product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. (Picture of Nintendo Seal) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 2 Thank you for selecting the Snake Rattle N Roll Game Pak for you Nintendo Entertainment System Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of you new game. Then save this booklet for future reference. CONTENTS: Story........................................3 Controller Operation.........................4 How to Play..................................5 Exiting Each Level...........................6 Losing Snakes................................7 Now to Play a 2 Player Games.................8 The Nibbley Pibbley Family...................8 Objects......................................9 Enemies.....................................10 Point Values................................11 Hints and Tips..............................12 PRECAUTIONS 1) This is a high precision Game Pak. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it. Do not take it apart. 2) Avoid touching the connectors. Do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the Game Pak and/or the Control Deck. 3) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents. 4) Store the Game Pak in its protective sleeve when not in use. 5) Always check the Game Pak edge connector for foreign material before inserting the Game Pak into the Control Deck. 6) Nintendo recommends against using a rear projection television with you NES as image retention on the screen may occur. Snake Rattle N Roll & Nintendo Entertainment System are Trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. Copyright 1990 Rare. Ltd Copyright 1990 Nintedo of America Inc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3 STORY Snake Rattle N Roll takes you into the fun filled world of two of the hippest snakes around --- Rattle and Roll! You must work you way through 11 levels of wacky landscapes and wild enemies. In each level you need to consume enough Nibbley Pibbleys to activate the scale that will open the door to the next area. Good Luck! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 4 CONTROLLER OPERATION For the 1 player game use controller 1. For the 2 player game use controllers 1 and 2. Controller 1/Controller 2 (Picture of the Controller) Control Pad: Moves your snake. A Button: Makes your snake jump. B Button: Flicks out your snakes's tongue. Makes you snake swim against a water current. Open a lid that your snake is on and release its contents. START Button: Starts the game. Pauses the game during game play. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5 HOW TO PLAY The object of each stage is to eat as many Nibbley Pibbleys (the colorful spherical beings in this world) as you can and make it to the exit. Move your snake using the Control Pad and eat the Nibbley Pibbleys by hitting them with your tongue (the B Button). To progress to the next level, your snake must be a certain length. When you eat a Nibbley pibbley, you length increases as follows: Color of Nibbley Pibbley consumed Value ---------------------------- Other Color 1 unit Your Color 2 units Yellow 3 units NOTE: FOUR units are required to gain ONE snake segment You will find Nibbley Pibbley dispensers here and there. They shoot out Nibbley Pibbleys for your consumption. Look Out! Sometimes they shoot out dangerous bombs! If your snake is hit by an enemy (any moving object besides the Nibbley Pibbleys), your snake will lose one segment. If your snake runs out of segments, you loose one snake. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 6 Most of the enemies that you encounter can be defeated by multiple tongue hits or by jumping on them (use the A Button for this). If you eliminate an enemy by jumping on them, you will get more points than by using your tongue. Your snake's tongue can be made longer by picking up tongue extensions (up to three). This does not affect the strength of the tongue or its power--it only increases the distance that you can shoot your tongue. EXITING EACH LEVEL Keep eating the Nibbley Pibbleys until you snake's tail begins to flash. This lets you know that your snake is heavy enough to go to the next level. Somewhere in each level there is an exit that must be opened up before you can go through it. Somewhere else in the level is a scale. If your snake is long enough, jump on the scale. The bell will ring and the door opens--you may exit at any time. 5000 points are awarded to the first snake through the door. When you exit the level, you lose all of your segments and your tongue extensions. A bonus is awarded--1000 points for each segment and extension. bonuses will also be awarded for the amount of Nibbley Pibbleys eaten throughout the level. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 7 LOSING SNAKES You start the game with 3 snakes. The number of snakes remaining is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can increase this number by finding extra lives--flashing snake heads with thier mouths closed! You lose a snake when: 1. You are hit by an enemy and have no snake segments left. 2. Your snake falls too far (more than 4 verticle blocks) 3. The timer at the bottom of the screen reaches zero. 4. Your snake lands on a sharp object. 5. A falling object squashes your snake. If you lose all of your snakes, your game is over. If you have any continues left (you start the game with 2 continues), you may press any button to "PLAY ON". In the game it is possible to gain more continues--Look for the open mouthed flashing snake heads. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 8 HOW TO PLAY A 2 PLAYER GAME On the title screen, press the SELECT Button to choose the 2 PLAYER option. Then press the START Button. Game play is basically the same as in the 1 PLAYER mode, except both players are are simultanious on the screen. Remember the first one to exit the level gets 5000 bonus points! The Nibbley Pibbley Family Here are the members of the Nibbley Pibbley family and the levels in which the begin to appear: Level 1 -- Pibballs Level 5 -- Pibblebats Level 2 -- pibbleboings Level 8 -- Pibblefish Level 3 -- pibblejoggers Level 9 -- Pibblecopters Level 4 -- Pibblesplats ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 9 OBJECTS Many objects are your for the taking. Here is a list of things you can pick up. Tongue Extension: Adds length to your tongue. This makes those pesky Nibbley Pibbleys easier to catch! Extra Life: Adds 1 to your "Snake reserve." Clock: Adds 25 snake seconds to the timer at the bottom of the screen. Diamond: Makes your snake invincible for a short period of time. Speed Up: Gives you the ability to move very fast for a while. Reverse: Temporarily reverses you play control. Fish Tail: In level 6 you must get the fish tail in order to swim up the waterfall. Be careful not to let it fall on you -- it's HEAVY! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 10 ENEMIES Here is a list of some of the enemies that you will encounter while slithering through this strange world. Shark: On levels 1 and 2, take care not to stay in the water too long or the shark will come after you. Big Foot: Big Foot conceals an extra life. Be careful though, sometimes a bomb disguised as an extra life will appear and explode upon contact with the ground. Don't be confused, the REAL extra lives flash. Ice Foot: Similar to Big Foot, but tougher. To defeat it, you must maintain a steady stream of hits. Its energy level instantly recharges if you miss one hit! Snakedozer: Blue Snakedozers will shove you off the edge of the cliffs if you don't jump over them. Bladez: Bladez are hidden in the floor and have a nasty habit of appearing right under you! Remember where the Bladez are because they will always appear in the same place. Anvilz: Anvilz try to squash your snake. There are three colors of anvils. Each color acts differently. Pin Cushions: A poisonous plant that shoots deadly spines. It is wise to destroy them quickly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 11 Record Jump on = 750 points Tongue shot = 500 points Mushroom Jump on = 750 points Tongue shot = 500 points Krazy Seats Jump on = 750 points Tongue shot = 500 points Ice Block Jump on = 750 points Tongue shot = 500 points Pin Cushion = 500 points Big Foot = 5000 + 200 points for each tongue hit Ice Foot = 5000 + 200 points for each tongue hit Metal Trees = 500 points Beach Ball/Snow Ball/Meteorite = indestructible Collecting any object = 1000 points Tongue Extension Extra Life Clock Diamond Speed up Reverse Fishtail Nibbley Pibbleys Other snake's color = 100 points Your snake's color = 200 points Yellow = 300 points In Bonus levels the player that eats the last Nibbley Pibbley gets 5000 points ---------------------------------------------------------------------- page 12 Hints and Tips 1. For more points, try to defeat enemies by jumping on them instead of using your tongue whenever possible. 2. Open every lid using the B Button. You can find many things from extra time to bonus rooms. 3. Try finding hidden lids. There could be a hidden warp or two! 4. Sometimes you may have to sacrifice a segment of your snake to get up to a high ledge. See if you can find these areas! 5. As with all video games, practice makes perfect. There are a few tricky jumps in Snake Rattle N Roll that will probably take a while to master. For example, some jumps may require you to jump down two spaces and to the left on space (in one jump!). Good Luck! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FCC regulations and Warranty information...

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