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Typed by Martin Nielsen NES-A-MX(FAH) Congratulations on purchasing the new NES MAX, the best handheld joypad available for the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. It should allow you to get to higher levels, increase your scores, and improve game play. To play with the NES MAX, you need: 1) The NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM 2) Any Nintendo-approved game pak. OPERATING OF THE NES MAX | | ____________|_|__________ / ____ \ / /_| |_\ / \ / \ \ / |__ _ | \B/ \A/ \ / \ |_|_/ / / O O \ / _____________________ \ | / \ | |_____| |_____| NOTE: The NES MAX plugs into the CONTROL DECK the same way as an NES Controller. The SELECT and START buttons will work only if the NES MAX is plugged into Controller Socket #1. CYCLOID - Works the same ways as the control pad on the NES game controllers. Push down lightly while moving the CYCLOID in the direction you want to go. SELECT AND START - Works the same as on the NES game controllers. A-B BUTTONS - Works the same as on the NES game controllers. A-B TURBO BUTTONS - Pushing these buttons puts you in automatic "Rapid Fire" mode for either the A or B button. PROPER CARE OF THE NES MAX * Avoid exposure to high temperature, humidity, or severe shocks. * Keep in a clean, dry place. Water or foreign substances in connector or cycloid will adversely affect operation. * Use a soft damp cloth to remove any strains. Do not use abrasives, alcohol or solvents to clean. * When disconnecting the NES MAX from the Control Deck, grasp the connector and pull. Do not pull on the cord as damage may result.

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