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Metal Gear

Typed out by Greg Stanton ULTRA GAMES HOW TO PLAY METAL GEAR WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ULTRA! You're now a proud owner of the authentic Ultra home version of Metal Gear. We suggest that you read the following orders from FOX HOUND thoroughly before going into combat. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION/HOW TO PLAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 ORIGINS OF SOLID SNAKE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 YOUR CONTROLLER AND THE COMBAT SCREEN . . . . . . 6 WEAPON MODE/EQUIPMENT MODE . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 TRANSCEIVER MODE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 WEAPONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 EQUIPMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 THE ENEMY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 SECRET PASSWORD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 3 VERMON CaTAFFY, TERRORIST AT LARGE Colonel Vermon CaTaffy, a once tranquil shepard boy, who grew up on the remote banks of the Sam Sam River in outer Mongolia with his 27 sisters, turned to terrorism at an early age. Now after years of pillaging innocent people, he has taken control of outer heaven, a small naton on the outskirts of Southe Africa. Here he is sole tyrant and radial dictator. He rules with bullets and bombs, and in only in a few months he has outlawed democracy and turned harmless villagers into mercenaries for a global terrorist network. But his biggest threat is yet to come. For, as an obsessed madman, he has created the Ultimate Super Weapon. It's CaTaffy's greatest dream and the world's most hideous nightmare. It's called Metal Gear. And it must be destroyed before the crazed Colonel unleashes his violence across the globe. HOW TO TACKLE CaTAFFY Your mission, Solid Snake, is to seek out and destroy the Metal Gear, nothing less. To triumph, you must gather necessary information, weapons, and equipment as you press forward into the enemy's domain. Weapons and equipment can be found and captured in three various ways. Find them in enemy trucks. Find them in enemy storehouses. Or snatch them directly from certain enemies. Of vital importance as you proceed on your perilous mission, is how well you communicate with Commander South back at Fox Hound's HQ. Whenever you see a flashing "Call Sign" it means that he's trying to reach you with key info. Get in touch with him on the double, using your transceiver. (See Transceiver Mode on pg. 8) 4 Also know now that CaTaffy has 5 heavily fortified strongholds located throughout Outer Heaven, and you must discover then search each before accomplishing your ultimate task. The strongholds have between 1 and 3 floors. You'll move from floor to floor using elevators, and along the way you'll rescue grateful hostages who'll offer crucial infromation as to the whereavouts of Metal Gear. When you rescue a predetermined number of prisoners you'll be promoted, and as your rank increases so will your VITAL SIGN. On the negative side, if you botch it up and get a hostage killed you'll immediately be demoted. Be warned, though, about the Strongholds. They aren't cake walks. Each, in fact, is surrounded by loyal CaTaffy guards, and it's up to you elude them without triggering hidden alarms. The mission finally ends when you die. Or when you win. A little bit about yourself Recruited from the Marines after an heroic performance in the Grenada invasion, you were given the code name "Solid Snake" because of your ability to strike quickly, quietly and with deadly accuracy. 5 HOW TO CONTROL YOUR DESTINY Control Pad Use to maneuver yourself in four different directions, from East to West, to Advancement or Retreat. Start Button Press to begin your mission, or to pause during the action for a breather. Select Button When pressed dugin the opening screen, you'll decide whether to start from the very beginning or from the continuation screen. Press during play, and the "Mode Selection" sub-screen will appear. B Button Press to punch with your fists. A Button Press to fire weapons. COMBAT ZONE +-----------------------------------------------------------+ | LIFE EXPLOSIVE 5 | | CALL | | RANK CARD 4 | +-----------------------------------------------------------+ 1. Your Vital Sign If the Life Graph reaches zero, you're history. You'll gain strength, on the other hand, via promotions and captured rations. 2. Rank The number of stars reflects your rank. 4 stars equals "The Honor of Royal Dragoon," the highest rank in Fox Hound. 3. Transceiver Call Sign The "Call Sign" flashes when Commander South is attempting to reach you. 4. Weapon Displays the weapon you are using. 5. Ammunition Displays the number of shots remaining in your weapon. 6. Equipment Displays the equipment you are using. 6 CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON AND YOUR EQUIPMENT, SIR To reach either of these modes or the Transceiver Mode on page 8, press the Select Button on your control during play, and the "Mode Selection" sub- screen will appear. Choose desired mode using Contral Pad. Weapon Mode Use your Control Pad and move the cursor to desired weapon, then press Select Button and return to battle fully armed. Equipment Mode Use the Contral Pad and move cursor to desired equipment, then press Select Button and return to battle. Note: To attain catain items, the A button must be pressed to lock onto them. 7 KNOW YOUR TRANSCEIVER OR PERISH The transceiver is your onlu means of communications with the outside world. It's how you'll stay in touch with Commander South, who'll feed you vital info concerning the location of Metal Gear. *Use Control Pad to select Transciever in the "Mode Selection" sub_screen. Then press A button to get directly into Transceiver Mode. 1. Transmission reception lamp Send or Recv. 2. Frequency Counter Adjust the Frequency Counter by pressing to the left and right on the Control Pad. 3. The Message Sending a message (SEND) Used when you want to call the Commander. However, if the Frequency Counter isn't properly adjusted he won't get your signal for help. To send for help, adjust the frequency, the press the Control Pad UP. When he recieves your signal, a response will be sent. Note: Even if the frequency is properly adjsuted, you won't recieve a response if the Commander is out to lunch. Recieving a message (RECV) Used to receive messages from the Commander. If the frequency is properly adjusted the message will automatically come through. 8 WEAPONS, YOUR MEANS OF SURVIVAL Baretta M92F Lethal hand gun that fires one bullet at a time. Silencer may be attached. Ingram MAC-11 Semi-Automatic submachine gun with continuous fire. Silencer may be attached. Grenade Launcher Its name says it all. Rocket Launcher Speaks for itself as well. Silencer Attach to Baretta or submachine gun, to keep your mission hush-hush. Plastic Explosives Explodes with timer when set. Remote Control Missile Can be guided with Control Pad. Note: you cannot move while controlling missile. Mine You may set these mines in key locations. Up to 3 mines allowed on each screen. 9 EQUIPMENT YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT Bomb Blast Suit Protective gear which shields you from explosions Body Armor Reduces enemy damage by 50% Binoculars All you to see one screen ahead without risking your life to enter it. However, they cannot be used when is a room. Gas Mask Only means of survival in gassed out areas. Antenna Allows you to use transceiver in areas where enemy is jamming devices are located. Mine Detector Allows you to discover enemy mine positions. Infrared goggles Used to detect infrared alarm sensors Flashlight Used to see in underground passages 10 Oxygen Tank Keeps you breathing underwater Compass Helps you navigate through uncharted deserts. Antidote Saves you from poisen, including scorpion bites Iron Glove Allows you to locate hidden doors by punching various walls. Uniform Try it on and see what happens Rations Crucial nutrition need to restore your viatl Sign. Cardboard Hmmmmm, it could be valuable or it could be a trap. Cards 1-8 each card opens a door. Of course, the card number must match the door number. 11 COLONEL VERMON CaTAFFY'S ELITE SCUM SQUAD The Electrocutioner Corporal Watchman Soldier of Fortune Trained Killer Scorpions Checkpoint Charlie B.A. Dozer The Dogs of War 12 OPERATION PASSWORD How to save your mission for another day When the game ends, select CONTINUE or END. If you wish to continue without turning off the system, select CONTINUE. However, if you wish to quit playing, press END. After selecting End, your Transceiver Mode will appear, and there you will password code. Write it down and save it! Because the next time you start the game you can press CONTINUE on the Title Screen, and then enter your password using the Control Pad to match the code with the letters which appear. This returns you to the same location in Outer Heaven where you finished your last mission. 13 ULTRA GAMES is a trademark of Ultra Software Corporation Metal Gear is a trademark of Konami Industries Co. Ltd. Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

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