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Typed out by Steve Begin PIN * BOT (1990 Nintendo) Instruction Booklet --PAGE 1-- This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. (Picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) --PAGE 2-- Thanks for buying the Pin Bot(tm) Game Pak for your Nintendo Entertainment System(tm) Please read this booklet thoroughly, then save it for future reference. GAME DESCRIPTION Pin Bot, one of the finest pinball machines ever made, has now been converted to video. All of the action of the real game is here: robot-like speech, multi-ball play, the jet bumpers, and the mysterious robot visor. Some new features have been added as well: 6 progressively more difficult levels, enemies that attack your flippers or try to steal the ball on the playfield, and different ball shapes. Pin Bot talks. Pin Bot observes. Pin Bot challenges you. PRECAUTIONS 1) This is a high precision Game Pak. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it. Do not take it apart. 2) Avoid touching the connectors. Do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the Game Pak and/or the Control Deck. 3) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents. 4) Store the Game Pak in its protective sleeve when not in use. 5) Always check the Game Pak edge connector for foreign material before inserting the Game Pak into the Control Deck. Note: In the interest of product improvement, Nintendo Entertainment System specification and design are subject to change without notice. --PAGE 3-- Names of controller parts and operating instructions Controller 1 Control Pad: Any direction operates the left flipper. Select Button: Bumps the machine to the right. Start Button: Starts the game. Bumps the machine to the left. A Button: Operates the right flipper. B Button: Pulls the plunger. Controller 2 Control Pad: Moves selection box in Pause mode. Select Button: Not used. Start Button: Not used. A Button: Turns options on and off in Pause mode. B Button: Pauses the game. --PAGE 4-- Begin the game by pressing the START Button, then selecting the desired number of players and pressing START again. Pin Bot will announce "Pin Bot circuits activated." Then, use the B Button to pull back the plunger and put the ball in play. The longer you hold the B Button, the farther the plunger is pulled. Try to keep the ball in play as long as possible by hitting it with the flippers. If it looks like the ball is going to drain, use the START and/or SELECT Buttons to bump the machine and change the ball's path. --PAGE 5-- The screen will scroll to always show the ball. Because the Pin Bot playfield is so long, the screen will split so that it shows your flippers at all times too. You will find this very helpful when the ball comes down the playfield quickly as you won't have to guess where your flippers are. You get a total of three balls (plus any extra balls you earn,) after which your game is over. In the middle of the playfield, you will see a map of the Solar System with the nine planets. You start at Pluto and are trying to work your way to the lit destination planet (lights the extra ball lanes and then travel to the Sun to light the SPECIAL. --PAGE 6-- Pin Bot's Visor (At the top center of the playfield) Elect Hole (Hole to the left of Pin Bot's Visor) The Vortex (The spiral to the right of Pin Bot's Visor) Solar Ramp (Ramp at the top left of the playfield) Light Grid (Lights below Pin Bot's Visor) Drop Targets (Below the Solar Ramp) Jet Bumpers (Below The Vortex) Bonus Mutiplier Indicator (At the bottom center of the playfield) Extra Ball Light (Below the Bonus Multiplier Indicator) Flippers (Two at the bottom center of the playfield) Plunger (At the bottom right of the playfield) Status Screens (Under the playfield) --PAGE 7-- STATUS SCREENS At the bottom of the playfield, there are two status screens. These will tell you various things such as your score, the bonus value, the vortex value, the solar value, or the energy value. The status screens automatically change to show you the most important information. THE VORTEX When you put a ball in play, the first place it goes is into the vortex. Depending on how hard you shoot the ball, the vortex is worth different amounts. If you shoot the ball lightly and it goes in the first hole, the vortex is worth 5,000 points. The second hole is worth 100,000 points and the third hole is worth 20,000 points. It's pretty hard to shoot the ball just right to get it in the second hole, but well worth the effort! The vortex also multiplies in value (1X to 10X) every time you shoot a ball from the plunger (the vortex multiplier resets to 1X at the start of every ball.) LIGHT GRID This grid of lights is lined by targets on its right and upper sides. Hitting these targets will light up lights on the grid as well as advancing the bonus value. When the whole grid is lit up, Pin Bot will announce "I am in your control", and the visor will open. If you shoot a ball into the visor area, it will become trapped and Pin Bot will say "Partial linkup". At this time another ball will appear at the plunger. If you can get this ball into the other hole in his visor, Pin Bot will say "Now I see you," and attack you by shooting both balls out for multi-ball play! During multi-ball play, all point values are doubled. --PAGE 8-- SOLAR RAMP Normally, shooting a ball up this ramp will advance the bonus multiplier and add 50,000 to the Solar Value. If you are in multi-ball play and you shoot one of the balls into Pin Bot's visor, Pin Bot will respond "Shoot for Solar Value". If you shoot a ball through the solar ramp while one ball is "locked" the playfield will advance to the next level and you will collect the Solar Value. EJECT HOLE This hole increases in value by 25,000 (to a maximum 75,000) everytime the inside right rollover lane is passed through. After increasing to 75,000, it will light to activate the rollover lane lights for an extra ball. DROP TARGETS Hitting one of the drop targets will make the large light in front of the targets start flashing. If you get the rest of the targets down before the light stops flashing, you will advance one planet on the playfield. If you get to the Sun, the target just below the Jet Bumpers will light for the SPECIAL. Just in front of the three drop targets, there are three small lights. If you hit a drop target when the light in fornt of it is lit, a flap at the entrance to the Solar Ramp opens up for a limited time. If you shoot the ball in here you will collect the Energy Value (the Energy Value increases when you hit the Jet Bumpers.) --PAGE 9-- Pause Mode/Option Selection Screen When you press the B Button on controller 2 to pause the game, three symbols will appear on the screen: Music Notes: Music On/Off Lips: Speech On/Off Explosion: Sound effects On/Off You can turn any of these options on or off by selecting it with the Control Pad and pressing the A Button. If a symbol is lit, it is turned on. If a symbol is dark it is turned off. Press the B Button again to return to the game. --PAGE 10-- Entering High Scores If your score is in the top 10, you will be able to enter your initials. Use the Control Pad to select the letters and the A Button to enter them. Select END when you're through. The high scores will be reset to their original settings when the power is turned off. --PAGE 11-- Tips * Use the START and SELECT Buttons to bump the machine if it looks like you are going to lose the ball. * Go for the SPECIALS! When you advance to the Sun, the SPECIAL target below the Jet Bumpers will light. Hit this target and something SPECIAL is sure to happen! * When in multi-ball play, concentrate on the area close to the flippers. If you start watching other parts of the playfield, you're likely to lose a ball. * Pin Bot is a complex machine. There are many secrets other than those given in this booklet. Good Luck!

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