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Quattro Arcade

Typed out by Steve Begin (I typed the manual as close to the original as I could. In fact, I even left the mistakes in the manual unchanged!) FOUR GAMES IN ONE CARTRIDGE: - F-16 Renegade - C.J's Elephant Antics - Go! Dizzy Go! - Stunt Buggies 4 QUATTRO ARCADE (Camerica) --------------------------- Written by CodeMasters Published by Camerica Codemasters, Quattro Arcade, F-16 Renegade, C.J., C.J's Elephant Antics, Dizzy, Go! Dizzy Go! and Stunt Buggies are are trademarks of Codemasters Software Company Limited 1992. All Rights Reserved. Camerica is a registered trademark of Camerica Limited Inc. This product is licensed to Camerica Limited, Inc. by Codemasters Software Company Limited. Quattro Arcade is a product of Camerica Limited, Inc. and is not designed, manufactured, distibuted or endorsed by Nintendo of America Inc. Codemasters Helpline 1 900 RESTART 1 900 737 8278 Calls cost $1.75 for the first minute and 90 cents thereafter. Phone the Codemasters Helpline for Hints, Tips and Mega Secrets that will help you play Quattro Arcade. If you are under 18, you MUST have your parents permission. Touchtone phones only. Hints and Secrets include: Extra Lives, Level Warps, Extra Power-Ups. Camerica Limited Inc. 3701 Commercial Avenue Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA Tel: 708-498-4525 IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS --------------------- We recommend that you take a 10 to 20 minute break for every 2 hours of play. Also to avoid eye strain, play the game at a reasonable distance from the T.V. DO NOT touch the connectors or get them wet or dirty. DO NOT clean the game case with benzene, alcohol, paint thinner or other such solvents. DO NOT store the game in places that are very hot or very cold. DO NOT hit it or drop it or attempt to take it apart. DO NOT use on a FRONT OR REAR PROJECTOR TV. Projection TV's can be permanently damaged by displaying stationary screens or patterns, eg. a game in pause mode. Camerica will not be held liable for any such damage. It is not a defect of the game, any stationary image can cause such damage. Please contact your TV manufacturer for more information. Game does not work or play? Customer Helpline toll free In U.S.A. only - 0-800-598-2096 In Canada only - 1-800-565-2688 Camerica Games SELECT GAME ----------- 1 F-16 Renegade C.J's Elephant Antics 7 13 Go! Dizzy Go! Stunt Buggies 19 Choose your game. By using ultra-large memory chips we are able to bring you four full-sized games on one cartridge. The first thing you will need to do when you Power- On is select which game you want to activate. Use the SELECT button to point the arrow on the screen at the game you want to play. Press the START button to activate the game, then read the section in this booklet about playing the game. During play you can use the RESET button to start the chosen game again. When you want to choose a new game you should Power-Off, wait a few seconds, and Power-On again. F-16 RENEGADE ------------- Things are not quite what they seem down at Fairview High School. Behind the door to the computer room the mild mannered head of department, Professor Helix, is secretely plotting to take over the world! Using only his PC Professor Helix logged into USAF's central computer and set in motion a program which will scramble all of America's Air Force and automatically fly it on a mission to start World War III! Professor Helix's respectable facade hides the character of a mad megalomaniac bent on destruction. Todd Freeman is the only guy who can stop the apocalypse. As a student of Helix, Todd discovered the dastardly plan and tried to warn the Air Force. Unfortunately the Generals at the local base thought Todd was a crazy kid and ignored his pleas. Now Todd is about to take action himself. That night, claiming he had an assignment to finish, Todd went to the computer room and logged onto USAF central. Finding the flight training program for the F-16 Falcon Jet, he gave himself a crash course in combat flying. Satisfied that he could handle the F-16 Todd left the school and headed for the Air Base. He scaled the perimeter fence without attracting attention and managed to keep the guard dogs at bay with some candy he had in his pocket. Soon he was in the cockpit of the F-16 and pleased to see the keys were still in the dash. He fired it up just in time as all around him other planes were auto-piloting down the runway as they took orders from professor Helix's program... IT'S ALL IN YOUR HANDS... You are Todd Freeman and you must Defeat Professor Helix's computer controlled Air Force to stop World War III! - Good Luck! CONTROLLING THE F-16 Here are the details avout the control systems of the F-16 which Todd learned when he broke in to the USAF computer: A Button: Fire a bullet (hold the button down for continuous fire or tap it quickly for rapid fire) B Button: Smart Bomb (you start out with one but you can pick up more as you progress through the game) Up/Down/Left & Right: Move the plane Start: Pause Select: Select One or Two player game on title screen WEAPONS SPECIFICATION Pick-Ups can be set off by shooting all the planes in a BLUE squadron... S: Smart Bomb P: Weapons Power-Ups L: Extra Life Each weapon is progressively more powerful. Some planes take more than one hit to kill with the weaker weapons. TWO PLAYER GAME This is a COMPETITIVE Two player game; the aim is to out-survive your opponent... As you hit an enemy, your opponent will rise up the screen, closer to the enemy and so closer to the danger! There is a bar on the Two player panel with 6 dots. You must light all the dots to your colour... White: player One and Black: player Two. The Two player game is only played in the overhead sections. FLYING TIPS... - Try to learn the movement patterns on the first level -you can pick up a lot of bonuses at the start if you can shoot the BLUE planes. - Try to kill the ground based weapon sites quickly as they fire deadly homing missiles. - There are 20 missions for Todd to complete, 10 overhead and 10 3-D. C.J'S ELEPHANT ANTICS --------------------- C.J.'s elephant antics have landed him in BIG trouble this time. Out exploring the jungle far from home, he stumbled into an elephant trap! And now he was being flown to a zoo, destined to spend the rest of his life in captivity! But as the plane flew through some bad turbulence, C.J.'s cage shook and flew open. "Wow!", shouted C.J., "What a break! Adios, zookeeper dudes, I'm outta here!". Grabbing a nearby umbrella, he dashed for the exit and jumped out... Using his umbrella as a makeshift parachute, he floated gently down to the ground. One look at the famous Eiffel Tower was enough to tell him he was far, far away from his folks back home. "Great jumping Jumbos!", C.J. exclaimed, "I've touched down in Paris!". So C.J. started out on his fantastic journey home, through the City of Paris, across the mountains of Switzerland, exploring the great pyramids of Egypt, and then into the jungle, deep in the heart of Africa. ELEPHANT WITH A MISSION C.J. is faced with the mammoth task of getting back to his family in Africa. On his way he'll have to watch out for a whole load of bad guys; Freaky Frogs, Savage Snowmen, Slimy Snails and even Psycho Poodles! Luckily C.J. is not defenceless, he can shoot peanuts through his trunk and even throw bombs. CONTROLLING C.J. A Button: Makes C.J. jump B Button: Shoots peanuts through C.J.'s trunk (C.J. never runs out of peanuts but he can only fire one at a time) Left & Right: Walks C.J. left and right. C.J. gradually speeds up when a direction is held) Down: Throws a bouncing bomb (unless C.J. is out of bombs) Start: Pause Select: Used on the title page to select a One or Two player game (more on this later) BOMBS... Bombs are very useful for getting rid of awkward enemies, but be careful not to waste them. SPIKES There are lots of spikes in C.J.'s way. Try to steer well clear of them as they are all instantly fatal. LIFTS There are many moving platforms that C.J. must use to progress through the game. Simply hop aboard and get ready to jump off at the right time! BOSSES When you reach the end of each level you will meet the Boss that blocks your way to the next level. You must shoot or bomb these bosses into oblivion, while they will do their best to put an end to C.J.'s Elephant Antics C.J.'S HANDY UMBRELLA When C.J. jumps or falls off a ledge, he uses his umbrella as a makeshift parachute, letting him fall from great heights. TWO PLAYER GAME In the Two player game both players play at the same time. player One controls the red C.J. and player Two controls the blue C.J. Red C.J. will throw blue bombs and blue C.J. will throw red bombs. Sometimes you will see green, yellow or brown bomb icon; pick these up as they will give you another 10 extra bombs. BONUSES When some enemies go "Pop!" they leave behind fruit or cakes that C.J. can scoff for extra points. Sometimes they leave extra bombs, or a can of fizzy drink that will give C.J. a burst of energy. GO! DIZZY GO! ------------- "It's a nightmare!", thought Dizzy. His arch enemy the Evil Wizard Zaks had done it again! He kidnapped Dizzy's friends whilst they were having a picnic in the woods and cast them into several strange and dangerous new worlds. Dizzy and Denzil must defeat the wizard's weird mazes to rescue their poor friends. Each friend has been trapped in a world of make-believe with many magical monsters. Dylan was transported to a mysterious undersea world, deep on the ocean floor. He has only a few hours oxygen, so he must be rescued first. Poor old Dora is lost in a dark and gloomy forest where every route she takes leads to another tree. Grand Dizzy has been sent to an ancient and perilous Egyptian city. Dozy suddenly found himself in a lonely mountain wilderness and Daisy has been imprisoned in the tallest tower of the evil wizard's castle! Only you can help Dizzy and Denzil re-unite the Yolkfolk... Go! Dizzy Go! DIZZY'S QUEST FOR THE YOLKFOLK For Dizzy to rescue his friends he must collect all the fruits in each of Zaks' mazes. When Dizzy completes five levels, he can go onto the next world. There are five worlds for Dizzy to complete: World 1 Dylan Underwater World 2 Dora Forest World 3 Grand Dizzy Pyramid World 4 Dozy Mountain World 5 Daisy Castle Dosy, lost in the mountain wilderness, 'If I could find my way out, maybe I could get some sleep' CONTROLS You can choose to play either Dizzy or Denzil. Dizzy is controlled from pad 1, Denzil is controlled from pad 2... Up/Down/Left & Right: will make Dizzy (or Denzil) move around the maze. Select: Switches between One player, Two player and Contest on the title screen. Start: Starts the game and pauses the game when in play. THE DIFFERENT GAME MODES One player mode: This is just Dizzy on his own crusading against the enemy. Two player mode: This enables Dizzy to team up with Denzil to defeat the enemy. Contest mode: This is really a competition to see who can get the highest score, not to see who can complete the most levels. There are six lives between you and when the other player dies, you get a massive score bonus. You use shared lives until they run out and the game finishes. IT'S A BONUS! When playing the game, you will notice that one of the fruits is flashing, if you collect this, you will get a bonus and another fruit will flash. Collect all the fruits in this order to get a HUGE score bonus. GAMEPLAY There are many different ways of playing Go! Dizzy Go! It is sometimes better to leave a monster trapped in a square instead of killing it. If you decide to kill it, it will re-appear a few seconds later in a different place. POWER-UP! The five worlds to be conquered are littered with all sorts of mean and nasty baddies. Wobbly jellyfish, Stinging Scorpions, Bulky Rock Monsters, Shocking Electric Eels and Grinning Pumpkins are just the start of it! Luckily there is a vast amount of Power-Ups too. Special icons will appear so pick'em up! Some will let you pass through the edges of the screen, some will allow you to move any block, then there are Smart Bombs, Shields, Bonuses and many others which change the gameplay when they are picked up. THE SCORING SYSTEM On Go! Dizzy Go! you are given a score grading at the end of your game. This is indicated by a colour so you can see how good you are. The colours go: Red (lowest) through Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White, Bronze (most players could eventually get this), Silver (very good score), Gold and Platinum (very rare - amazing score!) -Good Luck! STUNT BUGGIES ------------- It didn't seem the ideal birthday situations. Your folks having to spend the day with a sick relative while you're shunted off to stay with old uncle Zeb the inventor in his massive and probably haunted house. However waht greets you when you awake in your strange new bedroom does seem like the ideal birthday present. A miniature, totally cool, fully working sports buggy. With uncle Zeb already about his strange business in the attic, you decide to take this mean machine for a spin in the apparently endless passages of the house. Whilst cruising in the basement, you notice a white light coming from a crack in the ceiling. "Uncle Zeb must have left a light on", you think, drawing closer. Suddenly a trap door opens and you are sucked up into a beautiful but bewildering new world. It seems to be under attack from an army of automated horrors attempting to devastate the landscape. You're still not sure how or why you're here but your help is obviously needed and with the trapdoor closing behind you there seems to be no choice... BOMBS! You've been plunged into a strange new world and it's under attack! Your job is to drive around the mazes in your Stunt Buggy and collect all the bombs that have been planted there. To collect the bombs you will have to avoid an assortment of weird and wonderful vehicles. Luckily your Stunt Buggy is equipped with smoke which will temporarily confuse the emeny cars, allowing you to escape. THE SCREEN DISPLAY The bar at the top left of the screen shows how much smoke you have left. To the right of the bar is the lives counter. On the bottom right of thescreen is the radar. This shows you all the action going on in the maze... White dots: Enemy Flashing white dot: Your car Pulsing circle: The next bomb to collect To the left of the radar is a counter which tells you how many bombs you have to collect. CONTROLLING YOUR STUNT BUGGY B button: Drop smoke Up/down/left & right: will turn you car at the next available opportunity(*) Select: Moves radar to other side of the screen Start: Pause A button: No effect (*) You can use the direction buttons before you reach a corner and the move will be remembered. COLLECTING BOMBS If you collect the bombs in their flashing order, you will be given question marks which will give your car a Power-Up. Most of these are good, but some are bad, so learn which ones appear where. THE BONUS GAME On this level you must collect all the dollar signs. But beware! -the dollar signs turn into killer spikes as soon as you run over them. TWO PLAYER GAME In Two player mode, the players take turns to control their cars. Each car is a different colour and the player's number appears above the car as it appears from the hole. STUNT TIPS - Learn how to 'smoke' the cars and then pass through them -this is very important! - On some levels you will have to collect the bombs in flashing order, this is because you will need the mystery power-ups to complete the level. - If you are taking too long to complete a level, a special enemy car will appear to make you hurry up! - The closer enemy cars are the more they will home in! - Look out for hidden warps and cheats! CODEMASTERS ----------- Three more CodeMasters game available from Camerica. Micro Machines THE VIDEO GAME This is your chance to experience real life, high speed action scaled down to fantastic miniature. You can race formula one racing cars on a pool table, helicopters around the garden or boats around the bath tub, 11 individual characters and 9 kinds of Micromachines. This game is absolutely brilliant! Quattro Adventure - 4 incredible adventure games in one cartridge. Boomerang Kid, Super Robin Hood, Treasure Island Dizzy, Linus Spacehead. How much fun can you cram into one game cart? Frenzied platform action, scores of secret rooms, mind-bending puzzles, strange lands to explore- months upon months of challenging gameplay! Quattro Sports - 4 perfect sports simulation game in one cartridge. Baseball Pros, Soccer Simulator, Pro Tennis, BMX Simulator. Each of the 4 games in the collection is carefully researched and programmed to be as accurate as possible and to capture the tension and atmosphere of the original sport. About CodeMasters and its young founders ---------------------------------------- David and Richard Darling started writing video games while they were in their early teens and still at school in England. From these beginnings, David and Richard became contract games authors. They wrote games for many major British software houses, and many of them turned out to be run away best sellers. The boys had by then realised that they had a natural talent for coming up with games that people really want to play! David and Richard formed CodeMasters their own company, in October 1986. Within a year CodeMasters was the best selling games software publisher in the UK. Codemasters has dominated UK charts. Over thirty of the worlds best games people work at CodeMasters global headquarters, a 96 acre farm in the heart of rural England. CodeMasters has the resources, the expertise and the drive to bring you the very best in video game entertainment and thats exactly what Richard and David aim to do!

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