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River City Ransom

Typed out by NES-DN-USA River City Ransom Instruction Manual American Technos Inc. --- Panic in River City! "To the citizens of River City: I hold your high school captive! With my gangs of students and vicious bosses roaming the streets, nobody can stop me now. Meet my demands - or else!" Slick, the meanest, most powerful gang lord in River City, has issued this ultimatum - and the entire town is powerless in a grip of fear! Fortunately, Alex and Ryan weren't in school the day Slick took it over. But now, their fellow students are prisoners - including Ryan's girlfriend! It's up to our two young heroes to battle their way past several dangerous city gangs, then defeat the gang lord to free the students of River City High and restore peace to the panic-stricken populace! --- How to play Start button: Press to start or pause the game. Select button: Press to see how much money or power you have. Basic Moves To move: Use the Control button. To punch: Press the A button. To kick: Press the B button. To jump: Press the A and B buttons together. To spring: Press the Control button twice in the direction you want to go. To make a sprinting jump: While running, press the A and B buttons together. To pick up a weapon: Press the A or B button when you are near the weapon. To use a weapon: When holding a weapon, press the A button. To throw a weapon: When holding a weapon, press the B button. To pick up an enemy: Press the A or B button. To use an enemy as a weapon: After picking him up, press the A button. To throw an enemy: After picking him up, press the B button. Special Techniques Blocking an enemy's weapon with your bare hands: Use your punch and kick. Blocking an enemy's weapon with your weapon: Use your weapon against the enemy's weapon. Rebound attack: Try this when you are fighting near a wall. Kicking a weapon: You can kick a weapon and make it bump into the enemy. Sprinting high jump: When you spring more than 8 steps and jump, you can jump very high. Jumping onto a weapon: When you are near a crate, trash can, or tire, you can jump up onto it. You can still attack your enemies while standing on a weapon. You can also jump up onto a weapon the enemy is holding. When an enemy is standing on a weapon, you can pick up both of them at the same time. Riding on a tire: When you jump onto a rolling tire, you can run the enemy down with it. Human Totem Pole: If your enemy picks up a weapon, you can pick one up also, then jump on top of the enemy's weapon to become a Human Totem Pole. Home Run: When your enemy tries to throw a weapon at you, pick up a lead pipe, swing it and hit the weapon back to him. It could start a baseball game! All of these techniques can be used individually or together. Make your own combinations to come up with many different tricks! --- Screen functions Selecting Message Speed and Skill Level To select the skill level for the game and the characters, press the Start button and the screen will change. Press the Control button up, down, left or right to change the message speed and skill level. Then press the Start button again to start the game. Naming the Characters If you press the Select button when the Game Mode is on the screen, you can name your characters. Use the Control button to select the letters you want for your name. Then press the A button after each letter. You can use up to five letters for one name. If you've made a mistake or want to change a letter, use AHEAD, BACK or ERASE to change it. When you have finished naming your character, move to End and press the A button. Screen Selector At the top of the game screen you will always be able to see how much power and money you have. At the bottom of the screen you will see the messages. But if you press the Start button during the game, the game will pause and the messages will change to the Screen Selector. Use the Control button to select one of the four screens - Belongings, Pass- word, Status or Level - and press the A button. If you want to cancel this, press the B button and then the Start button to continue the game. Password Screen When the Password Screen appears, the letters shown in the blanks at the top of the screen make up your password. Each unique password combination repre- sents the amount of money you have, and your Status. To input your password: Use the Control button to select the letters for the password. If you make a mistake, use AHEAD, BACK, or ERASE. After you've finished inputting the password, press END to finish the password. If you want to stop inputting the password, press the Start button. Status Screen You can also check the Status Screen. If you press the B button, the Selector Screen will reappear. Skill Level Screen You can change the message speed and skill level on this screen. Use the Control button and press the B button to return to the Selector Screen. --- Checking your status These items appear on the Status screen Punch: This shows how much punching power you have. The bigger the number, the stronger your punch will be. Kick: This shows how much kicking power you have. Throwing: This shows how much power you have to throw a weapon or an enemy. Agility: This shows how quick you are. The bigger the number, the faster you can maneuver and fight. This is very important. Defense: This shows how much power you have to defend yourself against enemy attacks. Will Power: This shows how much will power you have. The bigger the number, the longer you can fight - even with low maximum power. Stamina: This shows how much stamina you have left. Make sure you don't run out or you'll die. Max Power: This shows how much of your maximum power is left. If this number remains high, you will gain Stamina more easily, and be able to fight longer. --- The gangs Generic Dudes: These no-names have much will power but are very short-tempered and violent. They like to use weapons when the fight, but they are not very strong. They have a score to settle with Ryan. Frat Guys: These poor rich boys have weak characters, and will run away as soon as they think they are in danger. When they grab a weapon, however, they change and get violent. They love to throw weapons. Jocks: They use running techniques and jump tricks. When they have weapons they never throw them. These bench warmers carry strong grudges against Alex. Home Boys: These couch potatoes are slow, but fight their enemy with all the strength they have. Lots of punch power. Mob: These touch guys are strong, but not good at defense. They also like to use tires as weapons. Squids: This bunch of eggheads specialize in kicks and sprinting jumps. When they have weapons they usually throw them. Internationals: This group of exchange students prefer to fight with their bare hands and have tremendous punching power. Cowboys: They have very little kick power and don't like to attack without weapons. But when these good ol' boys have weapons, look out. The Plague: These misfits are very powerful and love to attack using lead pipes. Be careful and good luck! --- The characters Moose: He doesn't have much power, and has a weak character. He's basically a two-bit thug who takes orders from Rocko. Benny & Clyde: These guys are out-of-towners and are only in River City because they like a good fight. The two of them are very mean and cunning. Rocko: He is the head of the Mob gang. Like most gangsters he has a very strong attack, but a weak defense. Blade: One of the Zombies, he has a very violent character and appears quite strong. In reality he's not so powerful. Mojo: Another Zombie, he is a dangerous opponent. In a rumble, he prefers to fight with weapons instead of his bare hands. Turk: This guy, the third Zombie, is a quick thinker and confuses his oppo- nents by his quick moves. Thor: He is the son of a rick local banker, but don't let his social standing fool you. He is a mean fighter and the leader of the Zombies. Otis: Though not too strong, he is very clever. His sharp tactics make him very difficult to defeat. Ivan: Ivan guards the gate to River City High for the Dragon Twins. He knows many tricks and is one touch opponent to beat. Tex: He's the ornery head honcho of the Cowboys gang. He is at his toughest with a weapon in his hand. So watch out! --- Earning money You can earn money by defeating your enemies. These are the amounts you will earn. Gangs Generic Dudes $.50 Frat Guys $.55 Jocks $.60 Home Boys $.75 Mob $.90 Squids $1.00 Internationals $1.50 Cowboys $1.20 The Plague $1.25 Bosses Moose $2.25 Benny + Clyde $2.50 Rocko $3.00 Blade $3.50 Turk $3.50 Mojo $3.50 Thor $3.75 Otis $4.00 Ivan $8.75 Tex $9.50 Randy + Andy $18.00 Simon ????? ----- The weapons You may find these weapons being carried by enemies, or they may be lying in the roads. Lead Pipe Stick Chain Trash Can Crate Tire Brass Knuckles Rocks Press the A and B buttons to pick a weapon up. Press the A button to swing it, or the B button to throw it at the enemy. --- Locations These are the scenes you will be passing through. Grotto Mall Waterfront Mall Flatirons Mall Oak Hill Mall Sherman Park Capitol Ave. Bridge WSL Co. Warehouse Armstrong Thru-Way Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory Sticksville Downtown Burb Village River City High Cross Town High --- The shops All the shops are in the shopping malls. These are three types: a) Take-out b) Eat-in c) Do both Buying things in the shops When there are two players, player one buys first. When you go inside, the person inside will ask what you would like. There will be a menu to choose from. Use the Control button (up or down) and press the A button when you have decided. Then the person will make sure the order is right. Use the Control button (left or right) to answer the question. If you select Nothing or No, you will be able to leave the shop. Main Menu Screen When you enter some shops, the first screen will be the Main Menu. This menu shows you the different types of items available in the shop. Make your selection and then the menu that has those items with prices on them will show up on the screen. If you select Main Menu or press the B button, you will return to the Main Menu screen. After you've ordered, the person inside the shop will ask "Is that all?" If you select YES, you are able to leave the shop. If you select NO, the screen will show the menu again from the beginning. --- List of Shops Bookstore (A type): They sell books about "Tricks". The books are expensive - but if you buy them, you'll gain valuable fighting skills. Coffee Shop (B type): If you're tired, take a break and refresh yourself - without spending much money. Bread Shop (A type): This is the cheapest shop for take-out food, but it might not help much if you are very hungry. Drugstore (A type): This shop can really help when you're low on Stamina. The owner says, "RECHARGE! really gets you going." Fast Food (C type): When you're looking for just a little something to tide you over, try this shop. You can eat in or take out. Sushi Bar (B type): There are all different kinds of sushi here. Try a mixed roll - it's delicious! But don't eat too much, or you'll gain a lot of weight. Shoe Shop (A type): If you buy shoes, you'll gain more Agility. There are many shoes to select from - try a pair! Note: Make sure you have enough money, because there are many more shops. --- Take-Out Items After you buy something and take it out of the shop, change the screen to BELONGINGS. When you drink, eat or use what you have selected, the item will disappear from the screen. Shoes and books will have a # mark to show that you are using them. Tricks When you buy a book of Tricks, you will be able to use the Tricks instantly. Stone Hands: It's a very quick punch - so quick, your enemy won't be able to get up once he's down. Dragon Feet: The same as Stone Hands. A very quick kick - but it can be even more powerful than the punch. Grand Slam: When you have a weapon in your hand and swing it at your enemy, it hits them very hard. So make sure that the weapons stay on your side! Fatal Steps: Just jump on your enemy while he is lying down. You'll be able to beat him in a flash! Acro Circus: With this Trick, you turn a normal running jump into a spinning acrobatic attack. Spin around the whole place and beat them all! Javelin Man: Here's a Trick that works like magic! All you have to do is pick up an enemy who you've beaten down to the floor, and throw him at another one. Both of them will stay away from you for the rest of their lives! --- Playing hints - Watch how your enemy's personality changes - they may get angry and violent, but they may become weak and run away too. It all depends on which Gang they're from. - Don't beat your enemy too soon. During a long fight, watch his changing reaction. He'll also start talking! - Check your Status Frequently, and try to make your character as strong as possible. He can be stronger than any of the Bosses! - Try to do many different Tricks. You could find a new Trick that nobody else knows! - Don't forget about your shopping - to be strong, you need Power. If you buy special things, you'll have Special Powers, and your Status will get higher. So shopping is very important! - Try anything - you can make your own exciting game. Anything may be possible, but don't forget, you'll have to be strong. Good luck!

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