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Rainbow Islands

Typed out by tsr NES-RL-USA Rainbow Islands(tm) - Find Your Fortune At the End of the Rainbow! Taito(tm) Instruction Booklet --- Rainbow rider Far away in the middle of the Rainbow Sea, seven islands rise from the salty water. This is where Bubby was born, not long ago, under a brilliant rainbow. Bubby has always been able to make rainbows spring from his hands just for fun. One day while Bubby and his brother Bobby were playing in the woods, Krabo, an old monster, cast an evil spell on the islanders. Bubby knew right away that only he and his rainbow magic could save his family and friends. In order to break Krabo's evil spell, Bubby must explore all seven islands and collect a big diamond from each one. This is the only way he can defeat Krabo. You must help Bubby in his mission! HURRY BUBBY! After a certain amount of time the islands will sink and there will be no one left to save! Along the way Bubby will have many adventures and get into all kinds of trouble. You must help Bubby make decisions that could determine the fate of all the islanders. Good luck Bubby! --- Bubby's moves A button Press A to jump, or to move the screen text forward. B button Use B to make rainbows that Bubby can climb on or throw at enemies. Start button Hit Start to begin play or to pause the game. Select button Bubby doesn't need this button. Control Pad Use the Control Pad to move Bubby right or left. Pressing the Pad left or right also lets Bubby climb up and down the rainbows he throws. --- Island action Rainbows Bubby has to fight his way through seven worlds, and in each world there are four stages. Bubby has to use all of his rainbow magic to win. Luckily he has a few tricks that Krabo and his pals don't know about. Rainbow dance One of Bubby's tricks is walking right over his rainbows! He uses them for climbing up or down to other levels. Bubby used to call it "Doin' the Rainbow Dance," and now it may save his life! Rainbow smash Bubby can use rainbows to knock enemies off the screen. When he jumps on a rainbow, it falls. If an enemy is underneath, he's gone! Bubby used to crack open nuts with this trick, but now it's enemies! Rainbow zap Rainbows are excellent for zapping enemies. Bubby just has to throw a rainbow at an enemy, and POW! he's been colorized. Bubby also picks up items in the very same way with rainbows. It's like throwing a net! Bubby can zap almost anything with rainbows! Rainbow wall Enemies can't walk through Bubby's rainbows. So when he wants to stop them in their tracks, Bubby just throws a rainbow in their path! Rainbow surprise Sometimes when Bubby throws a rainbow, a special item appears. Get it! It's worth points that'll show on the Status Screen. --- Invincible Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that Bubby loses a life. But when he comes back, he's ready to go, and he's invincible! Bubby flashes the whole time he's invincible, and any enemy he touches is history! After a while, through, it wears off, and he must continue his mission more cautiously. When he does, he gets one of the big diamonds that will help him undo Krabo's terrible spell. Bonus points! When Krabo landed on the islands, he had lots of treasure stored in many treasure chests. Right after he cast his spell on the islanders, he hid all these treasure chests throughout the seven islands. He thought no one would ever be able to find them. But then, he didn't know about Bubby. Goal in! Krabo hid a treasure chest at the end of each stage. They're stuffed so full, that whenever Bubby finds one, it blows wide open! Treasure everywhere! Bubby should grab as much loot as he can to earn hundreds of points. Life-ups Because Bubby can make rainbows, lots of special things happen to him. For example, he gets an extra life when he wins this many points: 30,000 pts = 1 extra life 50,000 pts = 1 extra life 70,000 pts = 1 extra life 100,000 pts = 1 extra life --- Treats Common treats Throwing rainbows takes a lot of energy, so Bubby has to keep scoring big points to keep his strength up. Treats pop up from all kinds of strange places, and then some are very ordinary. So Rainbow zap everything around. Ordinary treats When you zap some things, like flowers or apples, the points don't show on the screen. But they will add up on the Status Screen. Enemy surprises Every time Bubby colorizes an enemy, a wonderful treat is left behind. Try to get these treats - they're worth points! Cherry - 100 pts. French Fries - 300 pts. Doughnut - 700 pts. Red Pendant - 800 pts. Red Crown - 8000 pts. --- Magical treats Sometimes Bubby finds Magical Treats. These treats either do something very special, or they give Bubby a new trick. Magical Treats can pop out of enemies or appear after a certain number of enemies have been defeated. Rainbow Potion When Bubby finds this red jar he can throw double rainbows. Two appear instead of one! Star Up This white star will give Bubby an extra life. Make it a good one! Stardust Rod This rod adds a new power to Bubby's rainbows. He can dust off his enemies 16 times. Cross of Thunder If Bubby gets this treat, huge lightning bolts will shoot down and zap enemies. Running Shoe With the running shoe on, Bubby can move really fast for the rest of that life! Pop Star Jump on this yellow star, and little stars fly out of it to pop enemies they touch! --- Small diamonds Each small diamond has its own special color, and also a letter. When Bubby spells out the word RAINBOW, he gets one big diamond. Always pick up a diamond, even if you already have that letter - it's worth points! - If you collect all seven of these small diamonds, Bubby gets an extra life! - Try to spell RAINBOW before the end of a world to win one of the big diamonds. - Once you've found the seven small diamonds, NICE appears on the screen. - Each small diamond has its own color. The same color always matches the same star. --- Dangers Stay alert! Bubby faces great many dangers, both from enemies and from traps that Krabo set for him. Enemies lurk everywhere, waiting to pounce, and some rooms have spikes in the ceiling and raging fires. WeePee Franky Bugsy Charlie Flapper Shotsy Belcher

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