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Typed out by Robert Ferguson POPEYE by Nintendo OBJECT OF THE GAME/GAME DESCRIPTION Popeye and Brutus are at it again in this video contest for Olive Oyl's affection. As Popeye, you must battle the likes of Brutus and the Sea Hag while you race to collect all of the floating hearts that Olive tosses to you. Once you have Spinach power, Popeye can conquer all, but without it, watch out! NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Controller 1-For playing alone. Controller 2-For second player in 2 player games. Controller 1/Controller 2 A Button-He punches. B Button-Not used. CONTROL PAD-Moves Popeye. UP-He climbs up ladders and stairs. RIGHT-He walks to the right. DOWN-He climbs down ladders and stairs. LEFT-He walks to the left. *Select and Start buttons are not used on Controller 2. Select and Start buttons are functional on Controller 1 ONLY. SELECT Button-Press this during the demonstration sequence to recall the game menu. Press this button again to move the asterisk (*) to the game you wish to select: 1 Player game A-Beginner 1 Player game B-Expert 2 Player game A-Beginners 2 Player game B-Experts The select button will not work once the game has begun. START Button-Press this button to begin. Pause-If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the Start button. The pause tone will sound and the game will stop. Press the Start button again when you wish to continue playing. The game will continue where you left off. *The top score will reset to 0 if the reset button (on the control deck) is pressed or the power is turned off. *Use Controller 1 for 1 Player games. *Use Controller 1 and 2 for 2 Player games. HOW TO PLAY Olive throws things and Popeye has to pick them up while avoiding the attacks of Brutus, Seahag and Bernard. In round I, Olive throws hearts; in round II, musical notes; and in round III, letters of the alphabet. Try to pick them all up before they sink in the water. Popeye's Purpose: To collect everything thrown by Olive. Round I: Collect the hearts. Round II: Collect the musical notes. Round III: Collect the letters (H,E,L and P) Tricks *Use the ladder. *Popeye can take a shortcut by running through the side of the TV screen at the places shown below. [Where it says THRU!] *Press the punch button to punch bottles, skulls, and Bernard. If Popeye punches spinach, he will gain extra power for a while. *In round II, avoid attacks from Brutus and the others by using the jumping board. Scoring *Points for hearts, musical notes, and letters differ depending on which floor they are picked up on. Popeye scores double when he is powered up by spinach. *When Popeye is powered up by spinach, he can knock out Brutus (3000 pts.). Popeye also scores for punching bottles, skulls or Bernard (100 pts. for bottles and skulls, 1000 pts. for Bernard). *You also get points when you cover Brutus with the tub. You gain more points on the lower floors. 3rd floor 1000 pts. 2nd floor 2000 pts. 1st floor 4000 pts. Bonus If your score exceeds 20,000 pts., you get one extra Popeye and a fanfare. Beware! The following are deadly to Popeye: 1. Popeye is bumped by Brutus or Bernard. 2. Popeye is hit by an up/down attack by Brutus. 3. A bottle thrown by Brutus hits Popeye. 4. A skull thrown by Seahag hits Popeye. 5. A heart, musical note, or letter sinks in the water. When any of these occur, one Popeye is lost. The game is over when all Popeyes have been lost. Rounds After you pick up everything, you proceed to the next round. The higher the round, the more often Popeye gets attacked. Compete to see who gets the highest score or who lasts the most rounds!

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