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Typed out by NES-U5-USA How to play Rollergames(tm) Ultra (r) Games --- Get ready to be rocked, rattled and rolled! Short on funds for a worldwide terrorist blitz, the underground criminal organization VIPER (Vicious International Punks and Eternal Renegades) has infiltrated RollerGames - the most popular sport of the 21st century. With their greedy sights set on the games' mega prize money, they've corrupted three skating teams and abducted the games' beloved commissioner, Emerson "Skeeter" Bankhead. Now, somewher beneath the city, he sits bound and gagged, at the mercy of these cowardly creeps. The CIA and FBI lack the speed, cunning and sheer brute force for this job. So it's up to you and your own three teams of free-wheeling skate wizards to rescue the commissioner and stop VIPER from unleashing its venom on the entire city. This is one fight that cannot be fought like a gentleman. You're going to have to take it to the streets, the sewers, the junkyards - just about any place your eight wheels can go (and even a few places they can't). But even your cat-like reflexes won't guarantee success as you choose and lead your teams through the six muscle-aching stages, all peppered with dastardly deathtraps. Open manholes, greasy oil slicks, combat helicopters and blood-thirsty dogs are just a few of the dangers that await you. Of course, you'll also have to punch and bodyslam your way pas chop-happy judo masters, skateboard thugs, motorcycle madmen and more. And considering the odds of survival, now might be a good time to hang up your skates and bow out gracefully. But remember, the lives of thousands are hanging in the balance. And if you choose to accept this job and fall flat somewhere along the way, you can count on VIPER to roast your ball bearings for dinner! --- How to play Your object is to first defeat the three evil teams in RollerGames, and then rescue the race commissioner from VIPER. RollerGames is made up of six stages, and incorporates two different types of scrolling. Normal scrolling, used in stages one, three, five and six, allows you to move in eight different directions. Auto-scrolling, whcih only allows you to move right, is found in stages two and four. Stages two and four have one area each. Stages one, three and five are each made up of two areas, and stage six is comprised of four separate areas. Each stage is packed full of enemies and traps. In each of the normal scrolling stages there are several different scenes where you must defeat the enemies you encounter using sheer physical strength and brute force. And only if you overcome the big free-wheeling greaseball in the fast fighting scene of each stage can you advance to the next stage. NOTE: In the auto-scroll stages you have to make your way safely through numerous ruins and attacks before advancing to the next stage. At the beginning of each stage, you can choose from among the three good teams. There is one team that is best suited for each stage. Whichever team you choose, you will play the role of the star player. Each of the star players has unique characteristics and each has a Patented Punishment Technique to use in the fighting scenes. There is a limit, however, to the number of times you can use these techniques. So use them carefully! And remember, your fists are your only weapons in normal scrolling stages, so keep on dukin' for all you're worth! (If you want to save Skeeter, that is.) You have three lives to start the game. As your score advances to 20,000 points, 50,000 points, and 80,000 points you will earn an extra life. Your score, along with the number of lives remaining, will be displayed at the end of each area, the end of each stages, and when you haphazardly lose a life to a hazard. Your Life Gauge will decrease every time you get hit by an enemy attack or fall into a trap. You will be knocked out and lose a player when your Life Gauge reaches zero, when the time runs out (in normal-scrolling areas only), or when you fall into a crack, manhole or the water. The game is over when your last player is knocked out of the game. However, if you want to keep on playing, you can choose to continue from the beginning of the area where the last game ended. (See page 6 for details.) --- How to begin Press the Start Button during the Title Screen and the opening sequence will begin. When the Team Select Screen appears, use the Control Pad to select your racing team. Once you have chosen your team, press the Start Button to begin your rescue mission. Game continue You can choose to continue playing even after all your players have been knocked out of the game. When the Game Over Screen appears, use the Control Pad to select the Continue Mode. Then press the Start Button to enter your selection. The Team Select Screen will appear next. Once you have chosen your team, the game will start again from the beginning of the area where the previous one ended. If you don't want to continue playing, choose End and the Title Screen will appear again. --- Your team of skaters Thunderbirds - Ice Box His Patented Punishment Technique is a bone-crushing body attack. Hot Flash - Rolling Thunder Her "punisher" is a head-spinning revolving jump-kick. Rockers - California Kid The Kid's method of enforcement is a two-stage kick. --- How to control your motions Control Pad Press to move your players Select Button This button is out of commission during your mission. Start Button Press to begin the game and to pause in mid-action. B Button Press to punch. A Button Press to jump. Fight scenes Press the B Button to make an attack. The type of attack depends on the star player you're controlling. Press the A and B buttons simultaneously to knock your enemy senseless with a Patented Punishment Technique. Time this move carefully as you can only perform it three times in each area. (See page 7 for each player's Patented Punishment Technique.) Auto-scroll areas Press the Control Pad Left and the B Button at the same time to smash someone with your elbow. NOTE: Your Life Gauge and number of Patented Punishment Techniquest are restored to their original value at the end of each area and stage. --- Stages you're bound to roll into Downtown Your main enemies in this part are the members of the Bad Attitude crew. This stage is a Normal Scroll stage made up of two areas. The night highway This is an auto-scroll stage. Automobile processing plant Be on the lookout for members of the Maniac's mob here. This is a normal scroll stage made up of two areas. The regions freeway Another auto-scroll stage. The jungle river These are the stomping grounds of ruthless Violator vermin. This is a normal scroll stage made up of two areas. The VIPER's pit A normal scroll stage made up of four areas. --- A guide to natural (and unnatural) disasters Jump Platform Timing is all important on the Jump Platform. Carefully press the A Button to increase the distance of your jump. If you fallinto the crack behind the platform, you will lose a player. Crack Pots If you get too close to any of these you'll say good-bye to a player. Sticky Slides Skate a little too close to a Sticky Slide and the earth beneath your skates will crumble. Venomous Needle Points Another player will bite the dust if you absentmindedly run into either of these. The Can-Can It's broken bones for those hit by a Can-Can. Valdez Jr. This slippery hazard spills out of toppled drum cans on the side of the road. You'll end up flat on your back if you don't steer clear of this. Icky Bop Crant The crane swings back and forth like a pendulum, just waiting to knock your skates off. Radon Sludge Juice This smelly seepage comes pouring out of certain pipes for a predetermined length of time. Avoid this at all costs... if you can! Drop Zone If you don't cross this platform skillfully, it will fall out from under you. If that happens, kiss off another one of your players. Log Jams The logs roll back and forth over the ground. Run into one and say bye-bye, skater. Bum Rap Scallions Run into any one of these and it's wipe-out city for you, bub. Fire Islands Flames come pouring out of certain areas for an unknown length of time. And we all know what happens when we play with fire. --- Those looking to knock your skates out from under you Bad Attitude Maniacs Violators Team leaders Lucy Ferball Guru Drew Skull Scraper --- VIPER groupies Captian meat hook Fish face Combat copter Muck truck Bird of parasites Roller punk Billy 'Bomb' Barder The moto-crusher

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