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Paper Boy

Typed out by Matt Paperboy Instruction Manual --------------------------- Playing the Game It's early morning and the birds are singing. That familiar "TWAP!" could only mean ont thing--the Paperboy is in town. Through sleepy eyes, you deliver newspapers to your loyal customers. While this may sound like an easy job, you'll need all your riding skills just to survive your route through the jungles of suburbia. At the end of each day, your hard-nosed boss reviews your performance. If you did well, you get to wake up bright and early the next day and make your rounds again. If you didn't make the grade, maybe there's a job for you down at the local fast-food joint. Game Sequence After the title screen, a game option screen appears; press the Select Button to choose a 1- or 2-player game. To return to the option screen from the demo sequence, press the Select Button. Press the Start Button to begin the game. When the game begins, you'll see a screen that shows your customers (blue houses) and non-customers (red houses). Your score, lives remaining, and papers are shown in the upper left corner of the screen. Score points by delivering papers to your customers--the yellow, white, or blue houses with the paperboxes in front. Make sure you get their papers delivered or they'll drop their subscriptions! You also get points for breaking non-subscribers' windows. Collect bonus points by hitting garbage cans, lamps, bushes, and tombstones. You begin the game with four lives. Avoid all obstacles that cross your path; if you crash and fall off your bicycle, you lose a life. You start off with 10 papers--pick up extra bundles of papers as you go in order to finish your route. The Training Course After you have completed your route, you get a chance to really show your stuff and earn extra points at the Training Course track. You have 45 seconds to complete the Training Course--when you enter the course, a countdown timer appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Toss papers at the targets along the way as you weave in and out between obstacles. Jump ramps to replenish your supply of papers. If you complete the Training Course, the number of seconds remaining on the timer is multiplied by 100 and added to your score. The Daily Report After the Training Course, the Daily Report screen appears. If you missed any subscribers' houses (or broke their windows!), those houses will be flashing on the screen to indicate that they have cancelled their subscriptions. If you made all your deliveries, you get to keep the subscribers you started off with and gain additional subscribers. When you get through an entire week of daring deliveries, you'll make the headlines! The High Score Screen If you make it into the Top Ten, you'll get a chance to put your initials on the High Score Screen. Press the Control Pad forward or back to scroll through the alphabet, and press either the A or the B Button to select a letter. Press the Control Pad right to move to the next letter. Control Functions Press the Control Pad forward and back to accelerate and decelerate. (Note: To maintain your top speed, you must continue pressing forward on the Control Pad; once you let go, your speed will gradually decrease.) Press the left or right side of the Control Pad to move in the corres- ponding direction. Press either the A Button or the B Button to throw a paper. Press the Start Button to pause the game. Press the Start Button again to resume play. Note: You may not be able to pause the game while digitized sound effects are audible. Simply wait until the sound stops, then press the Start Button to pause the game. [diagram of NES controller] Points Tossing a paper into a subscriber's paperbox: 750 points Tossing a paper onto a subscriber's porch: 300 points Breaking a non-subscriber's window: 300 points Hitting a bush, tombstone, lamp, or garbage can: 300 points Hitting a round target in training course: 200 points Hitting a box-shaped target in training course: 100 points Picking up and extra bundle of papers: 50 points Obstacles Skateboard Fiends Breakdancers Workmen The Grim Reaper Tornados Cars Motorcycles Dogs Trees Fences Tires Lawn Ornaments Lawn Mowers Tricycles Tombstones Garbage Cans Grates Dog Houses Fire Hydrants Manholes

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