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Little Samson

Typed out by tsr NES-LT-USA Little Samson(tm) Instruction manual --- The legend of the majestic bells Dire times have fallen upon the Kingdom of the Imperial Forgy. Ta-Keed, the Prince of Darkness has escaped his supernatural prison. Red lightning destroyed the magical seal that held him at bay, freeing him to rampage the countryside - getting revenge for his centuries of captivity! Emperor Hans heard of those who own the Majestic Bells of Power. He asked each of the owners to come to the capitol city to begin the quest to rid the land of the evil Ta-Keed. Samson - the boy adventurer, Kikira - the Dragon Lord, Gamm - the Rock Lord and K.O. - the Enchanted Beast unite to fight the dreaded intruder and his armies of deadly creatures! Let freedom's bells ring! --- Let the quest begin... Insert the Little Samson cartridge into your Nintendo Entertainment System and turn the machine on. Press Start to begin the game. You are give a choice between the four game characters (Samson and his friends). You must take each character through their own levels before they can unite as a team. Once each character has completed their own levels, they are taken to Emperor Hans for their first assignment. At this point, Kikira may need some coaxing by Samson to obey... Once this has been accomplished, you can choose which character you wish to use during any portion of the game! They all possess strengths and weaknesses that you will have to learn to master this game. --- Controlling the heroes The basic moves for all the characters are shown below. Each charcter has a special move, however, that gives him an extra advantage in tough areas! The Controls: Up, Down, Left and Right on the control pad moves the charcters in those directions. The A Button is pressed to make each character jump. The B Button launches an attack from the characters. --- The heroes Little Samson - A kind-hearted boy who owns the legendary White Bell. Samson is a skilled mountain-climber! With his training, he can grab a handhold on nearly any surface. (Avoid the spikes, though.) This allows him to scale vertical walls and go hand-over-hand across ceilings. Samson can throw his magic bells at enemies while he is climbing. To grab ceilings, press Up on the control pad, then press the A Button. Press Right or Left at this point to move. Press the A button again to drop from the ceiling. To latch on to walls, press Right or Left on the control pad, then press the A button to jump on to the wall. As soon as you touch the surface of the wall, press the A Button again. Press Up or Down to move along the wall. Detach from the wall by pressing the A button again. Kikira the Dragon Lord - This mighty creature owns the legendary Blue Bell. Actually, Kikira was once a human girl until she turned into a dragon because of her arrogance and selfishness. With long dragon claws, Kikira never slips on icy surfaces! She can fly for a small amount of time as well as breath fire against her enemies. There is a special attack that happens if you make Kikira hold her breath! Her fire breath is launched in an arc, not a straight shot, like Samson's bells. To fly, press the A Button, then while in mid-jump, press and hold down the A Button to maintain flight. Let go of the A Button to drop to the ground. Kikira will drop automatically after a few seconds of continuous flight. For a Super-fire breath, press and hold down the B Button. Kikira's body color changes to show you that she is storing her fire blast. Release the B Button to let out the powerful flames! Gamm the Rock Lord - This rocky creation owns the legendary Red Bell. Once the most notorious thief of the realm, Gamm stole a magical potion from a wizard - then drank it! This changed him into the stone creature that he is today. He seeks repentance for his life as a thief and vows to change his ways. Not only is Gamm the strongest of all the strong men in the kingdom, but his tough hide lets him walk across spikes without taking any damage! His mighty fists can extend in all directions (up, down, left or right), to make a powerful punch! The distance is short, but he really packs a wallop! Press any direction on the control pad to direct Gamm's attacks. K.O. the Enchanted Beast - The Lord of the Mice is the owner of the legendary Green Bell. Once a powerful and kindly wizard, he took a potion to escape from the thief Gamm. (We know what happened to Gamm...) This potion turned him into a small but potent creature. K.O. is so tiny, in fact, he can race across water without sinking! K.O. has the same wall and ceiling abilities as Samson. Combine this with his small size and you can get in and out of some pretty tight squeezes! His weapon is a delayed fuse bomb. These bombs do heavy damage after sitting for a couple of seconds. Press the B Button to drop from 1 to 3 bombs. --- Game notes The heroes remain inside the leader's bell until they are summoned by Samson. To use the other characters, press the Start Button to bring up the Sub-Menu. Select players by using Right or Left on the control pad. Press the Start button to return to the game. The columns represent the character's statistics. Filled squares are energy points. Empty squares represent lost energy points. The initials represent the following characters: L Little Samson D Kikira the Dragon Lord G Gamm the Rock Lord M K.O. the Mouse *P Number of heroes remaining --- There are various items that are found or uncovered during the game. These are: Doll - an extra hero is gained. Potion - when activated, the hero that owns the potion has all energy points returned to maximum level. Select by moving Up or Down on the Sub-menu and pressing the A Button. Heart (big) - Energy gauge receives 4 units. Heart (small) - Gauge recovers 1 unit. Crystal Ball - Add 2 units to the gauge's potential! --- Ta-keed's minions (three game pictures)

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