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Milon's Secret Castle

Typed out by Jesse Smith OPERATION MANUAL NES-KM-USA Milon's Secret Castle Hudson Group Hudson Soft Milon's Secret Castle (TM) THANK YOU! YOU HAVE JUST MADE A PERFECT CHOICE BY SELECTING AND PURCHASING THE QUALITY HUDSON SOFT PRODUCT Thank you for selecting Milon's Secret Castle (TM). In order to insure your full enjoyment of this game, we recommend that you read this manual carefully and follow its instructions and suggestions. This game is licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM WARNING WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! * Because this is a precision tooled device, do not use or store it in extreme temperature conditions. Avoid hard shocks. * Avoid soiling the connector terminals by handling or spilling liquids. Soiled connectors can cause system break down. * Do not clean this device with alcohol, thinner, benzine or other volatile substances. * Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the cassette from the main system. * We recommend that you play this game at distance from the television screen. * When engaged in prolonged bouts of game playing, we recommend that you rest for 10 or 20 minutes every two hours in order to avoid strain in your vision and general health. 1 GAME STORY PROLOGUE Milon lives in the land of Hudson where people use music to communicate with each other However, Milon does not have the ability to communicate. He always ask himself why he is the only one who lacks the ability to understand people and music. One day he decides to travel through Out the land of Hudson to search for other people like himself. Before leaving for his trip, Milon decides to visit Queen Eliza who lives in Hudson's Secret Castle. When Milon arrives at the Secret Castle, the people were being attacked by the Evil Warlord from the north region. The warlord robs the people of all their musical instruments and occupies the Secret Castle. Queen Eliza is held captive deep inside the Secret Castle by the Warlord and his demon-monsters. Milon volunteers to fight the Evil Warlord and his demons and to rescue Queen Eliza and the musical instruments for the people of Hudson. This will not be an easy task. The Secret Castle has many different rooms and each room is a maze filled with demons, secret passages and doors. However, the Castle’s Magician tells Milon that Queen Eliza has hidden many tools, instruments and money to help him. The Magician also gives Milon a magic "Bubble" to assist him in finding the places where the helpful items are hidden and where they may be bought. 2 OBJECT OF THE GAME Object of the Game Your mission is to help Milon solve the mysteries of the Secret Castle, destroy the Evil Warlord and his demon-monsters, rescue Queen Eliza and the musical instruments for the people of Hudson. Good Luck!!! 1. Enter the Castle and solve the puzzle of each maze-room. 2. Find and save the hidden money and 12 helpful items. 3. Destroy each of the seven demon-monsters lurking in the Castle and collect seven crystal balls. The crystal ball is your key to advance to the next level of the Castle. After completing everything above, you must find two secret items to save Queen Eliza. Those two items are for you to find....! 3 CONTROL FUNCTIONS Control Functions: (A) Button Milon jumps. (B) Button shoots the bubble upwards. To enter through door or window To move Milon left or right. Use with button (B) to shoot bubbles downwards. (START) Button begins the game or pauses action during game. SECRET CASTLE (1), (3) Maze-room: Enter the maze-room to collect money and helpful items. (2), Shop: Buy helpful items or get clues/hints. (4), Demon-Monsters: If you fulfill certain requirements and enter this room, a demon monster will appear. Destroy the demon-monster to get a crystal ball, then the door will open to advance to the upper floors. 4 THE MAZE-ROOM The maze-room contains a lot of demon characters and the hidden coins and helpful items. In order to get out of the room, you must find the door (hidden in the room) and a key (it will appear when destroying the demon characters or breaking the blocks). Once you get the key, you will be free to go in and out of the maze-room anytime. When you get the key, it will be indicated on the top right hand corner of the screen. Milon's Energy Level Milon's energy level will be displayed on left hand side of the screen. Energy will decrease when hit or touched by demon characters. The game will be over when you lose all of the energy. Energy will increase whenever you destroy a demon and a "Energy Heart" appears. 5 HIDDEN ITEMS Milon's Weapons Milon's weapon is the magic "Bubble" given to him by the Castle's Magician. The bubbles are used to destroy demon characters and to find the coins ($) and helpful items hidden by Queen Eliza. Hidden Items By shooting and breaking the blocks with your bubbles, you will find many items: Coin/Money- Save the Coins to buy helpful items at the Item Shop. Honeycomb- Getting the honeycomb will an extra level to Milon's Energy Level and fill it up. Hudson Bee- Catch the Hudson Bee to get a protective shield around Milon. It will protect him against demon attacks for a brief period of time. There are more hidden items other than what is listed above. 6 ITEM SHOP There are some shops hidden inside the castle for Milon to buy items or get important hints/clues: (1) Shows the items you have. (2) Shows the number of coins and crystal balls you have. (3) Shows the two secret items to save Queen Eliza. (4) Shows the crystal balls collected. (5) Message Board: Important hints or how to use in item selected will be displayed. (6) Shows items and their prices. Bump head to get them. 7 DEMON-MONSTER ROOM Demon-Monster Room If you fulfill certain requirements and enter this room, a demon-monster will appear. Muon must destroy the demon-monster in order to advance to the next level. However, the demon-monsters are tough enemies, so better arm Muon with the helpful items and be sure his energy is at maximum level before entering. Crystal Ball When Milon defeats a demon-monster, a crystal ball will appear. This crystal ball will strengthen Milon's bubble or make shooting distances longer and will allow Muon to advance to the next level of the Secret Castle. Milon must collect a total of seven crystal balls to save Queen Eliza. 8 SECRET INFORMATION Milon advanced into the game but a careless mistake ended the game In order to get a "Second Chance", Hudson is glad to announce that there is a "Continuing Option". You can access this "Continuing Option" by pushing the left side of the movement control button and the Start Button. You are only allowed to use the "Continuing Option" after Milon collected the first crystal ball. Other Secrets Umbrella- Catching the umbrella will allow Milon to rapid-fire his magic bubbles. Music Box- Get the music box to advance to the bonus stage. Look for seven musical instruments and collect musical notes. (Avoid the flat notes.) 9

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