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Typed out by Captain Commando Challenge Series Section-Z (tm) by Capcom(r) Capcom(r) Game Pak Instructions --- A Special Message from Captain Commando! Thank you for selecting exciting and fun-filled Section Z.. one of our exclusive family of computer/home video games from Capcom's Captain Commando "Challenge Series". Section Z, created by Capcom... premier world-wide arcade game designer... features colorful state-of-the-art high resolution graphics. Licensed by Nintendo(r) for play on the Nintendo(r) Entertainment System(tm) --- Names of controller parts and operating instructions Four Separate Action Tips Pressing any of the four tips moves you in that directions. Left moves left. Right moves right. Up moves up. Down moves down. --- How to play Press Start Button: - To begin game play. - To pause or stop action while playing game. Press Select Button: - To continue game (where you left off). - To retry from very beginning of game. Note: Follow instructions on screen. After selecting "continue" or "retry", push Start button to proceed. Push Button A - to shoot to the right. Push Button B - to shoot to the left. Push Button A&B (simultaneously) - you increase your firepower by adding a missile to your arsenal. Once you have gained possession of the missile, push Button A to fire to the right, and push Button B to fire to the left. The addition of the missile equals four (4) shots. --- Game description It is now the 21st Century. High frequency radio and television communications between Planet Earth and the space-exploring Saturn Space Station blast warn- ings of approaching invaders, then abruptly cease. You shed your earthly identity to become the one remaining astronaut in space. You unite with freedom-fighter Captain Commando to enter the outer regions of space. Concealed in a special solar-energized, jet-propelled supersonic space- suit, and armed with multi-directional weaponry, you depart Earth's surface on a death-defying mission. You and Captain Commando must maneuver safely through four (4) levels of adventurous battle scenes, penetrating the defenses established by the Space Soldiers of Balangool. You are challenged as you fight through Sections A to Section Z - where "L-Brain", Balangool's Master Control, programs domination of the universe. Your goal: penetrate Section Z(tm), destroy L-Brain Master Control, defeat the evil Space Soldiers of Balangool, and save Planet Earth. L-Brain, Master Control of Balangool, secured in Section Z of Fortress Balan- gool, headquarters of this brutal enemy force, transmits communiques through- out the universe. Balangool Space Soldiers receive instructions from L-Brain while engaged in interplanetary invasions. Their goal is to conquer the universe. Balangool Captains are stationed at each stage, guarding giant superpowered transmitters. Strong, red barriers surround two transmitters found at Stage One. To clear these red barriers you must destroy the Enemy Generator supply- ing power to the barriers. Should you successfully eliminate the generator, proceed to eradicate the Balangool Captain. For only then can you proceed to another Stage. As you progress, increase your supply of weapons and energy. Without them, you cannot reach Section Z to bring L-Brain Master Control to extinction, hero- ically saving Planet Earth. --- How to power-up Metal Eater Composed of many varying parts. Destroy Metal Eater and when you kill it, you can choose one of the next three: Megasmasher Penetrates enemies. Barrier Shield Allows you to receive 32 enemy shots without damage. Flash Buster 3-way laser beam. Speed-up Tube Gives you additional speed. Energy Tube Supplies extra energy. Megamissile Produces extensive damage to your enemies. Flash Bomb Damages all enemies on the screen. Crush Ball Maneuvers around the player for 6 seconds, then proceeds to crush the enemies. --- Enemy characters/game components Ripper Appears in some of the important sections. When Ripper is hit, it explodes and bounces, releasing an energy tube. Crowd Eye 8 of them appear at the same time. They stay in the air and check invaders. They release energy tubes when you destroy them. Groma They appear in a formation and dive. Kroga It flies rapidly and attacks you. Spratter It appears slowly and spreads bullets. Gush It sticks on the wall or ceiling and releases deadly spikes. Mansa Armored chaser. Leeva It dives at invaders. Kikka It appears rapidly and shoots in 16 directions. Leago It flies in waves and attacks invaders. Spiral Gun When it senses invaders, it points the muzzle at them and shoots energy bullets. Vito It jumps around and shoots energy bullets. Missiledrone Difficult to destroy launched missile. You must first wipe out the drone before its missile can be launched. Crab It runs over the wall and shoots energy bullets. You need to shoot it many times to destroy it. Floating Batari It attacks with laser beam. Mesa It flies from one side of the screen to another. Clone Soldier Clones of aliens. They attack with laser guns. Boss enemies: Balaba It shoots bullets in 4 directions. Galga It splits into 8 pieces and gives rolling warp attacks. Zamuza It has tremendous fire power. Destroy it when it opens.

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