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Smash TV

Typed out by Smash TV Game pak instructions Acclaim(tm) Entertainment, Inc. - Masters of the Game(tm) --- The year is 1999. Television has given in to the blood lust of its viewers. Violence tops the ratings. TV game shows now offer the ultimate in prizes: your life! Winning and losing has become kill or be killed. One show in particular stands as the biggest, most spectacular, most gruesome and most rewarding contest of all: SMASH TV. Alone or in a pair, powerfully armed contestants are sent into a closed arena. There, before a live studio audience and devoted TV viewers from around the globe, they battle opponents - human, humanoid, and inhuman - and search out the cash and prizes that will make them Smash TV Grand Champions. Ready for prime time? The future is now. You are the next lucky contestant. --- Ready camera one! Loading 1. Make sure the power switch is OFF. 2. Insert the SMASH TV cartridge as described in your NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM manual. 3. Turn the power switch ON. You'll first see the Smash TV title screen. Press the START BUTTON to enter the MODE SELECT screen. --- 10 seconds to air! Use the UP or DOWN CONTROL PAD ARROWS to choose one of the following player options: OPTION #1) 1 player - 1 controller OPTION #2) 1 player - 2 controllers OPTION #3) 2 players- 2 controllers OPTION #4) 2 players- 4 controllers 1 player - 1 controller: Pressing the CONTROL PAD ARROWS moves you and changes the direction you are aiming. The A BUTTON fires all weapons. Pressing the B BUTTON allows you to keep shooting in the last direction fired, while still allowing you to move in any direction. 1 player - 2 controllers: Pressing the PLAYER 1 CONTROL PAD ARROWS moves you around the arena. The PLAYER 2 CONTROL PAD ARROWS aim and fire your weapons. NOTE: Using the 2 controller method allows you to move in one direction and shoot in the same (or any other) direction at the same time. 2 players - 2 controllers: Requires two players, each with one controllers. The CONTROL PAD ARROWS move both players and their aim. The A BUTTON fires all weapons. Pressing the B BUTTON allows you to keep shooting in the direction fired, while still allowing you to move in any direction. 2 players - 4 controllers. NOTE: This option requires the use of a Nintendo 4 player accessory. Requires two players, each with two controllers. Pressing the PLAYER 1 & PLAYER 2 CONTROL PAD ARROWS moves one contestant and controls their firing. (As in the 1 Player - 2 Controller method above.) PLAYER 3 & PLAYER 4 CONTROL PAD ARROWS move and fire contestant #2 Once you have chosen your option, press START. --- The controls... true arcade feel! Basic moves... as easy as it looks For 1 controller per player: TO MOVE: Press the CONTROL PAD ARROWS RIGHT, LEFT, UP, or DOWN. To move diagonally, press in-between the arrows. TO FIRE: Press the A BUTTON. For 2 controllers per player: NOTE: When using this method, for the "feel" of actual arcade action, the controllers must be held at a right angle to the standard position. This means the CONTROL PAD ARROWS are at the top instead of the left. TO MOVE: (CONTROLLER 1 for PLAYER 1 and CONTROLLER 3 for PLAYER 2.) Press the CONTROL PAD ARROWS RIGHT, LEFT, UP or DOWN. To move diagonally, press in- between the arrows. TO AIM & FIRE: (CONTROLLER 2 for PLAYER 2 and CONTROLLER 4 for PLAYER 2.) Press the CONTROL PAD ARROWS RIGHT, LEFT, UP, or DOWN. To fire diagonally, press in-between the arrows. 1 or 2 controllers per player: TO PAUSE: Press the START BUTTON. TO RESTART: Press the START BUTTON again. --- Weapons... I need more power! Sophisticated weapons and vital power-ups are available in every room, in all rounds of the contest. Your basic weapon, the machine gun, along with the mobile forcefield that is briefly provided with every new life, will effectively obliterate your lesser opponents. Final victory in any round, however, demands that you use everything you can pick up! When the symbol for a weapon or power-up appears, it can easily be picked up by moving over it. Only one weapon type can be used at a time, but power-ups such as increased speed, or the mobile forcefield can be used simultaneously with all weapons. Extra life Scatter gun Missile Spew weapon Ninja blades Fast feet Shield Cash Gold Present --- Your opponents tonight... The audience is crying out for blood and with the forces stacked against you, it won't be long before they're satisfied. Just be sure it's not your vital organs they're cheering over! Opponents whose main strength is in numbers, from gangs wielding baseball bats to laser firing orbs, will attack you in any round and at every chance. But each round of the show also features an opponent with unique talents for mangling opponents. These characters are the stars of the show so they won't give up easily, but find their weak spots and you've got it made. Be relentless in your attack and enjoy watching them crumble. Round 1: MUTOID MAN Round 2: SCARFACE Round 3: COBRA TWINS Round 4: THE GAME SHOW HOST WITH THE MOST --- Big money... big prizes... I love it! Winning is everything... but winning big is much better. Grab the prizes that appear by moving over them... but watch out, they may be hiding a dangerous land mine. --- Go for the big score! Below are listed the point values for all pick-ups and "kills" within the game. Single blue orbs - 650 Orb-train (each segment) - 850 Laser Orb - 750 Hulk clubbers - 500 Snakes - 175 Shrapnel bomb - 1055 Floating robot - 500 Wall gun man - 4055 Spear men - 500 Tank - 3175 Red swarmers (followers) - 375 Red swarmers (leaders) - 750 Cobra boss - 75 (per hit) Scarface - 95 (per hit) Mutoid man - 55 (per hit) Game show host boss - 125 (per hit) Prizes - 5010 (each pick-up) --- Cash bonanza: The big money is in the key rooms. Check the maps near the start of each round to find where they're located. (Pause and make a copy if necessary, you can never tell when knowing where you are could come in handy.) On the other hand, key rooms also need a key to enter... don't they? --- Double your pleasure! Two is always better than one when it comes to combat, but game shows need only one grand champion and the amount of money you walk away with separates the big winner from the other mere survivors. --- Action! So go for it! What are you waiting for? The commercials are over... the cameras are rolling... and the audience is waiting to see how long you last. Are you going to give them what they want, or can you stay in one piece long enough to be invited back next season. Everyone's waiting to see!

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