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Mickey's Safari in Letterland

Typed out by Mickey's Safari in Letterland Instruction book Hi-Tech Expressions --- Getting started 1. Make sure your Nintendo Entertainment System(r) is off. 2. Insert the Game Pak into your Nintendo Entertainment System. 3. Turn on the power. Introduction Mickey Mouse, archaeologist, is off to find the ancient Stone Alphabet Tablets. These tablets are the earliest examples of our alphabet and museums around the world desperately want to exhibit them. With help from Goofy, and you, Mickey sets out on an adventure that takes him from the frigid slopes of the Yukon to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean. --- Controls - Use the Control Pad to move Mickey left or right. - Press the A Button to make Mickey jump. - Press the B Button to make Mickey swing his Net and collect Letter Jewels and Alphabet Tablets. - Press Select to exit a stage at any time. --- Starting the game Once you insert the game pak and press power you will see the copyright screen followed by the title screen. At any time, press Start to move to the difficulty level selection screen. If you do not press a key the game will automatically cycle between the title screen and excepts from the various lands in the game. Difficulty levels When you press Start at the title screen you will be presented with the difficulty selection screen. There are three difficulty levels to choose from: Normal, Advanced and Super Advanced. In Normal mode each of the six lands will have only one stage, for a total of six letter tablets to collect. There will be only one type of animal per stage and little or no game experience is necessary. Your child merely needs to be able to hold down the control pad to the right. This will cause Mickey to travel through the level and he will automatically jump over obstacles and tip-toe past dangers. Mickey will also automatically collect the three letter jewels are not always placed in Mickey's path, so your child will have to direct Mickey to them. When Mickey reaches the letter tablet, at the end of each stage, he will scratch his head and then use his butterfly net to collect the tablet. The purpose of this level is to allow the youngest player the chance to watch Mickey on his adventure without requiring him/her to be able to perform any complex control pad movements. In Advanced mode each land has two stages for a total of twelve tablets to be collected. In this mode the player will need to control Mickey and make him jump over certain obstacles. The player will also need to use the butterfly net to collect the letter jewels and the tablet in each stage. There will also be more animals which will get in Mickey's way. Finally, in Super Advanced mode each land has from four to five levels. In Super Advanced all twenty-six letter tablets must be collected. Again, each stage will have three letter jewels. This mode contains the most obstacles and animals and requires the most gaming experience. --- The map The map is how your child and Mickey get around the game. There are six lands to explore, the Yukon, the Swamp, the Forest, the Pyramids, the Jungle and the Caribbean. Each area has from one to five stages depending on the difficulty level you choose. To select a land to explore, use the control pad to move the magnifying glass from land to land. When the magnifying glass stops on a land it will show a close-up of that land. When you wish to enter the selected land, press Start or the A Button. At the map screen you can press Select to enter the Free Play section. Here you will be presented with the letter rack. Your child can use the control pad to move the cursor around the rack. When the A Button is pressed, Mickey will say the selected letter. When the B Button is pressed, Mickey will say "Oh Boy!" When the A and B Buttons are pressed together, Mickey will say "Oops!" Press Start and Mickey will laugh. When your child is ready to return to the game press Select again. --- The game Once you choose the land you wish to explore, you will be taken to the Museum. This is the starting point for all of Mickey's expeditions. Goofy will pull up in a jeep, pick up Mickey, and then transport him to the selected land. If you would like to bypass this sequence, press Start or the A Button. At this point the child has control of Mickey, and can freely explore the stage. There are three letter jewels and a letter tablet in every stage. If at any time the child loses interest in a particular stage or is having trouble with a certain obstacle, he/she can press Select to return to the Map screen. Here they can select a new land to explore. Stages are completed by finding and collecting the letter tablets. When a tablet is collected, it is encrusted with dirt and the letter is not recognizable. Mickey takes the letter to the tablet washing area where Goofy helps Mickey clean up the tablet, thereby revealing the letter. Next Mickey takes the tablet to the letter rack room. Here Mickey must match the newly found letter tablet in the appropriate spot on the letter rack. Use the control pad to move the circle over the letter on the rack that matches the letter Mickey has just found. When you think you have a match, press the A Button. If you are correct, Mickey will say the letter and jump up and down and wave his arms. If you picked the wrong letter Mickey will say "Oops" and the player can try again. If your child also collected all three letter jewels they will receive a reward picture. For instance, if the three jewels collected spelled the word CAT, a picture of a cat is displayed and Mickey spells the word. --- The lands There are six lands to explore. Below is a brief description of each. The Yukon: This cold and mountainous region is full of steep slopes which Mickey can slide down. Make sure to explore the entire stage so you don't miss any letter jewels. Watch out for the pesky penguins, seals and sneaky snowmen in the Advanced and Super Advanced levels. The Swamp: The swamp is dark and gloomy and there are alligators and bats everywhere. Don't worry though, the alligators are friendly. You can hop on their heads and they will bounce you up to a higher ledge. There are also marauding mushrooms lurking about. The Forest: The forest seems tranquil but Mickey is as alert as ever. Get past the waterfalls by tip-toeing over the rocks and explore all the tunnels so you don't miss anything. There are more mushrooms in this land and don't get too close to those pointy hedgehogs. Ouch! The Pyramid: The ancient pyramids had many secrets and these are no exception. There are secret rooms and false floors everywhere. Investigate every nook and cranny and leave no stone unturned. Bats, turtles and snakes are on the prowl, so beware! The Jungle: The jungle can be frightening unless you're a seasoned explorer like Mickey. Check all the trees and tunnels for letter jewels. There are snakes, hedgehogs and mushrooms in this land, but you should know how to handle then by now. There are also friendly hippos you can hop on for a lift. The Caribbean: The Caribbean is an island paradise with palm trees, sand castles and plenty of sun. There are also swooping birds, more turtles and monkeys that would love to drop a coconut right on your head! If you need a lift up to the higher platforms, just use the hammocks or the giant clams as trampolines. --- Completing the game When all the stages for a particular land have been completed the picture in the magnifying glass will change to a picture of Mickey and you will not be able to enter the land. When all the lands have been completed, Mickey will present the letter tablets to Ludwig Von Drake, curator of the Museum, and The Alphabet Song will be played. You've won!!!

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