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Sky Shark

Typed out by tsr NES-2S-USA Taito(tm) Sky Shark(tm) --- [comic book] Narrator: The battles of World War II were non-stop marathons of attrition on the sea and in the skies. No squadron has more kills than yours and no one in your squadron is better than you. That's why they call you the Sky Shark. Pilot 1: Ahhh! Pilot 2: Woody! Woody! Can you read? Rats! My last man. I've got to get through to enemy headquarters alone. It's the only chance to save my men. N: Just as the battle seems lost, US POW's are marched further into enemy territory and an uncertain fate. Enemy commander: Hah! They'll never find their men now, even if they do penetrate our superior defenses! N: Through sheer cunning and determination, the Sky Shark has to penetrate the enemies' first line of defensed, but he has yet to locate their command post and the American POWs. P2: I'll give those stinking dogs some good old American cooking... N: The artillery fire flies from all directions, pummeling Sky Shark, but he fights on. P2: If I can only get through this squadron of enemy fighters, I might have a chance to save them. Bingo! That's gotta be their command post. Now if I could only locate... There they are! Our boys! N: Sky Shark, risking it all, flies into the swarm of oncoming enemy attackers. It's his last chance to save the day... --- How to operate Controller: Controller 1 - Player One Controller 2 - Player Two Key Pad: Moves P-40 fighter "A" Button: Fires Machine Guns "B" Button: Launches Bombs Select Button - Press the SELECT button to choose a 1 or 2 player game. - The number of players is shown by the blue aircraft in the lower left corner of the title screen. Start Button - Press the START button to begin play Pause Function - Press the START button during play to pause the game. - Press the START button again to resume play. Continue Option At the end of the game, you can continue from the last level playd by pressing the START button before the timer reaches zero. A player can CONTINUE three times. --- How to play Each player starts with four aircraft and three bombs per aircraft. A P-40 is lost when it collides with an enemy target or is shot down. The game ends when the number of aircraft reaches zero. Take off from the airfield and head out over enemy territory. Use your wits and your weapons to bring down flying fortresses and bandit squadrons. Conquer the red formations and increase your fire power! Beware of heavy ground attack from artillery and tanks. As the ocean comes into view, fleets of gunboats and battleships cruise at flank speed to intercept you. Sky Shark has five levels. Each level is completed when you reach the next airfield. --- Scoring Enemy Targets 2-Engine Bomber Enemy Fighter Four-Engine Bomber Tank Large Naval Gun Railway Tank PT Boat Bunker Gun Boat Railway Car Super Tank, level 1 Super Tank, level 2 Single-Engine Bomber An extra aircraft is awarded every 50,000 points. A player who successfully reaches the next airfield is awarded 3,000 points for each remaining bomb. The maximum number of aircraft a player can have is eight. --- Bonus items "B" Symbol A player always starts each level with three bombs. Some enemy ground targets display a "B" when destroyed. Capture this symbol and add an extra bomb to your load. The maximum number of bombs a player can have in a current level is eight. "S" Symbol Shoot down a formation of eight red aircraft and the "S" will appear. Each one you collect increases the firepower of your current P-40. This special ability is lost if your P-40 is shot down. 1st S - Four Shots 2nd S - Four Shots Spread Wide 3rd S - Five Shots 4th S - Six Shots 5th S - Seven Shots 6th S - Seven Shots Spread Wide Aircraft Shoot down a formation of eight yellow planes and receive a bonus of 1,000 points. High Score Screen Enter your initials by pressing the left/right arrow keys and pressing the "A" button. --- Hints and tips - Increase your fire power by gathering "B" and "S" symbols. - Save your bombs for ground targets or heavy enemy assaults. - Sometimes a bomb can knock out waves of bullets. - Beware of tanks hiding under the trees. - Don't get trapped in a corner; keep moving. - The heavy bomber in level five has a weak spot.

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