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Typed out by NES-RY-USA TECMO RYGAR INSTRUCTIONS ------------------- Thank you for selecting the fun-filled "RYGAR" game pak by TECMO, INC. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Official Nintendo Seal of Quality [2]---------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES OF A HOLY PLACE, ARGOOL....p 4 2. MAP OF GRAN MOUNTAIN.............................p 6 3. GAME STORY.......................................p 9 4. CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS......p 9 5. SUB-SCREEN......................................p 11 6. FIRST OF ALL, GO TO MEET THE LEGENDARY..........p 12 7. LOOK FOR INDORA'S FIGHTING GODS.................p 14 8. POTENTIAL CAPACITIES OF RYGAR...................p 16 9. ANIMATED MEN WRIGGLING EERILY...................p 17 10. EPILOGUE........................................p 19 11. RESURRECTION....................................p 20 [3]---------------- 1. GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES OF A HOLY PLACE, ARGOOL Argool is connected with many places through gates, with the Garloz valley as the center. (map of Argool looks like this) START----SUERU------GRAN----GARLOZ---ROLSA---ERUGA MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN | | | | DEN OF---PRIMEVAL---| |---RAGUA---LAPIS SAGILA MOUNTAIN SANDO (pic of gate) GATE OF GARLOZ [4][5]------------- 2. MAP OF GRAN MOUNTAIN (pic of map of Gran Mountain) [6]---------------- MAP OF GARLOZ (pic of map of Garloz) You can get the following items from each region. * Eruga................................Wind pully * Den of Sagila..........................Crossbow * Lapis..............................Coat of arms * The palace of Dorago...Indora's suite of armour * The tower of Garba.............Flute of Pegasus [7]---------------- 3. GAME STORY Once there was a holy place called Argool which was founded by five legendary Indora Gods. One day, suddenly the blackest tragedy happened. The prosperous holy place, Argool was attacked by the troops of the cruel king called Ligar. The sky of the holy place was completely covered with the flying castle of Ligar and his army of dangerous beasts. These animalized soldiers came down from the sky and commited the most atrocious cruelties. In a single day, they established the kingdom of EVIL. In addition, Ligar took away the "Door to Peace" symbolizing the peace that had been created by Indora. The hope for peace dissappeared with th loss of the "Door to Peace" and the people of Argool ceased to smile and could only pray for salvation. They prayed an ancient passage to counter the fulfilled prophecy of Ligar's evil reign of terror. The legends says, "When the peaceful land is covered with EVIL SPIRITS, a brave soldier will be brought to life from the dead, for the purpose of saving persecuted people. The people of Argool's painful preyers were so loud that it reverberated throughout the mountains and traveled a long distance in the land of Algosu. And at last - Rygar, the hero came back from the dead in order to restore peace to the land of Argool, battling the forces of evil everywhere. Join forces with Rygar! [8]---------------- 4. CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS * THIS GAME IS ONLY A (1) PLAYER GAME. 4-A CONTROLLER PARTS (pic of controller) * START BUTTON Press START button during the game to display a sub-screen * PAUSE If you wish to PAUSE or inturpt play in the middle og a game, press the SELECT button. Press the SELECT button to continue. 4-B OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO OPERATE RYGAR Move this (+) control pad to move Rygar. The following movements are available. (left) Rygar runs left (right) Rygar runs right (down) Rygar crouches down (up) Rygar climbs up [9]---------------- A button...JUMP * To make Rygar jump press A button B button...ATTACK * To make Rygar attack press B button Rygar can attack in many positions: on the run; while crouching; while climbing; and even when airborne. You can also attack an enemy in the formard position. Rygar can run left or right. also, in "Garloz" Rygar is able to run in four directions, and can jump in eight directions. (pic of Rygar stomping an enemy) Some enemier will faint if trampled upon. (pic of Rygar attacking) The weapon used frequently my Rygar is called a Diskarmer (pic of Rygar climbing) Climb When Rygar reaches a rope and you wish to climb, simply press the control pad's (+) upper directional arrow - to climb up, or press the control pad's lower (+) directional arrow - to climb down. NOTE: The mastery of the above mentioned operations will alow the player to advance to the difficult stages / rounds / levels of the game and achieve an increased level of game satisfaction! [10]--------------- 5. SUB-SCREEN Pressing the START button during the game displays the sub-screens which shows the present status of Rygar. To re-start the game, simply press the START button again to continue. (pic of sub screen) 1. Physical strength meter: This value represents the physical strength of Rygar. If the value comes down to zero, Rygar dies. The game starts with the value of 3, but it increases every time you defeat an enemy. The maximum value is 12. 2. Lasting poer of the Rygar: With the increase in the number of defeated enemier, Rygar is powered up in terms of Tone [striking power] and Lasting power [durability] These items make Rygar more powerful. 3. Potential power of Rygar: Move -> through the vertival movement of the (+) button for selecting a function and use (A) button for decision-making. [For further details, see page 16.] 4. Items to be selected; Move (up) through the horizontal movement of the (+) button and use (B) button for decision-making. [For further details, see page 13 and page 15.] 5. Items available all the time; All the items on hand are displayed. They can be used at any time. [For further details, see page 14, 15.] [11]--------------- 6. FIRST OF ALL, GO TO MEET THE LEGENDARY * First of all, seek wisdom from the legendary God, listen to him as he will teach you lots of things. * Get a grappling hook weapon from a legendary God. There is a legendary God who will give you a grappling hook weapon. Usually Rygar uses a rope for vertical movement. In addition, the use of a grappling hook weapon allows him to go up or come down frmo a tree or cliff. First set the (+) button to UP position or DOWN position and use (B) button for a grappling hook weapon to be lengthened and caught on a tree nearby a cliff. Now Rygar is free to climb up or down a tree or a cliff. But remember that the position of a hill he can climb up or down is limited. (pic of Door of a legendary) Once you get a grappling hook weapon, use it in various situations. It is also possible for the weapon to be caught by a tree of a hill outside the screen. In Lapis, go down to see a,lot of places to make sure of geographical features. [12]--------------- There are many legendaries isolating themselves frmo society for ascetic practices. Thses hermits will help Rygar to be refreshed. * Recovery of the physical strength Some legendaries are of assistance in the recovery of physical srength of the wounded and physically weakened Rygar. With some legendaries, Rygar is refreshed by seeing them. With others, they give him medicine for recovery of his physical-strength. But unless Rygar has a coat of arms given only to brave warriors, he is not allowed to get medicine. For the medicine, display a sub-screen and nove 1 through the horizontal movement of the (+) button for item selection and use (B) button for decision-making. 1. Grappling hook weapon of a legendary (pic of grappling hook) 2. Medicine for phycical-strength recovery (pic of medicine) 3. Coat of arms (pic of coat) [13]--------------- 7. LOOK FOR INDORA'S FIGHTING GODS In Argool, five fighting gods called Indora are imprisoned. Make every effort to find them. You can make Rygar more powerful by receiving the five sacred treasures from them. ----- The five sacred treasures of Indora's ----- 1. Wind pulley Pressing the (+) button allows Rygar to walk a rope streached between two woodeon stakes if he gets a wind pulley. * The knack of suspending a wind pulley frmo a rope successfully is to approach near the rope and move vertically. *HINT* Near the waist of "Rygar" [14]--------------- 2. Crossbow The use of a crossbow will allow a rope to be streached by pressing the (B) button when Rygar reaches the stake of a tree with no rope wrapped around it. 3. Coat of arms If Rygar gets this crest, he will be qualified to receive the medicine for physical-strength recovery. 4. Indora's suite of armor This suit strengthend the lasting power. 5. Flute of Pegasus This is an ancient & strange flute. It is said that the sound will work miracles, use the (B) button. [15]--------------- 8. POTENTIAL CAPACITIES OF RYGAR In some cases, he is given a capsule for an increased spiratual strength if he kills a monster. His spiritual strength is displayed on a sub-screen (min-strength meter). There are two kinds of capsules. The capsule on the right hand will increase his spiritual strength by one unit and the capsule on the left hand by three units. Up to seven units can be added to his spiritual strength. First, display a sub-screen. Then, move -) through the vertical movement of the (+) button and use the (A) button for decision-making. This operation consumes a certain amount of spiritual strength and causes his potential capacities to be available. 1 Power-up (Mind strength #3 used): Allows the grappling hook weapon to be streached. (To be used only once) 2 Attack & assail (Mind strength #5 used): Pressing the (B) button does damage to all the displayed enemies. (Can be used ten times) 3 Recover of physical strength (Mind strength #7 used): His physical strength will be recovered when the physical-strength meter indicates the maximum value allowed. [16]--------------- 9. ANIMATED MEN WRIGGLING EERILY Molgolin It builds a nest in a den or on a high place. Once it finds Rygar, it will chase him tenaciously. Rolpher It lives in the ground. Sensing someone approaching, it comes out and attacks him by rotating itself. Epolcon It is a flying dragon which has been livin in a primeval mountain. He will attack Rygar by dropping eggs of a snow grouse. Kinatarnos Usually it lives at the waterside and throws a poisonous spine by bending itself backward. Turn a spine aside and attack it in a crouched position. Pragokelis It is a primitive monster having been brought to life from the dead by Ligar. Attack it in a crouched position. Deathpigor It lives in the tower of Garba and has two heads, It attacks Rygar by blowing demonic fire. [17]--------------- Super-robot, Bargan It was designed for the purpose of having command of the shy of Lapis and is capable of discharging deadly electromagnetic super wave. Demorobruzer It has a heavily-equipped tank and advanced along a wall. Sometimes it zooms down. Olbis It lives in the water. Sensing someone approaching, it comes out, flies high up in the air and zooms down to attack. Kuzeelar Though it moves slowly, it attacks Rygar by discharging acid mucus, yuk, tuk. Jump to turn it aside. Hyoking It lives in the ground. Sensing someone approaching, it comes out and attacks him. After that, it goes back into the ground. Its body is covered with hard skin. Kinohle It is a manifestation of sand and propogates itself around Garloz. It discharges spores, walking like a crab. Physical-strength target In some cases, the soldier is given what we call "physical-strength target". It increases the physical strength by one unit. [18]--------------- 10. EPILOGUE In argool, there are many unexplored regions. Unexplored region #1: The tower of Garba It is said that there is a mysterious tower in the black region in the Gran mountins. Unexplored region #2: The drago room in the palace of Drago It is said that in a mysterious island in Garloz, there is a palace where a drago is roaring. The room is called "Drago Room" Unexplored region #3: The tower of Life It is the highesttower in Argool. It is so high that it looks as if it reaches the sky. Now you have just read this book through. But the real battle is yet to come. You must bring the brave Rygar to life from the dead in order to make Argool a peaceful land again. We hope you will succeed! [19]--------------- 11. RESURRECTION If Rygar is defeated by an enemy or his energy gets too low he will die. But don't be discouraged, by pressing the start button you can bring Rygar back to life again, and restart the game from the last point where you left off. Press START button which allows the game to continue. It's up to you! The enemies are strong, the terrain treacherous, and the challenges difficult. The sun is setting and Rygar is depending on your help to restore the peace again! Good Luck! [20]--------------- 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY TECMO GAME PAKS [21]--------------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS [22]--------------- SPECIAL BONUS OFFER ------------------- TECMO (c) 1987 TECMO, INC.

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