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Rad Racer 2

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Page 1 is the outside front cover * Page 2 * This page was split up into two columns. They are marked as such... * left column This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. * Nintendo's Seal of Quality logo is here... This game is licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. * right column Thank you for selecting "RAD RACER II," the exciting new game from SQUARE. Please read this instruction booklet carefully to familiarize yourself with the general play of the game, as well as the proper handling of your new game pak. Then keep this instruction booklet handy to use as a reference guide. PRECAUTIONS 1) Do not touch the game pak's terminal connectors. Keep them free of dust and moisture. 2) Store your game pak at room temperature. Avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures. 3) Do not clean with paint thinner, benzene, alcohol, or other such solvents. 4) Avoid subjecting your game pak to shock. Never attempt to open or dismantle it. Nintendo recommends against using a rear projection television with your NES as image retention on the screen may occur. * Page 3 CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your success in your time trials has qualified you to race on eight of the most exciting tracks ever, in a tour that will take you across the country. Think you've got what it takes to meet these eight pulse-pounding challenges? Or will your nerves turn to soup causing you to blow it on some nasty hairpin curves, wiping out the most primo set oF wheels this side of Indy? Time to find out. Start your engines! TABLE OF CONTENTS How To Use The Controller 4 Special Turbo Boost Ignition 5 How To Play The Game 6 The Rad Racer II Dashboard 7 Description Of The Eight Courses 8 Music Selection And Driving Tips 12 Preview Direction Indicator 13 * Page 4 HOW TO USE THE CONTROLLER A button - Accelerate. B button - Brake. START button - Begins the game. SELECT button - Chooses background music. CONTROLLER PAD UP -Increases Turbo acceleration. DOWN - Increases engine rotation for Turbo Boost Ignition from a standing stop. LEFT - Steers car to the left. RIGHT - Steers car to the right. * Page 5 TURBO BOOST IGNITION ("POWER START") From a stopped position (0 miles per hour), press DOWN on the Controller Pad. The Turbo Boost Power Gauge on the bottom right of the dashboard will light up starting from the bottom of the meter. When the light reaches the top of the meter, press the A button to send your Rad Racer II into an immediate "power start" at over 250 m.p.h.! * Page 6 HOW TO PLAY Insert your Rad Racer II game pak into your Nintendo Entertainment System control deck. Press the Power button on the NES control deck. The red light should be lit. Press START on Controller #1. At the beginning of each stage, a map of the course for that stage will be displayed. Study it carefully. When you feel confident that you know it, press START and be glad that your windshield keeps the bugs out of your teeth! You're in for the ride of your life! There are a total of eight different courses (or stages) with two checkpoints for each stage. These two checkpoints lie between your starting position and your goal. There is a time limit to reach each checkpoint. If you reach your checkpoint with time remaining, those seconds will be added to your time limit for reaching the next checkpoint. Your Countdown Timer is located in the bottom center of your Rad Racer II dashboard. Remember: the number of crashes isn't important (except that they slow you down). The important thing to keep in mind is to make it to the checkpoint before your time runs out. If you wish to continue a stage and race the course again, during the "Course Progress" screen (at the end of a race), press START to return to the Title screen. At the Title screen, press A and start at the same time and you will continue at the stage you were on. To return to the first stage, simply press START at the Title screen. * Page 7 RAD RACER II DASHBOARD Lap Time Counter - records the time from the starting point to each check point. Tachometer - indicates the number of RPMs. The greater the RPMs, the greater the Turbo effectiveness. Preview Direction Indicator - indicates the direction of the approaching road. Speedometer - RRII horsepower. Trip Gauge - displays current progress on the course. Countdown Timer - displays time remaining. Turbo Boost Power Gauge - indicates engine rotation for the Turbo Boost Ignition "power start!" * Page 8 STAGE 1 KEY WEST It's a great day for racing. The lovely Florida coast with its crystal clear azure sky reflecting in the cool tempting ocean is a rewarding sight for this optimum visibility weather. The track is fairly challenging and resembles an opened paper clip. The palm trees are beautiful alongside the road, but be careful. They don't do much for a paint job. STAGE 2 BIG APPLE Driving in New York at night. Now this is what we call a challenge. Soak in the awesome New York skyline, but watch out for the two major turns in the track. The street lights that line the track provide ample visibility, but you won't appreciate them as much if you go too far off course. * Page 9 STAGE 3 GETTYSBURG That low overcast sky looks like it's trying to rain. But the weather adds rather than detracts from the pleasant bluegrass landscape. However, the peaceful view belies a nightmare course with more twisting, winding turns than a deboned snake. This one is not for those who get car sick easily. STAGE 4 MONUMENT VALLEY They say dinosaurs once roamed this desert-baked landscape. Now the only giants that call this barren plain home are the humongous rock formations that tower in the distance. Their huge forms and craggy, etched faces cast dark shadows, taking on a stark beauty in this dry, orange sunset. However, the smaller boulders lining the road don't seem quite as nice when you hit them at 200 plus m.p.h. * Page 10 STAGE 5 LAS VEGAS BLVD. Like the famous roulette wheels, the combination of this whirling spiral track and the neon skyline of the "City of Las Vegas" has a hypnotizing effect. It's night driving again and it's easy to become "velocitized," so stay alert. What's that? A spiral track is a sure thing, you say? Don't bet on it. STAGE 6 ROCKY MOUNTAINS Baby, it's cold outside. The snow-capped Rockies in the distance can be seen behind an icy fog and the white stuff has blanketed the surrounding ground as well. This kind of weather is known for hazardous driving conditions and traction is not good. Beware the snake-ripple curves near the end of the course. Hope the heater works. * Page 11 STAGE 7 TWILIGHT CALIFORNIA The purple haze of California at twilight. It's hard to beat a view like this. The mountains are silhouetted against a breathtaking sky and it is easy to be distracted. Statistics show that more driving accidents occur at this time of day than any other, so the wise driver will proceed with caution. Visibility is poor as is traction. STAGE 8 BAY BRIDGE With San Francisco on the horizon, your final goal is in sight. You only have a limited time to get to that next checkpoint and you must keep your speed up. However, if you hit the other drivers too hard, you will crash. Remember, this is California. You may have left your heart in San Francisco, but the rest of you will be spread out all over the road. * Page 12 MUSIC SELECTION FEATURE! You may select from two different tunes to provide the background music for your racing escapades. Or you may wish to race in silence, leaving all your concentration for the road. To choose the mode of listening pleasure you desire, simple press the SELECT button during the Course Map screen. The choices are: 1. Gumball Crash 2. Coast to Coast 3. Sing Yourself (no music) "INSIDE TIP" Try to stay in the middle during the straight stretches of track. During the curves, try to keep to the inside lane. Anticipate where the curve will begin and move to its inside lane. At this point, it may not yet be an "inside lane." In fact, it may be the outside lane on the last part of the curve you are currently on. Moving to this lane helps the Rad Racer II to take the next curve without sliding off the track, losing speed, or crashing. * Page 13 PREVIEW DIRECTION INDICATOR Try to keep a careful watch on the Preview Direction Indicator out of the corner of your eye as you drive. The indicator arrow will tell you the direction the track will take in the next few moments. This allows you to determine the most advantageous position on the track and gives you an opportunity to prepare for those knuckle whitening curves. SPECIAL STAGE SELECT SECRET TIP! This game pak contains a special "stage select" feature. At the Title screen, press the B button one time less than the number of the stage on which you wish to race. Then press LEFT, UP and START simultaneously. For example, if you wish to race on Stage Five, at the Title screen press the B button four times. Then, LEFT-UP-START simultaneously. If you want to go to a special "Midnight Practice" version of that stage, press B button eight more times before you press LEFT-UP-START. * Page 14 COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS This equipment generates and uses radio frequency energy and if not installed and used properly, that is, in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, may cause interference to radio and television reception. It has been type tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B computing device in accordance with the specifications in Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference in a residential installation. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the use is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient the receiving antenna Relocate the NES with respect to the receiver Move the NES away from the receiver Plug the NES into a different outlet so that computer and receiver are on different circuits If necessary, the user should consult the dealer or an experienced radio/ television technician for additional suggestions. The user may find the following booklet prepared by the Federal Communications Commission helpful: How to Identify and Resolve Radio-TV Interference Problems. This booklet is available from the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, Stock No. 004-000-00345-4. * Page 15 LIMITED WARRANTY SQUARE SOFT, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of this software product that the medium on which this computer program is recorded is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This software program is sold "as is," without express or implied warranty of any kind, and SQUARE SOFT, Inc. is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind resulting from use of this program. SQUARE SOFT, Inc. agrees for a period of ninety (90) days to either repair or replace, at its option, free of charge, any SQUARE SOFT software product, postage paid, with proof of date of purchase at its Factory Service Center. To receive this warranty: 1. DO NOT return your defective Game Pak to the retailer. 2. Notify the SQUARE SOFT Factory Service Center at Westpark, G-l, 8347 154th Avenue NE, Redmond, WA 98052 (206-861-0101). When you write to us, please provide us with your phone number and a brief explanation of what appears to be wrong. This warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the software product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment, or neglect. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND NO OTHER REPRESENTATIONS OR CLAIMS OF ANY NATURE SHALL BE BINDING ON OR OBLIGATE SQUARE SOFT. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES APPLICABLE TO THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO THE NINETY (90} DAY PERIOD DESCRIBED ABOVE. IN NO EVENT WILL SQUARE SOFT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM POSSESSION, USE OR MALFUNCTION OF THIS SQUARE SOFT SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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