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Mighty Bomb Jack

Typed out by NES-BJ-USA Tecmo(tm) Mighty Bomb Jack(tm) Instructions --- 1 Game story There was a legendary "KING PAMERA" who maintained peace and order all over the world. Nobody could ever catch sight of "KING PAMERA". One day the king demon "BELZEBUT", had a wicked plot to bring the world into ruin by abducting the merciful "KING PAMERA", his beloved queen, and their beloved princess. The brothers MIGHTY fought bravely against "BELZEBUT" in order to save "KING PAMERA". Every brother was defeated by the king demon except Jack, the youngest and lone survivor. Jack gained additional courage and challenged the king demon to a final fight, in order to restore peace all over the world. Good Luck Jack! --- 2 Names of controller parts and operating instructions * This game is only a (1) player game ! - Select Button. Not used. - Start Button. Press this button to begin a game or to pause. - Pause. If you wish to stop or interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the start button. The pause tone will sound, and the game will stop. Press the start button again when you wish to continue playing. How to operate Jack - Move this control pad to move Jack. - Jump To make Jack jump press A button when Jack is on the floor. For Jack to jump even higher press A button together with the control pad's upper directional arrow. Conversely, if you press the A button together with the control pad's lower directional arrow you can make Jack jump lower. Further, press A button again while jumping to make Jack stop in the air. - Landing To make Jack land quickly, press the control pad's lower directional arrow. - Movement in the air To make Jack move in the air, press the control pad's left or right directional arrow with the continuous pushing of A button. This will result in Jack's flying & floating left or right. * NOTE: The mastery of the above mentioned operations will allow the player to gain a higher scores and increased level of game satisfaction! --- Mighty power If you get a mighty coin, you can use your stock total indicated at top of screen. After collecting mighty coins inside treasure boxes, press B button and player will be awarded the following power. Mighty power Jack's color Amplified of mighty power 1 BLUE To open an orange treasure box. 2 ORANGE To open both red and orange treasure boxes by simply touch their sides. (When Jack rides on a treasure box, it will open by jumping only!) 3 GREEN To change the enemy into a gold coin for 5 seconds and combine it with the abilities of MIGHTY POWER 2. Also, other secret powers are awarded. * NOTE: This kind of power depends upon how many times the B button is pushed! You can make MIGHTY POWER-1 by 1 mighty coin, MIGHTY POWER-2 by 2 mighty coins, and MIGHTY POWER-3 by 3 mighty coins which equals FULL POWER! (Mighty power is distinguished by Jack's color.) Mighty Power is reduced in proportion to the number of times the A button is pressed. EXAMPLE: 3-2-1 = NORMAL. MIGHTY POWER-3 -> 5 times of A button's utilization -> MIGHTY POWER 2 -> 10 times of A button's utilization -> MIGHTY POWER-1 -> 20 times of A button's utilization -> NORMAL CONDITION * NOTE: Mighty Power is available only in the passage and disappears in each room of the Royal Palace. --- 3 How to play "MIGHTY BOMB JACK" is an adventure game, whereby the player controlling Jack travels through the labyrinth of rooms, avoiding the dangerous enemies along the way, while collecting as many bombs and treasures as possible! If the timer reaches zero (0), or Jack touches an enemy he will die causing a loss of play. There are sixteen (16) regular rounds of play in MIGHTY BOMB JACK, plus one(1) final round. You can find the passageway to the final round beyond the regular rounds of play. Each round is composed of a passage and a Royal Palace room, then a doorway passage will appear and remain open for Jack's escape! You must clear each round before the timer reaches zero (0). The remaining time (if any) will be added to your score as bonus points. Good luck!! - Passage This passage is a scroll type and shifts to Jack's movements. You will find this hidden passage after you have collected all the bombs and treasure boxes, then the door will open for you to advance to the next round. - Bombs There are two kinds of bombs, one worth 100 points, and the second worth 200 points. - Treasure box A treasure box will open when Jack jumps stop it after riding on it first. The treasure boxes are either red or orange. The orange treasure box will not always be opened, unless Jack is under MIGHTY POWER! (There are also some hidden treasure boxes on the floor.) --- Various things in the treasure boxes - Treasure bag 100 pts, 300 pts, 1000 pts - Gold Coin (500 pts) To raise the possibility of Extra coin's appearance. - Bomb (100 pts, 200 pts) TO raise the possibility of POWER-BALL's appearance. - Mighty-drink (1000 pts) To add 10 counts to the timer. - Sphinx (10000 pts) To show or open the hidden doorway. - Mighty coin (1000 pts) To get mighty power. - Extra coin (3000 pts) To increase one JACK in a stock of JACKS. - Power ball While collecting the bombs, if you hear a bell ring, immediately open the treasure box and a power ball will appear from that treasure box. If you catch this power ball, the enemy will change into a gold coin for 5 seconds for you to collect. - Secret coin (50000 pts) In order to get the secret coin, you must acquire MIGHTY POWER-3 first, then you will be pleasantly surprised beyond the points collected! Other surprises await you inside these treasure boxes, please enjoy! --- Royal palace room This is a fixed screen and the doorway will open only after you have collected all the bombs. It's to your advantage to collect the bombs on fire in order. MIGHTY POWER will not work inside the Royal Palace Room. - Bomb The bombs will catch on fire in order. In order to make the Power Ball appear, you must collect the flame bombs in order. - Power ball If you have collected enough bombs, the power ball will appear in the center of your screen and will begin to rebound. If you catch this power ball, the enemy will be changed into a gold coin for 5 seconds. - Bonus coin This coin appears whenever you get 5000 points. If you get this bonus coin, your points will multiply 2-5 times. - Extra coin An extra coin will appear depending on the number of gold coins collected. If you get this coin, it will increase by one (1) the number of Jack's lives. The torture rooms If you are too greedy collecting the mighty coins, you will be sent to the torture room! In order to escape the torture room, you must beat the time clock by reaching zero (0) on the timer atop your screen. Also, you must keep jumping around avoiding the enemies. If you are successful, then Jack will return to his original position prior to sentence to the torture room, thus resuming play and score. There are many places for Jack to endure in this game; the hidden passages, a labyrinth as well as the dreaded torture room. Furthermore, there are various conditions for the appearance and opening of the doorways. How many secrets can you discover? --- 4 Characters - C.Gee A survivor of GEJI family. It's troublesome. - Heel It narrates the pyramid legend weirdly, "Weird! Weird!" - Tgee Everchanging it has 6 patterns of changing itself. - Rube It is very much revengeful towards Jack, and it pursues him endlessly. - Lizzy It is an ancestor of the tortoises that had lived in an ancient pyramid. - Billy It was a pet of king demon "Belzebut" in the old days. This time, it takes the field. - D.Gee The known villain, his flame always carries the kiss of death. - He.Gee A brave soldier who was imprisoned and made a slave. If you help him, you could get a high score. --- 5 Game deviation value (GDV) "GAME DEVIATION VALUE" will be indicated on your screen after the game time is over. This system is for evaluating your level of skill and is calculated during your game playing. The evaluation is based on the computer's analysis of your reflexes, memory, judgement and application power. The higher the score of GDV the better! Let's try to challenge the computer!! --- 6 Multi ending This is a most dramatic secret in "Mighty Bomb Jack" - a queen's crystal ball and a princess's crystal ball. If you take two crystal balls you could meet the different endings - 4 endings. I wonder if you could meet all four endings? You might need five S coins to meet the fourth (4) ending. Now, let's challenge it! --- 7 How to draw up a map Playing Mighty Bomb Jack with a drawn-up map will increase your playing pleasure. Suppose you draw one scene on a piece of paper in the shape of a pyramid. The labyrinth to the pyramid will appear. This map will give you some hints on solving this mystery! * Naturally this booklet cannot give you all the secrets to Mighty Bomb Jack, it's up to you to figure out the missing secrets. We at Tecmo, Inc. are confident that your skills will allow you to succeed! Good luck!

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