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Rad Racer

Typed out by Rad Racer(tm) Instruction Booklet Sports Series --- Thank you for selecting the Nintendo Entertainment System(r) Rad Racer(tm) Pak Object of the game/game description As the last traces of color leave the sky you're hanging out by your new wheels, anxious for the race to start. Transamerica - from the West Coast to the East Coast. Okay. It's time. You jump into the driver's seat, feeling the awesome power beneath you. Stepping through the gears, the cars around you fade into tiny specks in the rear view mirror. Look out! You're on top of a hairpin curve. Whoa. The tires screech and your heart hits your rib cage, but you make it, laughing. There's only a few more of these 'till you reach the plains. Then it happens. Another curve hits you in the face. It's too fast. You struggle for the shoulder, but the next thing you know you're catapulting through the air - almost weightless - until your body tears up against the seat belt. Then. All is still. Not a scratch on you. And the protective ceramic overcoating on your car did the trick - no major damage. You let out a scream, turn the car around, and hit it. There's still time. But you've got to be cool. Alert. You're headed straight for the coast and those glorious checkered flags. Defying the odds again. --- Names of controller parts and operating instructions Controller 1 - Used for all games Controller 2 - Not used A button: Accelerate This button increases the speed of your car. B button: Brake This button decreases the speed of your car. Control Pad Up: Used to cut in the turbo. When you exceed 100 km/h and press this, the car will accelerate beyond its normal speed. Left/Right: Used to control your car. Down: Used for background music selection. Four different variations can be selected: one of three melodies, or no melody. It can also be changed mid-game. SELECT button At start of game... This button is used to select the type of car (328 Twin Turbo or F1 Machine). In mid-game... This button is used to change the screen mode. * The screen is normally in the regular play mode, but when you use the red/ blue 3-D glasses provided and press this button, it changes to the red/blue 3-D play mode. Pressing the button again changes it back to the regular play mode. START button This button is used to start a game. You can continue your last game by pressing the START button while pressing the A button Pause: If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the START button. The pause tone will sound, and the game will stop. Press the START button again when you wish to continue playing. The game will continue from where you left off. --- How to play Screen Layout [left to right..] Remaining time (When you pass the checkered flag, additional time is added.) Tachometer Speedometer Distance covered (S=Start, G=Goal) Score Winning Strategies * Familiarize yourself with each road course. * Never forget the limits of your car. * Don't fail to notice the "Curve" signs. * Competitors can become allies, depending on your technique. * Be prepared for any kind of accident. Techniques * Turbo When the speedometer tops 100 km/h, the powerful turbo increases acceleration. * Slipstream This is an effective way to protect your car from being attacked by a competitor by aligning it exactly behind his car. * Out/In/Out This technique lets you take corners at faster speeds by driving first on the outer edge, then cutting in straight across the inner edge, and finally returning to the outer edge. * Touch and Turn With this highly advanced technique, you hit a competitor's car, get flipped and thrown in the air, and use this to your advantage. --- Stages and Characters Stage 1 * You drive from midday to twilight to dawn, under a vividly changing sky. * A VW bug enters the course. Stage 2 * This is a night drive towards the night skyline of San Francisco. * A Corvette enters the course. Stage 3 * You maneuver through a stretch of majestic, rocky mountains. * A Citroen enters the course. Stage 4 * The course is space-warped to Athens, with its famous white temples. * A Mercedes-Benz enters the course. Stage 5 * You race under a night sky towards skyscrapers. * A Lamborghini enters the course. Stage 6 * This stretch runs through the Rocky Mountains. * A Lotus enters the course. Stage 7 * You drive carefully through quickly changing weather conditions. * A Porsche enters the course. Stage 8 * The race concludes with a special course at dawn along a coastal highway. * A Testarossa enters the course.

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