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Robocop 3

Typed out by NES-R3-USA Robocop 3 Instruction Manual Orion(r) Pictures Corporation Ocean(r) --- RoboCop Goes Renegade! OCP is sending in Rehab Officers to clear the streets of Old Detroit, making way for the construction of Delta City. When RoboCop sees helpless families forced out of their homes as the bulldozers move in, he joins the resistance movement to battle the Rehabs! Armed with a new multi-weapon arm attachment containing a large-bore cannon and a smart bomb, plus a gyropack for airborne assault capability, RoboCop faces a battalion of ED-209's, tanks, heavy artillery and a new adversary, OTOMO. The odds seem impossible, but remember - you're RoboCop! --- Your Controls Start button: Press to start playing and to pause. Select Button: Press to select a weapon. Walking Control Pad Left or Right: Move left or right. Control Pad Up: Point gun up; turn into screen in front of doors and computer terminal. Control Pad Down: Duck. Button A: Fire your weapon. Button A+Control Pad Down: Shoot diagonally down. Button A+Control Pad Up: Shoot diagonally up. Button B: Jump. Flying Control Pad Left or Right: Move left or right. Button A: Fire your weapon. Button B: Use the rocket to increase your altitude. --- Status Display RoboCop's status panel and score is displayed at the top of the screen. There is a message window which reveals valuable information. The top row of icons in the status panel show which of the three types of ammunition RoboCop is using. The selected weapon is shown in green. The botton row of icons show which of the three types of projectile RoboCop is using. RoboCop's efficiency (energy level) is shown, along with the potential enemy's strength. --- Game Basics RoboCop always has single shot firing and single missile firing capability. Different types of weapons may be selected by picking up icons, but these can only be used a limited number of times. RoboCop's energy level can be replenished by picking up energy pods along the way. RoboCop may also pick up repair icons for use in the Repair Section to mend certain parts of his body. --- Repair Section During the game, RoboCop will accumulate damage to various parts of his body. These have a detrimental effect on his normal functions, such as walking for the Legs, firing for the Arms, jumping for the Body, and overall operation for the Head. A warning will appear on the screen of any possible malfunctions that non- repair of a particular part of RoboCop's body may cause. You will also be warned if a malfunction actually occurs. At the end of each level, RoboCop is given the option to enter the repair laboratory and mend certain parts of his body. The cursor initially appears on his body and can be moved to his Head, Legs or Arms. Pressing Button A will add ten points to that area, which can be powered up as many times as you have tokens for. Be selective in your use of repair icons, as you have a limited amount, and they are quite rare. --- Game Levels Level One RoboCop approaches Lewis and her colleagues after they have been attacked by the warped Splatterpunks and cornered behind a burning vehicle. They surround him, throwing broken bottles and shooting him as they appear from behind doors, out of windows and from inside trash cans. Level Two RoboCop enters the derelict Rocket Motors factory and must negotiate baths of old paint stripper, rickety floors and grumbling conveyor belts as they oper- ate after all the years of decay. Robocop then has to face his toughest adversary: Otomo, the highly adept Ninja. Level Three RoboCop dons a powerful jetpack and flies along the streets of Cadillac Heights, avoiding the shells from the heavily armored tank he has set out to destroy. Not only must he contend with the crumbling tenements and holes in the road, he is also being beseiged by Rehabs and Splatterpunks, ganged together to vanquish their mechanical foe. Pick up the smart bomb - it will help him destroy the tank. Level Four With the fuel in the jetpack now spent, RoboCop must walk the way he has come to the OCP tower to rescue his friends Nikko and Marie Lazarus. He must avoid the same pitfalls he was able to fly over with such ease before... along with contact and proximity mines which have been scattered in his path by the Rehabs. ED-209 also lies in guard at the tower, waiting for his return. Level Five RoboCop has now made his way to the top of the OCP tower, where he is helping Nikko to break into the Kanemetsu computer. He must go to the terminal and face into the screen, and hold his access spike in place until the required digits appear on the big screens. RoboCop must overcome two deadly Robot Ninjas in order to complete his task. --- Hints and Tips - Duck while shooting enemies to avoid excessive damage. - Use homing missiles where enemies are difficult to shoot with a gun. - Remember that special weapons don't last forever; only use them when you need them. - While in flight, RoboCop is subject to gravity, and he will fall out of the sky if thrust is not maintained. - Don't overuse your thrusters, as your fuel supply is limited.

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