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Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship of Doom

Typed out by tsr NES-3N-USA Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship of Doom Tecmo(r) Instructions --- 1. The tale of the Dragon Sword Long before the civilization of mankind, extremely fierce yet primitive life forms roamed the earth and battled for supremacy. Thousands of years ago, the final battle took place. One side, after using all its strength, perished while the other was sent to and sealed off in a different dimension. The tale of this battle was preserved in legend after mankind began to populate the earth and the two forces, known respectively as the gods of the Dragon and the demons of Darkness, came to be revered by certain clans among the people. By the summer of AD 1988, even this ancient great tale had almost been completely forgotten. However, one very evil being appeared and, with the help of his followers, began to build an Empire of Darkness. That being was Jaquio- a member of the Demon clan who plotted to bring the demons of Darkness back to the earth. He secretly schemed to steal and bring together, for the first time in aeons, the two "Statues of Light and Darkness" said to contain great magical power. This would open the passageway between the dimensions. There was, however, one man who would stop at nothing to foil Jaquio's evil plans - head of the Dragon clan, Ken Hayabusa. After entrusting the Dragon Sword, an heirloom of the family and clan so old that no one knew when it had been made, to his son Ryu, Ken left for the fateful battle. Unfortunately, Ken was defeated by a powerful warrior and the Statue he was protecting fell into the hands of Jaquio. After hearing of his father's death, Ryu took the Dragon Sword and went to America. Aided by a female CIA spy, Irene, Ryu stealthily infiltrated Jaquio's secret hideout. The inevitable duel between them ended in victory for Ryu. Jaquio was van- quished along with his Empire of Darkness. Or so it seemed.... Watching this duel from afar was the real evil, the head of the Demon clan, the Evil Lord himself, Ashtar. As it turned out, Jaquio was nothing more than a pawn of this greater power. Ashtar hid himself in the darkness, assessing his enemy. His eyes shined and he licked his lips. He had only to wait for his enemy. A year passed. While pursuing her investigation into the movements of the mysterious Ash- tar, Irene suddenly disappeared. A super-secret CIA special force platoon then became pinned down in front of some old ruins that were believed to house Ash- tar's headquarters. The situation looked desperate. At this point, Ashtar, who himself had actually seen the birth of the Dragon Sword and know of its potentially awesome powers, emerged again from the depths of his dark realm. Ryu, who knew nothing of all this, was in grave danger as Ashtar worked his black magic to destroy him. And now, the saga continues with the final tale of battle for our brave hero. After Ryu's victorious duel with Jaquio, Ashtar returned to the bowels of darkness and bided His time. But another evil creature was already on its way as another adventure awaits the unsuspecting Ryu Hayabusa... ... in this, the final chapter of Ninja Gaiden. --- 2. Continue modes You will be give only 5 chances to continue your game. Push the Start button when you reach the GAME OVER screen! --- 3. Explanations of screen symbols 1. Score display while you are playing. 2. The stage number while you are playing. 3. If the time drops to 0, you lose one life. 4. When the number of lives is 0, the game is over. 5. Ninja power: the left side shows the power now, and the right side the maximum power. You cannot have more power than the maximum amount. 6. Types of special weapons you can now use. 7. Your player's strength. This goes down if he's hurt. If it reaches 0, you lost one life. 8. Strength of the enemy Boss. This goes down if he's hurt. If it falls to 0, you have overcome the enemy. --- 4. Operation of the game console. Start button: Press this when you want to start the game. If you press it during a game, you can pause the play. - You can use it to skip the cinema screens. Select: Not used Control Pad: Controls Ryu A: Jumps B: Attacks with the Dragon Swords You can jump onto a wall or post and hang on. While hanging on, you can climb or descend by using the control pad. Or if while you are grasping a wall, you press the control pad in the opposite direction Ryu is facing, and at the same time press the A button, you can jump down from the wall. Attacking from a wall While you are hanging onto a wall you can only attack with special weapons. By pressing the pad left or right, and pressing the B button, you can attack with weapons in the direction the pad was pressed. If you press the B button without pressing the pad, Ryu will attack with weapons in the direction he is facing. Climbing on top of a wall When you climb to the highest point of a wall or column, press the pad in the direction Ryu is facing, and press the A button to enable Ryu to climb on top of the wall. Hanging down If there are pipes or jungle ivy, press the A button to jump, fly, and hang down. While hanging down, press the pad to move left or right. Also press the A button, and you can climb up onto the pipe. Press the pad down and the A button and you will jump down. When you are on top of the pipes, you can move just like at other times. If you press the pad down and the A button you will jump down from the pipes. If you let go of the pad in the middle of jumping down, you can hang down from the pipes. If you keep holding the pad down, you can descend to the bottom in a single bound. While you are hanging down you can only attack with special weapons. Press the B button to attack in the direction Ryu is facing. --- 5. Items When you come upon a Dragon Spirit Crystal ball, a special weapon or an item will appear. Use them effectively to press the fight to your advantage. (You must slash or use a special weapon to release the power of the crystal. Move quickly, before the power of the crystal disappears.) Ninja Power - This is the special power necessary when Ryu uses Ninja arts. Take it, and his Ninja power revives. There are two types, blue and red. Blue is worth 10 points, and red brings you back to full power. Recovery Medicine - This pill will heal Ryu's fighting fatigue. Take one of these and 6 units of the strength meter scale will be restored. The Scroll of the spirit of the Dragon - Take one of these and overall Ninja power for Ryu will increase. 1-up - This item increases you supply of lives by one. This is an item you definitely want to take. Dragon Spirit Sword - The power of the dragon god dwells in this powerful sword. Take this and you'll widen your range of attack. --- 6. Special weapons Take a power increase, and you will be able to use Ninja arts. However, when you do, your Ninja power will be used up. You can use Ninja arts by pressing the pad up, and the B button. The number in parentheses is the amount of Ninja power that will be consumed each time you use the weapon. - Windmill Throwing Star (10 points) These will fly straight and pierce the enemy, go as far as the edge of the screen and return. During this flight it will damage all enemies it strikes. - Fire Wheel Art (8 points) This is the secret art Ryu invented at the end of his special training. You can throw a flame at an upward angle and burn the enemy. - Fire Dragon Balls (8 points) Only the person carrying the Dragon Sword is permitted to use this art. The power dwelling in the dragon sword is changed into a ball, which you can throw downward at an angle. - Vacuum Wave Art (10 points) This is the art where you can transform the "spirit" that dwells within you into a vacuum blade and throw it up and down at the same time. This cuts all enemies who touch it. - Invincible Fire Wheel (20 points) Ryu can call up fire, have it rapidly revolve around him, and inflict fatal wounds on the enemy. This art lasts for 4 seconds and destroys all enemies. But take other special weapons and this will lose effect, so use it with care. --- 7. The cast Ryu Hayabusa - Descendent of the Dragon clan. In the fight with Jaquio, the spirit of the Ninja Dragon was awakened. He was falsely accused of Irene's murder, and sets out to find the truth. Irene Lew - CIA special task force analyst. She met Ryu through the Jaquio case. She was said to have died in the process of further investigation of Jaquio, but... A. Foster - High ranking CIA staff officer. He uses Ryu to crush the evil designs of Jaquio. He discovers a certain fact. What would that fact be? H.P. Clancy - A mysterious person Ryu meets. It seems he knows something about Irene's case, but... --- 8. The four great beasts Stage 1 Boss - Mantiss Warrior A mantiss bionoid, the beast commander of fire. With sabers on both arms, he guards himself against attacks by Ryu's sword. The fire that comes out of his chest crawls along the ground and attacks Ryu. Not good at close combat. Stage 2 Boss - Night Diver The beast commander of the sky. Able to fly freely through the sky, he is especially good at surprise attacks from the sky. Death blows are dealt out with tremendous momentum, and like a glowing bomb he attacks Ryu! Stage 3 Boss - Great Koganei The beast commander of water. A lizard bionoid skilled in Ninja arts. He can split his body and use Windmill Throwing Stars to plague Ryu. Stage 4 Boss - Sandeater The beast commander of earth. He is ranked as the leader of the four main unit beast commanders. He can move freely through the earth and attack with Ryu's Ninja "Fire Wheel Art".

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