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Typed out by Kevin Falkowski Magician by Taxan ------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for purchasing TAXAN's Game Pak, MAGICIAN. Please read this instruction manual to ensure proper handling of your new game, and keep the manual for future reference. TABLE OF CONTENTS Quick Start.......................................1 The Story Unfolds.................................7 Using the Controller.............................10 Backpack Screen Information......................13 Backpack Screen Modes............................17 Inventory Objects................................20 Spellbook Spells.................................24 Enemies..........................................28 Magician Ratings.................................32 Playing Hints....................................33 Super Hints for the Hopelessly Stuck.............35 Compliance with FCC Regulations..................38 Limited Warranty.................................39 ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 1 QUICK START Read this as you play level one; it will get you started quickly. Later on, you can refer to the rest of the manual for more detailed instructions. Before you begin, you should turn on the game and watch the Demo. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 Before you start on your long quest, you'll have to stock up on some items and spells. Your initial inventory will be built in this town, so be sure to buy enough items. After leaving this town, you will begin a long hard fight towards the east. TALKING In towns, and across the land, you'll meet people who can give you valuable information - be sure to talk to everyone! TO TALK, STAND IN FRONT OF THE PERSON, AND PRESS UP. You must be facing each other to be heard. Sometimes the character will ignore you. Don't worry; try to talk again, they will answer within four tries. Also, you can only talk to each character once, so listen (read) carefully for important information. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 ENTERING BUILDINGS TO ENTER A BUILDING, STAND IN FRONT OF THE DOOR AND PRESS UP. Most doors are locked, but the doors which are open are important, so check them all! You should try to go into every door which you find. IN THE GUILDS In the Guilds, drink, talk, and listen. TO DO ANYTHING ON A SUBSCREEN (IN BUILDING, OR SEARCHING CHEST), MOVE ARROW WITH THE CONTROL PAD, AND CHOOSE THE FUNCTION WITH THE "A" BUTTON. Listen carefully to what is said in the guild; most of the information is vital to your long term survival! BUYING ITEMS In the shops, let the buyer beware! Be careful to save money, but also carry lots of food and water!! TO BUY SOMETHING IN A SHOP, SELECT THE ITEM WITH THE CONTROL PAD, PRESS "A" TO EXAMINE THE ITEM AND THE PRICE, THEN PRESS EITHER "A" TO BUY, OR "B" TO SKIP. HINT: At least buy Help, Ven, and Lightning. The Help spell will really help; use it when you see something strange, and it will give you a clue on what to do. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 SAVING YOUR GAME Before leaving town, you will meet your first enemy. Save your game, then fight! Before you fight, here is a description of the inventory screen, which is shown when you press "Select." TO SAVE A GAME, PRESS SELECT TO GO TO THE INVENTORY SCREEN, PRESS "DOWN" UNTIL YOU SEE THE LETTER "A", PRESS START TO RETURN TO THE GAME, AND PRESS "B" TO SAVE. If you want to restart your saved game: From the title screen, press "Select", then choose which saved game you want to play by pressing "Right" or "Left", then press Start to resume your game from the point where you saved. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 USING THE BACKPACK SCREEN Before you fight, you'll have to select a magic power to use in your fight. This warrior is easily poisoned, so try the spell "VEN" on power 4. Here's a picture of the Inventory screen, where you control all which you carry, select spells, and build magic! A. THIS IS YOUR BACKPACK - THESE ARE THINGS USED WITH THE "B" BUTTON. If you get hungry or thirsty, put food or water in this space by pressing up or down witht he arrow here; then return to the game screen and press "B". B. THESE ARE THE SPELLS IN YOUR SPELL BOOK - THE SPELLS ARE CONTROLLED WITH THE "A" BUTTON. C. THIS IS WHERE YOU BUILD SPELLS TO PUT INTO YOUR SPELL BOOK. See page 18 for more on spell building; you don't need to do this in the first town. D. THIS AREA SHOWS YOUR STATUS. See page 13 for more information on this section of the inventory screen. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 TO SELECT THE SPELL "VEN" ON POWER 4, PRESS "SELECT". TO GO TO THE INVENTORY SCREEN, PRESS SELECT AGAIN. TO GO TO THE SPELLS, PRESS UP OR DOWN UNTIL YOU SEE "VEN" (YOU HAVE TO BUY "VEN" IN THE SPELL STORE), PRESS RIGHT UNTIL YOU SEE A "4", THEN PRESS "START" TO RETURN TO THE GAME. Now you are ready to fight! Shoot the warrior about 6 times (with the "A" button; then walk left until his bullets are missing you, and wait for the poison to take effect! Listen for him to stop shooting - you will also be able to hear him fall. Now you can walk over, search the body by pressing "Down" while standing over it, then continue right until you exit level one. NOW THE REAL CHALLENGE STARTS!!! ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 THE STORY UNFOLDS... Long ago in a land far, far away there lived the peaceful people of Merlwood. Merlwood was a small but beautiful country with tall mountain ranges, deep forests, and a large lake filled with fish. The people of Merlwood had all that anyone could want: good food, good friends, and great surroundings. At this time, there were powerful wizards and magicians throughout the land. THe art of magic had been refined until all aspects of life were in some way related to magic. The magicians controlled all of Merlwood's major activities, keeping everything in order, without adversely affecting anyone's lifestyle. Then the inevitable happened: one of the most powerful magicians decided that he was tired of always helping the people. He figured that with a little help, he could easily rule over them, and become the richest, most powerful wizard in all the known land. His name was Abadon. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 8 Abadon used his power to conjure up all sorts of evil beasts, then he went deep into the eastern mountains and built a massive castle. After this was completed, he sent his evil followers out into the countryside, with their first mission being to destory all of the most powerful wizards of the land. Because Merlwood was such a peaceful land, he accomplished this with unbelieveable ease, destroying all of the most powerful wizards, and converting most of the minor magicians. While all of this was going on in the east, Paul, a young apprentice Magician from Serenna, a small village on the western border of Merlwood, was preparing to depart on his Magician's trek. In order to become a Magician, an apprentice must first travel to the distant corners of the land to learn all of the secrets from the ancient masters. Just as Paul was preparing to depart on his quest, word of Abadon's treachery came to Serenna. There are no wizards left to fight the evil Abadon. The only hope left seems to lie in you, Paul, a simple teenage Apprentice - out to defeat the most powerful Magician in all Merlwood! ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 Good luck - your mission will be long and difficult, filled with epic battles and magic spells. Along the way, you will meet many friends who can teach you spells, and give you scrolls. There is only one real hope to defeat Abadon: the ancient Ultimate Potion. Legends say that if the four vials of the elements can be brought together, the ultimate potion will be formed. This is your only hope, Paul: search out the vials of Earth, Air Fire, and Water, form them into the Ultimate Potion, and confront Abadon!!! ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 USING THE CONTROLLER Title Sequence The Title sequence displays a static picture and plays the title music. SELECT BUTTON: Enter the game restore code screen. START BUTTON: Start a new game on Level 1. If Start or Select are not pressed within 20 seconds, the demo mode is activated. DEMO MODE The demo mode shows a small selection of the game's features lasting about 3 minutes, then it returns to the title screen. Using the Control Pad during the demo mode returns you to the title screen. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 11 RESTORE SCREEN On entry, if the first save position holds a saved game, the information it contains will be displayed; otherwise, the information area will be blanked. SELECT BUTTON: Return to the title sequence. START BUTTON: Attempt to restart the game stored in the current save position. If the position is empty or invalid, nothing happens. CONTROL PAD LEFT/RIGHT: Select save position. If you restore a game successfully, you will restart the game at the exact point at which you saved it. MAP SCREEN Before you start on a new level, you are presented with a map of the land. Your current position is pointed out by a large hand, and you are given a small text description of the level you are about to enter. Any use of the Control Pad will take you into the game. The game is effectively paused while you remain on this screen. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 MAIN GAME SELECT BUTTON: Enter the BACKPACK screen. START BUTTON: Pause the game. Any button restarts. A BUTTON: Answer multiple-response question; cast the CURRENT spell ( the one in the SPELLBOOK window on the BACKPACK screen). B BUTTON: Use the CURRENT object (the one in the INVENTORY window on the BACKPACK screen). CONTROL PAD UP: Move upwards if the FLY spell is active; move upwards through doorways; attempt interaction; move upwards in subgames. CONTROL PAD DOWN: Move downwards if the FLY spell is active; move downwards through doorways; attempt searching, move downwards in subgames. CONTROL PAD LEFT: Select multiple-response answer; move left through doors; move left. CONTROL PAD RIGHT: Select multiple-response answer; move right through doors; move right. To enter the BACKPACK from the game, press Select. You cannot enter the inventory from a shop or house. INSIDE BUILDINGS AND INSIDE TREASURE CHESTS SELECT BUTTON: Not used. START BUTTON: Not used. A BUTTON: Talk, take, buy, or drink. B BUTTON: Not used. CONTROL PAD UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT: Select item. If you try to collect more than three of any normal object, or one of any scroll, you will get the message "You have enough of those already." -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 BACKPACK SCREEN INFORMATION MANA Mana is the amount of magical pwoer you currently have available. This value is displayed on the BACKPACK screen. This slowly and constantly increases up to your current maximum mana level. This maximum level determines your rating, which is displayed on the BACKPACK screen. It is increased as you play the game by solving the various problems. Your current mana level is decreased as you build and cast spells. The amount of decrease depends on aspects such as the power level, type of spell, etc. GOLD Gold is the amount of money you have available to buy items in shops, and also for use with various problems. This value is displayed on the BACKPACK screen. HEALTH This is your current physical state. This is displayed on the BACKPACK screen. It is increased by HEAL potions, and also increases slowly with time (as does the health of the enemies). ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 14 It is decreased slowly if your food or water level reaches zero, if you are hit by bullets, poisoned or harmed by enemies, etc. As it deteriorates, you will be periodically warned by different messages. If it reaches zero, you lose your life. FOOD This is your current food level. This is displayed as a percentage on the BACKPACK screen. It is increased by varying amounts by eating food items from your BACKPACK. It is decreased slowly as you progress through the game. If it reaches zero, you are warned by a message, and your health starts to deteriorate. ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 WATER This is your current water level. This is displayed as a percentage on the BACKPACK screen. It is increased by drinking from your water flask. The number of drinks remaining in the flask will be displayed each time you take a drink, and under the flask icon in the BACKPACK. It is decreased slowly as you progress through the game. If it reaches zero, you are warned by a message, and your health starts to deteriorate. VENOM This is the current level of poison in your body. This is displayed as a percentage on the BACKPACK screen. If the value is over zero percent, the value will start flashing. It is increased by being hit by venomous bullets (usually green) or by being touched by venomous enemies. It is zeroed by using anti-ven potions. Roughly 1/12th of this value is periodically subtracted from your health, so it is wise to always keep a very close check on this value. The player is always warned by a message and sound-effect whenever he is affected by venom. ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 16 SHIELDS There are four different types of shields, each protecting you from different types of bullets. The current level of each shield is shown on the BACKPACK screen. If the level of a shield is greater than zero percent, when you are hit by a bullet or enemy, the bullet will bounce off you with a special sound effect, or the enemy will do no damage to you. Each hit depletes the relevant shield a little. When the shield is down to zero, further hits start affecting your health or venom level. NOTE: Most enemies also have the same types of shield at their disposal. The physical shield protects you from physical damage. Your physical spells are RAZOR, AXOR, BOOMERAXE, BOULDER, SPEAR (colored brown in the SPELLBOOK). The shield also protects you from enemies which hit, stab, or bite you. The ven shield protects you from venom. Your only venom spell is VEN (colored green in the SPELLBOOK). The shield also protects you from enemies which poison you on contact. The fire shield protects you from fire. Your fire spells are FIREBALL, FIRESTORM, FIRE RING, FIRE SPRAY (colored red in the SPELLBOOK). The shield also protects your from other types of fire damage. The power shield protects you from power damage. Your power spells are DISPEL, LIGHTNING, REPELLENT, EXORCISE, DEATH RING, PSYCHIC (colored blue in the SPELLBOOK). ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 17 BACKPACK SCREEN MODES The inventory has three "modes" which are selected using Select. The current inventory mode is shown by a large white arrow to the left of the screen To EXIT the BACKPACK at any time press Start. The bottom half of the inventory screen is dedicated to your status/health report. MODE #1: INVENTORY MODE This mode is active when the arrow is in the first (top) window of the inventory screen. This is where you select a new object to use. You cannot use an object while still on the inventory screen. Objects are used in the main game by pressing the B button. CONTROL PAD UP/DOWN: Select object. SELECT BUTTON: Change to SPELLBOOK mode. NOTE: If you have any SCROLLS you may use them as objects. They can be used to cast spells, but always at power level 1. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 MODE #2: SPELLBOOK MODE This mode is active when the arrow is in the second window of the inventory screen. This is where you select a new spell to cast from your spell book and/or select a new power level to use when casting spells. Spells cannot be cast while still on the BACKPACK screen. Spells are cast in the main game by pressing the A button. CONTROL PAD UP/DOWN: Select spell. CONTROL PAD LEFT/RIGHT: Increase/decrease power level of current spell. SELECT BUTTON: Change to SPELLBUILD mode. MODE #3: SPELLBUILD MODE This mode is active when the arrow is in the third window of the inventory screen. In this mode, you can build any spells that you may have learned as rune-names. CONTROL PAD LEFT/RIGHT: Select rune/book icon. A BUTTON: Add selected rune/rune name to spell name. B BUTTON: Delete last rune/rune name from spell name. SELECT BUTTON: Change to INVENTORY mode. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 To build a spell, you must make up the magic name using the correct runes, and then select the BOOK icon to translate the spell-name into a name that can be recognized and recorded in your SPELLBOOK. As you build a spell, the runes and rune names will appear in the second window (SPELLBOOK). If the magic name is known, its translated name will appear in this window, and the spell will be added to your Spell Book. Otherwise the spell will be named unknown, and will not be added to your SPELLBOOK. EXAMPLE - TO BUILD THE RAZOR SPELL: The magic name for Razor is PHOLRA. Select the PH rune. Press B, Select the OL rune. Press B, Select the RA rune. Press B, Move onto the book icon and press B. The spell should then appear in the SPELLBOOK, translated as RAZOR. Then press SELECT until you are in the SPELLBOOK mode, and then you may change the power level as described before. You can now exit the BACKPACK and use this spell. --------------------------------------------------------- Page 20 INVENTORY OBJECTS WATER FLASK: Holds zero to five drinks. Each drink you take adds 20% to your water level. CRUST OF BREAD: General food. Eating it adds 20% to your food level. CHICKEN: General food. Eating it adds 30% to your food level. VEGETABLES: General food. Eating it adds 40% to your food level. POUCH OF COINS: Contains your gold. Select this whenever you need to use your money for a problem. KEY: Used to unlock chests. MANA POTION: Adds 500 to your current mana. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 21 HEAL POTION: Adds 20% to your health. ANTI VEN POTION: Sets your venom to zero. ULTIMATE POTION: Made from all four elements. Used to defeat Abadon. VIAL OF EARTH: An element of the ultimate potion. VIAL OF AIR: An element of the ultimate potion. VIAL OF FIRE: An element of the ultimate potion. VIAL OF WATER: An element of the ultimate potion. STAFF OF MALICE: Fires umlimited level 1 fireballs. Uses no mana. STAFF OF KNELL: Fires unlimited level 1 ven. Uses no mana. ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 22 STAFF OF POWER: Fires unlimited level 1 lightning. Uses no mana. STAFF OF BLAYZE: Fires unlimited level 2 fireballs. Uses no mana. STAFF OF MAYHEM: Fires unlimited level 1 dispel. Uses no mana. RING OF HALE: Fires unlimited level 1 exorcise. Uses no mana. RING OF ANA: Sets your food and water to 100%. Can only be used once. RING OF VEN: Cursed treasure. Periodically poisons you. Cannot be removed once taken. AMULET OF MOR: Adds 50% health. Can only be used once. AMULET OF SHIELD: Adds 15% to all four shields. Can only be used once. AMULET OF TAMMUS: Adds 500 to your current mana. Can only be used once. MAGIC CHARM: Use three to... ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 23 DRAGON EGG: This has to be good for something. MAGIC WATER: You can drink it for 20% water. But if you throw it in... SUNGLASSES: Why does one need sunglasses? WALKING STICK: Paul has no trouble walking...But buy this anyway. -SAVE GAME TO A-: Saves exactly current game status to Save Position A for later restoring. -SAVE GAME TO B-: Saves exactly current game status to Save Position B for later restoring. -SAVE GAME TO C-: Saves exactly current game status to Save Position C for later restoring. -SAVE GAME TO D-: Saves exactly current game status to Save Position D for later restoring. -QUIT GAME-: Asks you to press button B again to quit the game. SCROLL: When you get a scroll, the spell is automatically entered into your SPELLBOOK. Also, if you use scrolls, the spell will be cast using power level 1. This enables you to have a spell on both buttons. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 24 SPELLBOOK SPELLS PHYSICAL SPELLS RAZOR (_____): Fires straight, fast razors. Power level determines damage caused. AXOR (_____): Fires spinning axes in a curve. Power level determines distance and damage caused. BOOMERAXE (______): Fires spinning axes in a boomerang-like curve. Power level determines distance and damage caused. BOULDER (______): Fires large boulders in a curve. Power level determines distance and damage caused. SPEAR (_______): Fires a spear diagnally upwards. Power level determines damage caused. VENOM SPELLS VEN (_______): Fires straight, slow venom bolts. Power level determines size and venom added. FIRE SPELLS FIREBALL (______): Shoots straight, fast fireballs. Power level determines size and damage caused. FIRESTORM (______): Fiery rain falls from the sky. Power level determines time spell lasts for and damage caused. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 25 FIRE RING (_____): Fires a small ring of fireballs in the direction facing. Power level determines the number of fireballs and damage caused. FIRE SPRAY (______): Causes a fountain of fireballs to erupt from within Paul. Power level determines time spell lasts for, size of fountain, and damage caused. POWER SPELLS DISPEL (______): Fires a lightning ball in the direction facing. Power level determines damage caused. LIGHTNING (_____): Shoots straight, very fast lightning bolts. Power level determines size and damage caused. REPELLENT (______): Fires two lighting balls in the direction facing. Power level determines damage caused. EXORCISE (_____): Fires six lightning balls outwards. Power level determines damage caused. DEATH RING (_____): Causes a ring of lightning bolts to radiate outwards. Power level determines damage caused. PSYCHIC (____): Activates a shield of lightning balls. Power level determines the time spell lasts for and damage caused. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 26 MISCELLANEOUS SPELLS HELP (_____):Gives gradually more cryptic help messages as the game progresses. The messages relate to the current problem facing the player. FLY (____): Enables you to fly. Power level determines time spell lasts for. JUMP (____): Endables you to jump. Power level determines height/length of jump. PHYS SHIELD (_____): Protects against physical damage. Power level determines amount of damage that can be protected against. The Shields can be built up to 100% with a number of casts. VEN SHIELD (_____): As Phys Shield, but protects against venom damage. FIRE SHIELD (_____): As Phys Shield, but protects against fire damage. POW SHIELD (_____): As Phys Shield, but protects against power damage. REVEAL (_____): Revelas hidden items, doors, etc. FLEET FOOT (____): Enables you to walk faster. Power level determines time spell lasts for. SLOWMO (_____): Slows something down somewhere. FEATHERLITE (______): Makes you weigh less. Power level determines time spell lasts for. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 27 IRON BOOTS (_____): Makes you weigh more and slows you down. Power level determines time spell lasts for. WAKEY WAKEY (____): Brings inanimate/sleeping objects to life. Power level defaults to one. LIGHT (_____): Provides light on dark levels. Power level determines time spell lasts for. TRANSLATE (______): Enables you to understand the mysterious language of the... TWIN (_____): Works great at the end of level... SPECIAL SPELLS MUZAK (_____): Cycles through all the music in the game. WHO'S WHO? (______): Displays the credits for the game. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 28 ENEMIES Here are some of the enemies you will encounter. ZUG FANTOMOID ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 29 EVEL MDIEVEL BONEJAB MAZARATTY ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 30 MANUBAT GARGOLIAN OCULUS TARANTULON --------------------------------------------------------- Page 31 WARRIORAK (Not always an enemy) PYTHONOPLANT MONDO FUNGO --------------------------------------------------------- Page 32 MAGICIAN RATINGS APPRENTICE 0-499 TALENTED 500-999 ADEPT 1000-1499 DEXTROUS 1500-1999 COMPETENT 2000-2499 EXPERIENCED 2500-2999 SKILLED 3000-3499 EXPERT 3500-3999 MASTER 4000-9999 MAGICIAN 10000+ This is based on the players current maximum mana and is displayed on the BACKPACK screen. The top rating of MAGICIAN can only be achieved if the player does everything right during the game, and manages to defeat Abadon at the end. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 33 PLAYING HINTS --------------------- | THESE HINTS | | WILL HELP YOU | | IN YOUR QUEST. | --------------------- * Be sure to talk to everyone who will listen - powerful information awaits those who ask for it. * Get the Help Scroll in level one. When in doubt, use it - it will really help!!! * Always carry lots of food and water. * Build Shields to help defend against enemy attacks. * Look everywhere; there are hidden items which must be found to complete your quest. * Whenever possible, use the staffs to fight - you won't use any Mana. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 34 * Write the spellnames in your manual in the provided spaces; this way, when you start again, you can save valuable gold by building spells instead of buying them. * Try to determine which weapon spells are best for which enemies; the enemies can be wearing magical shields just as you do. If a weapon bounces off an enemy, he has a shield to protect him from that weapon; try another, or continue shooting until you wear down that shield. * You do not have to defeat all enemies; learn which must be defeated, and which can be avoided. * Don't be upset if you find yourself totally stuck in a situation where the only option is to start the quest all over again. This is not a typical Role-Playing Game. You will almost certainly miss something, or not be powerful enough, so that you may have to start the game over in order to successfully complete the full game. That's just a day in the life of a Magician dude! * LIMITED SAVE FEATURE: This game has a limited save feature, which will allow you to save at anytime, but only a total of 15 times per game. For this reason, it is wise to save your saves!!! There are enough saves to save once at the beginning of each level, and once more inside each level. You should try each level, find the hardest point in the level, and then save right before that point. ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 35 SUPER HINTS FOR THE HOPELESSLY STUCK DO NOT READ THE NEXT PAGES UNLESS YOU ARE TOTALLY CONFUSED, AND YOU FEEL THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR VERY BEST TO COMPLETE THE GAME. ONLY LOSERS AND NON-GAMERS WILL READ THESE PAGES BEFORE PLAYING THE GAME FOR AT LEAST SEVERAL HOURS. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 36 ITEMS FOR EACH LEVEL WHICH YOU MUST FIND, AND THE BEST WEAPONS. LEVEL ONE ITEMS: Key, Sunglasses, and Walking Stick. MAGICS: Lightning, Ven, Help, and Phys Shield. ACTIONS: Be sure to mail the letter! LEVEL TWO ITEMS: Dragon's Egg, Anti-Ven Potion, Rune Stone (turns Walking Stick into Staff), and Vial of Earth. MAGICS: Wakey Wakey, Reveal, Light, Fly, and Featherlight. ACTIONS: Use the sunglasses in this level - you'll save water. LEVEL THREE ITEMS: None. MAGICS: Dispel, Fire Shield, Resurrect, and Jump. ACTIONS: Power up your Shields; save before the jumping starts. Use the pouch of coins to cross the lake. LEVEL FOUR ITEMS: None. MAGICS: Boulder. ACTIONS: Give the beggar food three times; don't take ring behind second door; put magic water into poisoned water; talk to tree. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 37 LEVEL FIVE ITEMS: Three Magic Charms and Vial of Water. MAGICS: Slo Mo. ACTIONS: Must pass fourth door to find Slo Mo. LEVEL SIX ITEMS: Vial of Air. MAGICS: Twin. LEVEL SEVEN ITEMS: Vial of Fire. LEVEL EIGHT ITEMS: Ultimate Potion. You'll also need to use the fleetfoot spell in level seven. These are items which you definitely need; there are many other items and magics which will really help you a lot - you figure those out!!! Anyway, good luck - with these hints, you should do better. ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 38 COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS This equipment generates and uses radio frequency energy and if not installed and used properly, that is, in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, may cause interference to radio and television reception. It has been type tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B computing device in accordance with the specifications in Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection agains such interference in a residention. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: - Reorient the recieving antenna. - Relocate the NES with respect to the reciever. - Move the NES away from the reciever. - Plug the NES into a different outlet so that computer and reciever are on different circuits. If neccessary, the user should consult the dealer or experienced radio/television technician for additional suggestions. The user may find the following booklet preparted by the Federal Communications Commission helpful: How to identify and Resolve Radio-TV interference Problems This booklet is available from the U.S. Government Printing Office. Washington. D.C. 20402. Stock No. 004-000-00345-4.

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