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Typed out by Foobar Manual runs portrait format rather than the standard landscape format - looks kind of like a notepad Predator (NES-PL-USA) - NES Game Pak Manual [page 1 - Official stuff] [large size type centered at top] SCHWARZENEGGER [^_^ okay.. this and an even bigger PREDATOR at the bottom of the page on the right(/bottom) can be found throughout the manual...] Credits Predator was developed by Pack-In Video. Produced by Tom Sloper. Product management by Chris Garske. Product testing by Kelly Zmak. User's guide by Terrence R. McInnes. Editorial management by Steven Young. Production management by Nancy Waisanen. For a recorded message about our newest software, call 415 329-7699. For technical help call Product Support between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Pacific time Monday through Friday: 415 329-7699 If you have a modem, you can contact Activision through our electronic Product Support Bulletin Board System: 415 329-7684. For information about our products, write to: Product Support This official seal is your assurance Activision, Inc. that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it P.O. Box 3048 has met our standards for excellence in Menlo Park, CA 94025 workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System.(R) For the best service, be sure to note the subject of your inquiry on the outside of the envelope. Copying Prohibited [etc. etc. describing who owns what ^_^] [page 1] PREDATOR The Predator would like nothing better than to skin you alive and add your skull to his collection. The Predator knows no pain - and shows no mercy. He's already destroyed all the men of your crack commando unit. Blow him away once and he'll just come back - just for fun and just for you. Soon you'll wonder which one of you is the hunter and which is the hunted. When you're dropped into the jungle, you'll get to battle guerillas hand-to-hand while dodging scorpions, deadly rolling rocks, and the Predator's pets. Survive all that and you get to meet the Predator - again and again. In Predator, just staying alive through all the stages of raw combat action is winning. [page 2] Getting Started * Insert the Predator cartridge in your Nintendo Entertainment System as instructed in your owner's guide. * Turn on your game system and TV or monitor. The Predator title screen will appear with trademark information and a familiar figure staring at you. Then you'll see how the Predator comes to Earth. * "Dutch" Schaefer and the Predator will repeat forever until you press START to go to the start screen. * Select START to read the lead-in story or, [Picture: An NES controller without the or wire (but correctly labeled ^_^) got rudely stuck in between these two points ^_^] * Select Continue to bypass the lead-in story. * If you're reading the lead-in story, press the A button to page through the seven pages. They will refresh your memory about how your commandos got wasted by this blood-thirsty monster! * Press A to play after reading the story screens. You'll go to the Stage 1 title screen. [page 3] * Press A to play the game. If you die, press A again in your next life. * While you are playing in a jungle stage (not Big Mode) you can press the START button to pause the game. Press it again to resume play, or press A or B to self-destruct. * Press the RESET button on your Nintendo Entertainment System at any time to restart the game from the beginning. Directing Dutch * Control Dutch's movements with the direction arrow keypad. Press the right arrow to move him right, and the left arrow to make him move left. Press the down arrow to make him duck. In the jungle mode only, press the up arrow to warp to the next game stage after Dutch finds the cave in the jungle. * Press the A button to make Dutch jump. Press the right button or left button while he is in the air to control where he lands. The longer you hold A down, the higher Dutch jumps. * In the jungle mode only, press the B button to make Dutch fire his weapon. [page 4] Playing the Game - The Jungle Welcome to the jungle, Dutch. You arrive with only the clothes on your back. You see tree-covered ledges ahead of you, mostly blocked by piles of rock or cut by bottomless chasms. You need to jump from ledge to ledge to find weapons, and to find the cave that will lead you to the next stage. Until you find a machinegun, a laser rifle, or a grenade, all you have are your fists. Your first job is to find a weapon fast. Meanwhile, you must dodge or destroy guerillas before they destroy you. Watch out for scorpions. One touch from them and you lose a life point. There are other creatures including moving boulders. If anything moves, get out of the way, jump over it, or shoot it. You can duck and shoot at the same time, a good way to waste scorpions. But you can't duck and punch at the same time. Dutch has ten life points. Any time he is shot by a guerilla, or touched by a scorpion, he loses a life point. These appear as white boxes in a row along the top of the screen. The number of lives he has left also appears at the top of the screen along with the weapon he is carrying. When he loses all ten points, he dies, losing one of his lives. Falling in a chasm is instant death. If he loses all lives, the game is over. Dutch's Weapons Punch - Dutch can always rely on his fists. If he has [A fist] no other weapon, he can punch out his opponents. Good against the guerillas, useless against other creatures. [page 5] Machinegun - Good against guerillas and jungle [a machinegun] creatures. With special ammunition available in the Ethereal Zone, you can destroy the Predator with your machinegun. Laser Rifle - You can destroy anything with your laser [laser rifle] rifle including the Predator. You can also destroy rocks in the jungle, making you jungle journey a little easier. Grenade (PINE) - Grenades destroy anything, in- [a grenade] cluding Dutch. Be careful where you place the grenade to avoid destroying our hero. Jumping Be careful when you make Dutch jump from ledge to ledge or across chasms. He won't make it across wide chasms without using small ledges along the way. Be sure to use your left and right arrow keys to guide him to safe landing when he jumps. Playing the Game - The Ethereal Zone Your job is to keep Dutch alive and fighting. You begin in Big Mode 1. You'll see on the Big Mode 1 title screen how many lives Dutch has available for this challenge. Press A to play and you enter the Ethereal Zone. Dutch must dodge or destroy oncoming blue or purple spheres [page 6] or other objects with his machinegun. If they touch him he is wound- ed. he also has to catch red drops to earn extra life points. Dutch can't shoot fireballs except with reaction bullets. Keep destroying blue and purple spheres for a while - then blue and purple clusters appear. Shoot these, too. All spheres and clusters can become things you can grab when you touch them. Some of the spheres and clusters turn to ammunition carrier spheres when you shoot them. Dutch can jump up and grab the ammunition carriers and use the ammo in his machinegun. These have the symbols shown below and carry the following types of ammunition: * Boomerang Bullets - these bullets will return to you [a circled )] and can be guided by the direction arrows while in flight. * Continuous Bullets - These fire in continuous bursts. They are standard ammunition. You start [circled |||] with these loaded in your machinegun. You get more either from a blue sphere or automatically as you destroy objects. * Shotgun Bullets - Several bullets fly in all directions [4 dots] when you fire these. Hit an object and you get an ex- tra shot. You can only get four of these while you're in Big Mode. * Reaction Bullets - If a reaction bullet hits an object, [circled X] it will automatically destroy all opponents on the screen except the Predator. Very useful when the Predator attacks. [page 7] Each time Dutch is wounded, he loses one of his 8 life points. His life point total appears as a column of blue boxes on the left of the screen. When he loses a life point, a box turns black. When his life points reach zero, he dies, but can come back three additional times if you press A. When he dies four times the game is over. The blue clusters signal something else - The Predator is on his way. Suddenly he shows up with Predator skulls shielding him. Dutch needs to destroy the Predator before the Predator destroys Dutch. The Predator's life points appear as a column of blue boxes on the right edge of the screen. Dutch need to hit him 8 times to destroy him. When the Predator takes eight hits, he explodes and the game moves back to the jungle for the next stage. On to the next Stage If Dutch remains alive after battling through the jungle, he will find the cave that takes him to the next stage. If there are two caves, you'll have to choose one. Once he's there, press the up arrow key to warp him to the next stage. Although there are 30 stages in all, you'll skip some of them because some stages have two caves. So you'll have to fight your way through 20 stages in all to achieve your goal. Picking Up Where You Left Off If you succeed in playing the game beyond stage 5, don't restart by selecting Start on the options screen. Instead, select Continue - you'll restart at stage 5. [page 8 - FCC regulations] [page (9) - 90-day warranty]

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