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SCAT: Special Cybernetic Attack Team

Typed out by NES-FV-USA Natsume SCAT(tm) - Special Cybernetic Attack Team Instruction manual --- The background In the 21st century, humanity faces its most dire threat. An alien horde led by the Supreme Commander Vile Malmort, has launched a full scale invasion of the planet Earth. An Astrotube connects the desolate remains of New York City to the orbiting space station of the invaders. Their armies sweep the skies for any sign of resistance... The last hope for mankind comes from a secret alliance made by the President. Luckily, he was informed of the coming invasion in time to act. He assembled the world's greatest scientists and gave them the impossible task of finding a solution to the dilemma. From their labs came their answer, the Special Cybernetic Attack Team. These part human, part machine warriors are capable of wielding massive destructive force for their compact size. The members of SCAT have been designed to capture and adapt alien technology and weapons and use them against the invaders. Together, they may have the power to defent the Earth. --- Starting the game Insert the Game Pak into the Nintendo Entertainment System and turn the machine on. The title page appears with the option for a one or two player game. Press the SELECT button to the desired game, then press START. For a one player game you get the choice of either SCAT member. For a two player game, the person with controller #1 plays Arnold and controller #2 has Sigourney. After these selections have been made (by pressing START) the game begins. --- Controlling the warriors Pressing UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT on the control pad moves the character in those directions. Pressing the B button fires your weapon. Some weapons fire continuously if the B button is constantly pressed. Pressing the A button locks and unlocks the firing position of the twin satellites that are part of the warriors armament. These items maneuver around the fighters unless they are locked by the player. The START button pauses the game. --- Special items To obtain the alien armament, the player must destroy the Item Enemy. After doing to, a letter appears denoting the item's use. S- Speed. The player's maneuverability increases. The more Speed items collected, the faster the warrior moves. L- Laser. This high powered beam cuts with amazing strength. Hold the B button for continuous fire. This weapon can shoot through some walls. W- Wide beam. This weapon can take out multiple enemies in a single burst. B- Bomb. These explosive shells have the concussive force to knock out powerful enemies. R- Recover. This item restores lost energy points to the player that collects it. --- Game stages New York City Ruins - Fly over what's left of a battered city. Look out for enemy positions scattered across the remains of the skyscrapers. Subterranean Realm - Hover into the darker reaches of the inner Earth. Vile Malmort's excavation drones are busily blasting away the foundations of the city in order to allow an easy access to the invasionary forces. The Astrotube - This monstrous creation connects the city to the alien's orbiting stronghold. Take the ride of your life as you fly into the enemy's lair. The Battleship - Defending the fortress is a heavily armed dreadnaught starship. Evade its laser cannons and missile attacks as you fire at anything that resembles a weak spot. The Orbiting Platform - Here is where you confront the deadliest invaders and Vile Malmort himself... --- Enemy characters Quad killer Drone blaster Hover ship with homing missile Super laser Multi-gun Auto-cannon Beam gun Spark Scarabat fighter Excavation drone Shock trooper Missile ship Launch tube Attack-ship launcher

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