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Remote Control

Typed out by NES-H6-USA MTV(r) Remote Control Instruction Book --- Starting the game Welcome to MTV(r)'s Remote Control. Now you can play MTV(r)'s ridiculous trivia quiz game show on your NES system! MTV(r)'s Remote Control will challenge your knowledge of Classic TV Sitcoms, Rock Stars, Celebrities, and Rumors; as well as Soaps and Cop Shows. So try to upstage and outclass your friends or favorite NES opponents with the results of your years of cultural research in this irreverent, fast-paced game for today's generation of TV trivia heads. And remember, if you win, you should be ashamed of yourself. Here's how to get started down the road to intellectual degradation. - Insert the Game Pak into your Nintendo Entertainment System - Turn on the power. - MTV(r)'s Remote Control will jump out of your TV screen. - Press Start to begin. --- Using the controller Control Pad: Selects Contestants, Channels, and Answers to Trivia Questions Select: Press to Enter Your Name on Player Selection Screen Start: Starts or Pauses the Game A Button: Selects Channel and Buzzes In to Answer Trivia Question B Button: Confirms Choice of Trivia Answer --- Selecting contestants Step 1: MTV(r)'s Remote Control game play involved 3 Contestants. You can play against 2 Computer Contestants. Or, you can play against a friend and 1 Computer Contestant. For 1 player against 2 computer players, Controller 1 is active and Controller 2 is inactive. You may choose which Controller to use. For 2 human players and 1 computer player, both Controllers are active. The humans get the controllers. Step 2: Press Start when you see the legal mumbo jumbo on the screen. Step 3: With Controller in hand, Player 1 (For you Phys. Ed. majors, that's the Player holding Controller 1.) selects the face of his dreams using the up and down arrows on the Control Pad. (Whatever you do, you must not press the A or B Buttons.) Step 4: Press Select to enter your name. Use the Control Pad to cycle through the alphabet. Press Select again when you are done. Now comes the hard part. When you have the face you always wanted, you must decide if you are the only human playing. If you are the only non-computer player, press Start. If your opponent is ape descended, pass Controller 1 to him or her. You need not determine the sex of your opposition (or your own sex for that matter) before passing the Controller. Step 5: If Player 2 is human, repeat Step 5. If you are uncertain who Player #2 is, press the A Button. After you decide who you are, press either Start or the right arrow. If you press the right arrow, you can choose the face of the computer player. But it's pretty boring, so why not just get on with the game and press Start. (Trust us on this one.) Return Controller 1 to Player 1, Then, pick up Controller 2. Note to Ugly Contestants: If you don't like the way you look after seeing the competition, don't panic. You can cycle back to your little TV using the arrow keys and change to someone else. Too bad it's not so easy off the screen. However, if Player 1 changes, all of the other players change too. This happens because of some high level stuff in the program that makes some contestants incompatible with others. It's just like family life. Step 6: After you select the Contestants, the handsome and quick witted host appears on screen to introduce the Contestants on stage. Magically there you are, along with the other contestants, right on the TV screen. --- Game play - round one The Host indicates which Contestant is in control and asks that contestant to choose a Channel. If the Contestant is you, then choose one of the nine channels on the Remote Control TV screen using the left or right arrow keys. Press the A Button to lock in your choice. The selected Channel appears on the game screen followed by a very clever trivia question and three multiple choice answers. That's right, this is just like school except that the questions require you to use parts of your brain not usually accessed during waking hours. All three Contestants "buzz in" by pressing the A Button on their controller when they think they know the answer. (Don't worry about the poor computer Contestant not having a controller, he can "buzz in" using only his mind. Try it, it might work for you too.) And as the scholars among you have guessed, the first Contestant to "buzz in" chooses from among the multiple choice answers. You will know who buzzed in first because his or her picture appears in the lower right corner of the screen. If your face is on the screen, press B to answer. You've got nothing to lose at this point. If you guess wrong, the remaining Contestants get a chance to beat each other to the buzzer for another try. If someone gets the answer right, they get the points and take control of Channel selection for the next round. If no one gets the answer (as pathetic as that sounds), control remains with the last Contestant to choose. --- Channel indicator Pay attention, this gets technical. Here is how you tell if a Channel has been selected. A white Channel has never been chosen. A red Channel has been selected, but some questions remain unanswered. A gray Channel is closed, all questions have been asked. The red flashing Channel is the one currently selected. --- Snack break At the end of Round One, we take a snack break. We suggest that you clear your head, grab some munchies, watch MTV for a few minutes, and come back refreshed and ready for another grueling round. --- Round two The TV has been reloaded with new categories and more ridiculous trivia on each Channel. The point value of each question is doubling just like in the real game show. --- Off the air If it happens to you, you lose (which is not so embarrassing considering what it takes to win this game). If it happens to someone else, make fun of them for awhile, then prepare mentally for the final round. --- Think real fast round This is where we separate the men from the computers, and the computers from the women, and the women from the men, and if you still need help, you really need help. Anyway, in this round you compete against the remaining Contestant in a test of quick TV trivia recall. Questions will appear in rapid fire order on the screen. There are ten answers on the screen. Use the arrows to select the correct answer before your opponent gets to it. Then quickly press the A button to lock in your choice. The first Contestant to select the correct answer gets the points. When the round is over, only one survivor will be left standing or sitting. The idea is to think real fast without losing your media cool under fire. This is your last chance to gain points, win the game and rationalize a misspent youth. --- Special surprise channels All Remote Control Channels are special, but some are more special than others. You'll know them when you see them. Watch for Beat the Bishop, Ranger Bob and the ever popular, Home Shopping Zone. We're not giving you any hints, you figure it out. If you don't, you give up 10 big ones. Don't say we didn't warn you. Or go ahead and say it, we don't care. OK, you TV trivia heads, that's how MTV(r)'s Remote Control is played. Now it's up to you to show the world that 87,362 hours in front of the tube can count for something.

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