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M.C. Kids

Typed out by NES-4Q-USA Virgin(r) Games M.C. Kids(tm) Instruction booklet --- Story While spending the night in their tent, Mick and Mack decided to read about Ronald's adventures. One sunny day while Ronald McDonald is performing magic tricks at a picnic, the Hamburglar runs off with Ronald's Bag of Magic. The Hamburglar is hiding in the worlds of McDonaldLand. The M.C. Kids must collect the Puzzle Cards for each level to track down the Hamburglar and return the Bag of Magic to Ronald McDonald. Keeping them from their quest is a variety of unique creatures sent by the Hamburglar to keep the Bag of Magic to himself! They must hurry, before they are too late! Mick and Mack went to sleep and were magically transformed into the M.C. Kids. Being Ronald's friends, they want to catch the Hamburglar just as much as you do! --- Getting started Insert the M.C. KIDS (That's pronounced "EmCee" Kids) cartridge and turn on your Nintendo Entertainment System. The title screen will appear where you will choose to play ONE or TWO players. If you choose to play a one player game, you may play either Mick or Mack. Jump up and touch the Mick Mack'er to change between Mick and Mack. Walk off the left side of the screen to play a ONE player game, or walk off the screen to the right to play a TWO player game. Pressing the START button will play a ONE player game. Objectives To get through the land, you must successfully solve all the levels in that land. However, before you can proceed to the next land, you must return Puzzle Cards of that land to the proper McDonaldLand character. At the beginning of each land, the McDonaldLand character of that land will tell you how many Puzzle Cards you need to continue to the next land. Track the Hamburgler before he uses the Bag of Magic for his own use! The story will begin and you will learn of Ronald McDonald's plight - how his Bag of Magic was stolen by Hamburglar. You will begin the game at the first level of the first land: Ronald McDonald's Clubhouse. To pause the game, press the START button. To abort a level and start with a new character at any time during the game, press the START button, and then the SELECT button on the control pad. --- Controller operation The controls for M.C. KIDS are quite simple but take time to master. To increase your skills, be sure and practice, practice, practice! Pushing right and left on the control pad will move Mick and Mack right and left. This works at any time that they are moving, even if they are jumping or falling. Pickup You may pick up one object by standing next to it and facing it, or by standing on top of it and ducking down to pick it up pressing the B button. Jump Press the A Button to jump in the direction you are facing. If you duck just before you jump, you'll jump higher. When Mick or Mack are running, you can press the A Button and jump higher and farther! Throw To throw an object, press the B button. If you push UP on the control pad and press the B button, you will throw an object up in the air. To throw an object farther, try this while you're moving! To throw straight down, press DOWN on the control pad and press the B button. Duck To duck, press DOWN on the control pad. If a block or other object is under you when you duck and are pressing the B button, you will pick up that object. Be careful! If you're standing on a block in the air, and you pick it up, you will fall! When you begin, you are given either four Mick or four Mack characters to complete the game. Each player starts with three hearts per character. When Mick or Mack is touched by a creature, he loses a heart. When he loses all his hearts, you must start over with another Mick or Mack character. The moment that Mick or Mack loses a heart, he will flash for a few seconds. During this time he cannot be touched - use this time wisely to get past the tricky spots! While you play the game, you will be given the chance to earn more herats for Mick or Mack by doing super-shots. For example, if you hit two or more creatures with the same block, this qualifies as a super-shot. You will also receive a heart for hitting ten creatures. You can have up to four hearts. If you lose your last heart, you will have to start over with a new Mick or Mack character, and will have only three hearts. --- The map screen On the screen are several items of interest to you. On this screen, you will see the land that the M.C. Kids are currently in, the level they are currently on, and the number of Puzzle cards necessary to go to the next land. You will also see a puzzle in the right upper corner of the screen. As you collect Puzzle cards, pieces of this puzzle will be turned over. The path allows Mick and Mack to move between the levels within a land. When you are on top of an arch, press the A button to enter that level. You cannot move to the next level until you have crossed the ending line for the current level. Once a level is completed, the stripes on that arch disappear and you may now proceed to the next level. You may return to visit levels you have completed as often as you like, perhaps to search for a hidden puzzle card! --- Special items Puzzle cards: When you begin each land, you will be instructed by the McDonaldland character of that land to collect a spcific number of Magic Cards for that land. Some Puzzle Cards are very well hidden and will take patience and practice to find! As you collect Puzzle Cards for the land that you are in, you will see a part of the puzzle in the right upper corner of the screen flip over. Not all cards found in a specific land will be for that land. This means that you may need to visit other lands to find cards to complete your current land. If you cannot find some of the Puzzle cards, visit the character of the land you are in, they must have some helpful hints or clues. If you collect all the Puzzle Card in a set, return the cards to the character in that land to receive additional bonuses. There are 42 cards in all. Golden arches: Collect as many of these as you can! If you collect 100, you will have a chance to play the bonus game. If successful, you will have a chance to be able to get up to five 1-UPs! 1-ups: Get as many of these as you can! Each one will give you an extra Mick or Mack character. Zipper: To use a zipper, stand in front of the zipper and press the B button on the control pad. Reverser: Touching a reverser will send Mick and Mack spinning back to the start of the level. Spinner: At the end of some walkways in the sky, this device has a way of spinning Mick and Mack all around so that the sky is now the ground! You need to run across spinner at full speed to turn upside-down or right-side up again! Mick Mack'er: Touching this will switch your character between Mick and Mack. Springboards: There are two types of springboards that Mick and Mack can use to jump higher! The small springboards that are raised above groun must be jumped on to be activated. Super springboards: The other type of springboard is very large. Because of this springboard's size, it will take a very heavy object to make it bounce! Bridges Ice bridge: This bridge is covered in ice and is very slippery to walk across! In addition to that, you cannot carry anything across this bridge or it will break through. Beware - if you fall on it, it will also break and you will fall below. Fire bridge: This bridge appears to be perfectly fine - until you make that first step! The fire will start to burn from the left to the right, so you'd better run across as fast as you can! Falling bridge: These blocks form a bridge that you must cross. As you move across, some of these blocks will fall once you have stepped on them. Bones: The bones are only in certain lands that the M.C. Kids must go through. If you step quickly, you can use them more than once, but if you don't move fast, they'll crumble and fall! --- Things the M.C. Kids can throw Block: The M.C. Kids can find these in a variety of areas, and will find them very useful. Porous blocks: These blocks are necessary to get across tricky sections, such as lava. While Mick and Mack are using them, they have no control over the direction that the porous block floats! Fill-in blocks: These blocks are items that Mick or Mack can find to help them use alternate routes through the levels. Look for an outline of the block in the sky and throw the block up to fill in the outline block. Once filled, you can stand on it and be transported to another area in the level. Sand: In some places, there will be sand that blocks the route that Mick and Mack must use. To get by this, they must "dig" through the sand by pressing the B button on the control pad. Snow: When the M.C. Kids are by a pile of snow, they can use it to throw at the creatures! To get the snow, press the B button on the control pad. Boat: A boat is very useful for moving Mick and Mack across water. To use a boat, you can pick it up and throw the boat into the water and jump in it. While you are in a boat, you control which direction it move in by pressing right or left on the control pad. To move out of the water, jump safely to land. Be sure to move quickly and don't let Gnash touch you! --- Lifts There are four types of lifts that Mick and Mack can use, they are: Travel lift: This lift only operates when Mick or Mack are standing on it. Once they jump on, it will begin to move. The moment they jump off, it will stop. Continous lift: While this lift is moving in a never-ending loop, Mick and Mack must calculate when they should jump on and off, as it will continue on it's path whether they are on it or not! Conveyor lift: The most difficult to master, the M.C. Kids must move the opposite direction (pressing left and right on the control pad) that they wish to go! Pressing left goes "foward" and pressing right moves "backward!" Clouds: Clouds are very useful to Mick and Mack! They will float them toward the sky where they can find bonuses and other useful items! --- Ending line: When Mick and Mack have finished a level, there will be a tight rope with a spinning Golden Arch going back and forth across it. For extra bonuses, to be used at the end of the game, when you jump over the line, land on the Golden Arch! The farther to the right you land, the bigger your bonus will be. If you jump far enough to the right AND land on the spinning arch, you'll receive a magic brick to be used in the final stage of your quest! Remember, only a true ending line has a travelling Golden Arch that spins! When Mick and Mack finish a level for the first time or whenever they have completed a level AND found a Puzzle Card, they will high five each other! --- Characters Mack Half of the dynamic team that is the M.C. Kids. Mack loves to adventure through McDonaldLand. Mick The other half of this loveable pair, Mick can't wait to return Ronald's Bag of Magic! Creatures Mick & Mack should avoid Albert This creature flitters, trying to fly, but all he ends up doing is getting in your way! Goforit A creature that spends his time chasing you around wherever you go! Jack Rabbid This is one rabbit you only WISH would disappear! Propbot Flying around and looking around, Propbot will distract you from your goal! Watch out for the propeller! Splinter This busy little beaver is always trying to foil your progress! Putt Don't get too close to this bird! McMoose When he starts charging, you'd better get out of his way! Hanging Harry Hanging from trees, Harry will catch you by surprise! Fineous Identifiable by his tell-tale fin in the clouds, you'd better keep your eyes open for this sharp creature! Fitch While it might appear to be harmless, appearances can be quite deceiving! Frogo Distant relative to the Goforit, this creature is able to withstand the freezing cold! Hitting him just right is considered a Super-Shot! Shno-zer He may not look dangerous, but the snowballs he will throw at you are real troublel! Dee-thaw A close cousin to Shno-Zer, he will JUMP right for you! I. Psycho Dwelling in the snow, you'd better not touch these! Gnash He's waiting for you in the water, so be sure he doesn't have a chance to get you! You will lose your character if he touches you even once! Gerg Gerg follows you wherever you try to go - even into the sand! Pokums These spikes are just waiting for you to try to pass! Nerb Avoid the walls in the volcano where Nerb will get you! Krome-dome His protective helmet keeps him coming after time after time! Hitting him just right is considered a Super-Shot! Leinad With his large eyes, Leinad knows every move you make! Whirlee Moving back and forth across the cliffs, Whirlee will keep you unsettled! Fizzie Going by water can be hard with Fizzie around! Nerrad Waiting for you to cross the bridge, Nerrad will come across after you! Tye While they were once inside Ronald's Bag of Magic, they are now unstoppable! You will need to hit a Tye more than once! Magic Wand With Ronald's magic, Mick and Mack will have to work overtime! The magic wand must be hit several times! Draggie While moving slowly, the M.C. Kids should make sure they quickly jump over this one! --- The six lands There are six major areas that make up McDonaldland. Each area is distinctively different, beautiful and dangerous in its own way. You must conquer them all to find Ronald's Bag of Magic! When Mick and Mack run out of characters to play, the game will give you the option of pressing the START button to continue playing. If this option is selected, you will start the game at the last location that Mick and Mack viewed in their book. Any Puzzle Cards they found after viewing the book will be returned to their original locations and must be found again. Ronald's Clubhouse This is where Mick and Mack begin their quest. There are meadows and forest lands that they must travel through if they are going to complete all the levels and find Ronald's Puzzle Cards. Birdie's Treehouse Once Mick and Mack have completed Ronald's Clubhouse, they will be taken to Birdie's Treehouse, where they must find more Puzzle Cards for Birdie, as well as complete levels with clouds and mountains! Grimace's Highlands This land is full of cliff levels and lake levels. Mick and Mack must seek out Grimace in his rather large purple house and find his Puzzle Cards. Watch out for the large waterfall! Professor's Workshop Within all the sand, the enchanted forest, and the ship, Mick and Mack must find the Professor's Puzzle Cards. In exchange for the Cards, the Professor will let Mick and Mack use his newest invention! CosMc's Retreat This land is full of lunar caves and moon tunnels. In addition to a maze, Mick and Mack face a gravitational pull totally unlike what they're accustomed to. Hamburglar's Hideout Just when Mick and Mack thought they'd seen it all, the Hamburglar has a land full of volcanos, complete with hot lava that they must get through to find Ronald's Bag of Magic! Be sure you don't abuse the machines in the lava or they might stop working! --- The bonus level When the M.C. Kids have collected 100 Golden Arches in a level, they will be taken to a special bonus level. To reach the top of the screen, you must jump on the lift with the UP arrow in it. Only one of the lifts go up! Each lift is active for only a second. Once a block has moved, be prepared to jump to another block with the UP arrow in it to continue your ascent. Once they reach the top, you'll get a chance to earn 1-UP's! --- Tips and hints To get through tricky spots, carry a block with you. While you're jumping up, press down on the control pad and the B button on the control pad - this will enable you to get by without the risk of losing hearts! If you throw a block up while you are moving, you will be able to eliminate the creatures before they are a threat!

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