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Rush'n Attack

Typed out by How to play Rush'n Attack(tm) Konami(r) --- Introduction Secret Orders! Deep behind enemy lines, dozens of American POWs are being held inside a heavily armed base. Your mission is to free the captives and destroy the base. But to get there, you have to make your way through 6 deadly stages: 1) Iron bridge and missile base 2) Airport 3) Harbor 4) Forest and airshed 5) Warehouse 6) Enemy base --- How to play Your object in each stage is to move to the right of the screen, killing enemy soldiers, dodging their fire, and capturing their weapons. Each stage is completed when you destroy the enemy Boss... or are destroyed yourself. Rush 'N Attack can be played by one or two players. If there are two players, play is simultaneous, and the winner is determined by the player accumulating the most points. A single player can use either Control (1) or Control (2). When two players are competing, both Controls must be used - Control (1) moves the blue sold- ier, Control (2) the red soldier. Before play begins, use the Select button to choose 1- or 2-player mode (1P or 2P). Then press the Start button, and the game begins. --- Control Functions Control Pad(move) Select Button for choosing number of players. Start Button begins game, pauses action during battle. B Button (attack) for attacking individual enemy soldiers A Button (power up) allows you to "power up" captured enemy weaponry - bazookas, grenades, pis- tols, and your special invincibility shield. --- The enemy Enemy Bosses Stage 1 - Jumping soldiers Stage 2 - Rocket man Stage 3 - Dog Stage 4 - Autogyro Stage 5 - Parachute troop Stage 6 - ? (Find yourself) Enemy Soldiers Pistol soldier Machine Gun soldier Paratrooper Foot soldier Jumping soldier Artilleryman --- Weapons At the beginning of your journey, you're armed with only a knife. But as you destroy enemy soldiers, you can capture and use the "POWER-UP" weapons shown here. Bazooka 3 rounds of ammunition per weapon captured Hand Grenade 3 grenades per weapon captured Pistol Unlimited ammunition for displayed time period. Invincibility Shield Renders you safe from any attack within displayed time period.

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