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Mega Man 5

Typed out by NES-MZ-USA Capcom(r) Mega Man 5(tm) Instruction manual --- Getting started 1. Insert your Mega Man 5 Game Pak into your Nintendo Entertainment System and turn it on. 2. Watch the story screens to see the kidnapping of Dr. Light or press the Start button to skip to the title screen. 3. At the title screen, you can choose to begin a new game or use a password to continue a previous game. To begin a new game, move the arrow next to Press Start, then press the Start button on your control pad. To continue a previous game, see the 'Using your password' section later in this manual. 4. When the next screen appears, you will see mug shots of Protoman's robotic creations. Use the control pad to highlight the robot you wish to battle and press the A button to start the action! 5. To end the game at any time, simply turn off your Nintendo Entertainment System and remove your Game Pak. --- Brother against brother! "Cossack to Mega Man! Cossack to Mega Man! Come in, Mega Man!" "Protoman has gone wild! City Hall and the spaceport have been totally des- troyed and the city's power grid is in shambles. I've never seen destruction on this scale before." "I know you're worried about Dr. Light, but your first duty is to free the city from the grip of Protoman's robots. I can modify your reactor to give the Mega Buster a little more power, but the rest is up to you. Dr. Light and I had been working on a special project, but it's not finished yet. Maybe if I can get it working, it might give you an edge. "Remember to watch your back Mega Man. Protoman seems to have become more ruthless than we had thought possible. Good luck." "Cossack out!" --- Controlling Mega Man Move right or left - Press the control pad right or left. Charge the Mega Buster - Press and hold the B button. (Only works when the normal cannon is selected.) Fire a weapon - Press the B button. Jump - Press the A button. Slide - Press down on the control pad and hit the A button. Mega Man will slide in the direction he is facing. See the status screen - Press the Start button. --- Attack of the cybernetic soldiers! The dark shadows of Protoman's eight robots now cover the city. Each of these cybernetic soldiers have surrounded themselves with wave after wave of mind- less metal munchkins who are just waiting to pound Mega Man! It's up to you to run, jump and climb past death-dealing robots and metallic maniacs to get into the robot master's inner sanctum. Once you arrive, you'll dig in and stand toe-to-toe against his awesome attacks! Pummel him with the power of your Mega Buster to throw him on the scrap heap for good. Add his weapon to your arsenal and get ready for action as you face the next robotic level! --- Power up! As you blast Protoman's cybernetic creations to smithereens, you will gain their special weapon and add it to your arsenal. You can view the various weapons you have collected by pressing the Start button. When the weapon box appears, you can see each all of the weapons, energy tanks, mega tanks and extra lives you have collected so far. Press the control pad in any direction to select the weapon you wish to activate and then press the A button. When you return to action, Mega Man will be armed with that weapon. --- Robot reinforcements Mega Man isn't the only one who is worried about Dr. Light! Rush and Flip-top are scouring the city for any clue to the location of their lose leader. But, if Mega Man is in needs of a little help, Rush is ready to leap to his side. Using his special powers, Rush can transform into a two unique configurations to help Mega Man get by treacherous traps. Rush's configurations are: (RC) Rush Coil: Rush turns into a springboard to send Mega Man flying over obstacles. (RJ) Rush Jet: Rush turns into a jet sled for super-sonic travel. Note: Rush can only transform into the Rush Coil at the beginning of the game. Mega Man must find the Rush Jet adaptor before Rush can become the Rush Jet. To summon Rush, press the Start button. When the weapon box appears, press the control pad in any direction to highlight the machine you wish to use. Then press the A button to activate the machine. --- Control for the battle When you return to battle, press the B button to call Rush and he will mater- ialize next to you. Just jump on him and away you go! Flip-Top, Dr. Light's cybernetic suitcase, will appear from time to time and give Mega Man a power-up item. Once he has dropped off his package, he will automatically transport himself back to Dr. Light's lab. --- Just beat it! Prior to Dr. Light's kidnapping, he and Dr. Cossack had been working on a brand new attack robot named BEAT. Hidden throughout the city are the parts needed to activate this powerful new ally. If Mega Man can collect the letters to spell out M E G A M A N V, Mega Man can call and activate BEAT. --- Special items Energy Pellets: These pellets increase Mega Man's energy level. Weapon Capsules: These capsules increase the energy level of Mega Man's curr- ent special weapon. Energy Tanks: These tanks of energy refill Mega Man's supply. Mega Man can store these tanks until needed. Mega Tank: These tanks of mega-energy refill Mega Man's energy level. They also refill all of Mega Man's weapon energy levels. 1-up: A 1-up gives Mega Man one more life. --- Using your password As you reduce Protoman's robot masters into scrap metal, Mega Man may be rewarded with a secret password. Using a piece of paper and a pencil, copy the color and locations of the dots in the password grid. When you finish, place your password in a safe place. The next time you play Mega Man 5, you can continue from where you received your password. Here's how: 1. On the title screen, move the arrow next to Password and press the A button. 2. When the empty password grid appears, move the brackets to select the color of the first dot and press the A button. 3. Move the brackets to the location of the first dot and press the A button to place the dot. (To erase the dot, press the A button again.) 4. To select a different color dot, press the B button to exit the password grid and reselect a dot. 5. Once you have finished placing each of the dots in your password, move the brackets to END and press the A button. If the password is correct, the game will return you to where you received the password. --- Mega hints 1. Each robot master is vulnerable to a certain type of weapon. If a robot master seems hard to defeat using the normal cannon, you may need to ac- quire a special weapon to defeat him. 2. If your special weapon runs out of energy, pick up a weapon capsule while the special weapon is active and it will recharge the weapon. 3. There are power-up items hidden behind some walls. Blast the walls with your Mega Buster to find these secret passages. 4. Ride the Super Arrow to help Mega Man scale high walls. 5. Charge up the Mega Buster as you run, so it is ready when you need it. --- Robot masters Charge Man Napalm Man Gyro Man Stone Man Crystal Man Wave Man Star Man Gravity Man

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