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Typed out by Chris Pepin --------------------------------------------------------------------- NARC NES Manual by ACCLAIM --------------------------------------------------------------------- You are Max Force...your mission...bust Mr. Big and destroy his dreaded criminal empire...seize all contraband, stolen money, illegal weapons...use rocket bombs, high-powered machine guns...apprehend all suspects...protect the innocent and punish the guilty...stop at nothing! NARC "NO ONE HAD THE GUTS...UNTIL NOW" --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Gamers: We at Acclaim are pleased to present NARC, the first video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System(R) with a strong anti-drug message. NARC takes gamers through the supreme, larger-than-life war on drugs with exciting, colorful characters such as Max Force, who wages "justice" against a number of sordid enemies. And although the fast-paced action in NARC is sometimes extreme, it conveys what may often be harsh realities of the drug environment. Nevertheless, it is a fictitious representation of how the battle against drugs may be won. We hope you'll realize, as we do, that it is only through concern, strong efforts and education that substance abuse in young adults can be prevented. That is why Acclaim has become a sponsor of Just Say No International. This non-profit organization with more than 15,000 clubs nationwide has members who are kids and young adults like you, and is dedicated to providing other kids and young adults with the information and support needed to say "no" to harmful drugs of all kinds. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Playing NARC is one way to express a stand against drugs. The real test, however, is in your actions. So, spread the word that doing drugs is no longer "cool," and join Acclaim, Max Force and Just Say No International, in working to become the drug-free generation. Happy gaming, Gregory E. Fischbach Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT, INC. ------------------------------------------------------------------- N.O. LIMITED ACCESS Spencer Williams Chairman Narcotics Opposition Washington DC January 17th, 1997 TO: Max Force and Hitman N.O., Corps 1 RE: PROJECT NARC Dear Sirs, As you may well know, our position in the war on drugs has gotten worse. Much worse. The N.O. has currently identified several groups of known offenders. Dealers, pushers, mobsters, gangsters--even psycho clowns--they're all in on it. They seem to have an unlimited supply of weapons. Government reports claim that the entire operation is being directed and financed by a Mr. Big--who, it seems, runs the largest underground drug trafficking and terrorist organization in the world. We'd send in the army's special operations division, but that would just send up flags. We need to act more covertly. Which is why you two have been chosen to go in there and spearhead this operation. ------------------------------------------------------------------- You will have to cover a lot of territory. Mr. Big's people are everywhere! What's more, the action doesn't stop at the street. You'll catch them down in their underground drug labs (destroy as much of that poison as you can) and up in the top floors of classy, highrise hotels. We'll supply you with machine gun ammo and all the rocket bombs you can carry. But you'll probably go through them fast. So replenish your supply with the stuff dropped on the street. And speaking of the street, pick up anything and everything you can. Cash...Contraband...Even magnetic entry cards--they'll open doors for you. Keep in touch with us via your Mobile Scanner Unit. We'll give you progress reports as well as updates on your assignment. N.O. and the entire country are counting on you. Good Luck. Spencer Williams N.O. Chairman ------------------------------------------------------------------- READY TO RAID LOADING 1. Make sure the power switch on your NINTENDO(R) control deck is OFF. 2. Insert the NARC(R) cartridge as described in your NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM(R) manual. 3. Turn the power switch ON. You'll see the NARC title screen. When you press teh START BUTTON, you'll be quickly briefed via your Mobile Scanner Unit. Then we'll transport you to the street. To add another player, press the START BUTTON on player 2's controller at any time. 2-PLAYER ARCADE ACTION NARC lets you add player #2 at any time during active game play. To do so, simply press the START BUTTON on controller #2. ------------------------------------------------------------------- NARC CONTROLS CONTROL PAD: Moves you around the screen. SELECT BUTTON: Reverses direction of the Narcmobile. START BUTTON: Starts/Pauses B BUTTON: Press to crouch. Tap to jump. A BUTTON: Press to fire machine gun. Tap to fire rocket launcher. NOTE: To "press" the A or B BUTTON, touch it firmly--as you would in normal gameplay. To "tap" one of these buttons, flick your finger on it quickly and lightly. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ON THE SCREEN All the game play information lies across the top of the screen as follows: (There is a picture of the game screen with lines pointing out what everything is. I'll start on the bottom left side and work my way around the screen.) Player 1's side: # of busts cash collected contraband collected # of rocket bombs # of machine gun bullets score lives remaining Player 2's side: lives remaining score # of machine gun bullets # of rocket bombs contraband collected cash collected # of busts Middle of screen: Right in the middle of the top of the screen, is a box that shows you what sector you are in and where you are in the level. ------------------------------------------------------------------- GET STREETWISE Get to know who's on the street, what they've got and how to use it. The main rule to remember is this: anything goes! BULLETS AND ROCKET BOMBS--Once they're on the ground they're fair game. To pick them up, simply walk over them. SAFE CARDS--These can get you into places you're not wanted. To pick them up, just walk over them. To use them, walk up to a safe card entryway (make sure you have the right colored card) and the doors will open. Walk through the door by pressing the UP ARROW. RABID PIT BULLS--Crouch and fire to turn them into hot dogs. LAND MINES--Avoid 'em. Or coax a pit bull to run over 'em. MUTANT BUGS--Believe it or not: deadly attack insects. They travel in swarms. Jump to stomp on 'em! ------------------------------------------------------------------- HELICOPTERS--These criminals even have their own fleet of customized choppers. Duck under 'em. Or jump up and fire at them with your rocket bombs. THE NARCMOBILE Your fuel-injected Porshe 911 Turbo Carrera NarcMobile is equipped with superior handling and rapid acceleration. Each wheel has independent suspension and gets maximum traction from extra-wide tires. It has a special computer uplink and low lux video recorder which will practically film in the dark. Great for those night busts. Here's how to nab it: TO GET IN THE CAR, run up to it, then tap the A BUTTON to jump in. IF THERE ARE TWO PLAYERS, the first one to get to the NarcMobile is the driver and his controller will operate it. The other player will be the passenger. TO DRIVE THE CAR FORWARD, press the control pad in the direction you're headed. ------------------------------------------------------------------- TO TURN THE NARCMOBILE AROUND, press the SELECT BUTTON. TO FIRE ROCKETS AND MACHINE GUNS THROUGH THE CAR PORTS, press the A BUTTON. (NOTE: when both players are in the car, both can fire.) CAUTION! YOU CAN TOTAL THE NARCMOBILE BY: *Crashing into dumpsters at high speeds *Crashing into a helicopter *Driving over land mines YOU CAN USE THE CAR AS A WEAPON, by driving over criminals. (NOTE: you automatically pick up any contraband or cash you drive over). N.O. CRIMINAL DOSSIERS The following is a listing of some of the characters you're going to bump into out there. We boiled it down to a few key facts on each one. DAS LOF GANG--These are the international drug traffickers. They'll give up pretty easily--so bust 'em when you can. DR. SPIKE RUSH--He's a chemist. Uses hid own creations as weapons. SGT. SKYHIGH--This one's a grower. As well as a collector of military surplus weapons. H.Q. POSSE--Contraband Security. Specially trained to defeat Narcs like you. BEVON FACE--He'll try and sell you anything. And if you don't buy? He's always got his semi-automatic plus some spare dynamite... JOE ROCKHEAD--This heavyweight lug doesn't carry weapons or push contraband. He doesn't need to. MR. BIG--Take it easy. And play it smart. This guy is the worst kind of villain: one with a high I.Q. In fact, every bone in his body is dangerous. Even dead, he's a terror. KINKY PINKY--Not as funny as he looks. He doesn't carry any stuff--so you can't even bust him. ------------------------------------------------------------------- NINE SECTORS TO BUST There are nine separate sectors that Max Force and Hitman must complete before confronting Mr. Big and destroying the world's biggest drug ring. 7 of them are described here: THE JUNKYARD--Your basic industrial ghetto--complete with subway station. Places this barren are always threatening. K.W.A.K. STREET--Ugh! What a stench! Here's where they make the stuff. And where you destroy it! ------------------------------------------------------------------- THE BRIDGE--Meet Das Lof, Joe Rockhead, Kinky Pinky, Pit Bulls, and the K.W.A.K. copter head on with the NarcMobile. SUNSET STRIP--Start with the Kennel. Then on to Kinky's Bigtop. Next step into the Swamp. And don't forget the Scrap Heap. SKYHIGH'S NURSERY--You found it! Skyhigh's greenhouse. Now raid it. DOWNTOWN--This is some hotel. First check out the red level, then the blue one. MR. BIG's OFFICE--OK. Here's his office. But where is he? And who are all these other guys? ------------------------------------------------------------------- THE EVIDENCE BONUS SCREEN As you complete each sector, you'll be shown the amount of BONUS POINTS you've earned on the EVIDENCE BONUS SCREEN. Busting a criminal will earn you more points than shooting him. You'll also get points for confiscating contraband and cash. ------------------------------------------------------------------- EARNING POINTS WITH THE N.O. Here's a sampling of what earns what: Defeat Das Lof gang member: 100 Bust Das Lof gang member: 1000 Defeat Dr. Spike Rush: 1000 Bust Dr. Spike Rush: 5000 Defeat Pit Bull: 200 Blow up K.W.A.K stop drug vat: 1000 Destroy K.W.A.K stop drug lab (per player): 25000 Pick up (double if caught in air): 250 Defeat Sgt. Skyhigh: 1750 Blow up Caddy: 5000 Blow up helicopter: 5000 ------------------------------------------------------------------- THE LIVES OF AN N.O. NARC Because of bulletproof vests, hardhat helmets and the top surgical team in the country, Max Force and Hitman actually have 3 lives. Within each life there are 5 Energy Units. As you fight and get injured, your Energy Units are depleted. If you lose all your Energy Units, you will lose a life. ENTERING YOUR INITIALS: Once a game is over, you'll be asked to enter your name or initials. Here's how: TO ENTER YOUR INITIALS--You may enter up to 3 letters of your initials. To do this, use the controller arrows ------------------------------------------------------------------- to move the pointing finger across the keyboard. When it's pointing to the desired letter, press the A BUTTON to select that letter. Continue this way until all 3 letters have been selected. If you want to select less than 3 letters, move the highlighter box to "Sp" to create a blank space and press the A BUTTON. If you want to change a letter, point the finger to word "RUB" and press the A BUTTON. The last letter you entered will then disappear. When all your letters have been correctly entered, point to the word "END" and press the A BUTTON. N.O. TACTICS After years of reports from the field, N.O. has put together a list of proven strategic tactics for dealing with drug rings and for working the streets. Here are excerpts from that list: *Rocket bombs are a more powerful but precious commodity. They can blow away several guys at a time. So wait until you have two or more in your line of fire to use them. ------------------------------------------------------------------- *Remember, color-coded safe cards can open locked doors. *To defeat pit bulls, come down to their level. *When in the drug labs, try to destroy as many vats as possible in your spare time. *Be sure and pack in all the contraband you can. If it's left on the street, a dealer will just reroute it, getting paid double. BUST "EM! This country's had all it can take of these destructive drug lords, dealers and pushers. The time has come to get rid of them. So, get in there and knock off this noxious drug ring--once and for all. And return the country to a haven of apple pie, motherhood and video games. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Acclaim Hotline (516) 624-9300 ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT, INC. 71 AUDREY AVENUE OYSTER BAY, N.Y. 11771 NARC (C) 1988 Williams Electronic Games, Inc. Licensed by Williams for the Nintendo Entertainment System

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