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Little Ninja Brothers

Typed out by David Anderson Than you for purchasing Culture Brain's "Lil' Ninja Bros.(TM)" for your Nintendo Entertainment System(r). For maximum enjoyment, please read this Instruction Manual thoroughly before playing. Ninja action! Contents- *Story--4 *Jack & Ryu's humorous Ninja action!--6 *Special field training stage--10 *Let's start the game--12 *Let's adventure Chinaland--16 *Viewing and using the subscreen--20 *Now, fights!!--Viewing the battle screen--22 *How to manage in command battle--24 *Characters--26 *Items--29 *Trouble shooting advice--33 *How to play the field meeting mode--35 Story-Beginning of the Adventure One day, there was an emergency TV broucast all through Chinaland. "I am Blu Boltar, lord of theYoma Clan. All of you, look at this!" What the people saw was that Blu Boltar wound a rope around the lord of Chinaland, the Emperor of Ching. "Whoo, please someone do something!" "Hah! Do something? Chinaland is now mine. Anyone who resists us will be terminated!" The people of Chinaland have a serious problem. Meanwhile, on Mt. Epin, Jack and Ryu, enthusiastic Ninja boys, saw the broadcast. They toof off on their journey to defeat the Yoma Clan and bring a peace back to Chinaland. They headed towards Yokan, capital of Chinaland! What kind of adventures are waiting for you at Chinaland...... Jack and Ryu's Humorous Ninja Action!! 1) Power up the punch power (picture of Jack punching) If you buy and/or receive the punch items, your punch power will increase! Command: To equip punch, select 'Equipment' then select 'Punch'. 2) Throwing stars (picture of Jack chucking a throwing star) If a (*) ball appears after you punch a rock, grab it, so you can throw the boomerang stars for a fixed period of time. There are four kinds you can purchase, so buy wisely. They are good back up weapons in case of an emergency. Command: Select 'Item' 3) Kick! (picture of Jack doing a jump-kick) The thrilling, exciting action is here-Press the B button and the direction pad simultaneously! 4) The secret technique, 'Surger'!! (picture of Jack concentrating with energy flowing around him) There are another secret behind the 'Throwing Stars'! They allow you to use the 'Surger', which can damage the enemies without touching them. If you obtain powerful 'Throwing Stars', your 'Surger' will also up grade!! Command: Select 'Item', then select '...wave'. Press the A button to use it Press the A and B button simultanously (or start button) to open up the command 5) Dragon Kick! Punch rocks to get the treasure box. If a 'K mark' pops up, grab it, so you can use a 'Dragon Kick'! Press the B button, then press the Control pad in the direction you wish to kick. 6) Fight with Invincible Balls! (picture of Jack hitting some monsters) If you collect six '(M)' marks that appear from the punched rocks, you can use the 'Mighty Ball'. Grab the 'P' ball as soon as it appears, you can then become invincible for a fixed period of time. If you obtain the mystic item, you'll be able to use the secret 'Combined Cross Attack'...... 7) There are swords, too! (picture of Jack with a sword and shield in hand) Some members of the Yoma Clan can be defeated only by the sword! However, if you defeat enemes with your sword, your experience points you get by beating enemies will be reduced. So, it's better if you use the sword against the enemes who can be defeated only with the sword (namely, dragon-type enemies). Let's defeat Yoma Clan! To take an advantage of the battle, 1. Punch rocks and grab the treasure box. Various items are hidden inside of them. 2. Use your punches and sword wisely. 3. Master the humorous ninja action. Special Field Training Stage The controller operation in this stage is a little different. If you press the A button continuously, Jack and Ryu will dash forward!! Now use the 'A button dash' and the Dragon Kick to clear the special stage! What is the special field training stage? When you are on your journey, you'll encounter the field training stage, which scrolls horizontally, in the town or in the building. If you master the training, you'll find something good......! If you play the 1 player mode, the computer will play your partner, Ryu Controller Operation in the Field Training Stage Run (picture of Jack running) Press the A button Continuously. Punch (picture of Jack punching) Press the A button only. Dragon Kick (picture of Jack doing a jump-kick) Press the B button, then immediately press the Control pad. Kick (picture of Ryu doing a jump-kick) Press the B button while you press teh Control pad. Let's Start the Game! There are two modes available, the RPG and the Field Meeting, in this game. Refer to the instructions for the Field Meeting mode, on page 35. Now, let's start the RPG. To start the game from the beginning, select 'START', to continue where you left off, select 'PASSWORD' then enter the 'Password'. (see page 14) How many players? Choose if you want to play in the 1 or 2 player mode. If you select the 1 player mode, Jack will be your character. In the 2 player mode, 1P is Jack and 2P is Ryu. Select text speed Select desirable speed of message displayed. (Translation: Pick how fast you want the words to appear). Select difficulties of the action play Threemodes are available to you. 1. Hard For the advanced player. The exciting action will take your breath away! 2. Normal Moderate action is good for beginners and kids. 3. Easy Artificial Intelligence (AI) will determine and adjust the difficulties of the situation depending on the player's skills. This mode is recommended if a whole family plays the game. Password lets you start where you left off Don't forget to write the password down before you quit playing the game. Password enables you to resume where you left off. Password are given in both the subscreen and in the 'Convenience Store'. 1) Sub Screen You can get them anywhere. Bring up the sub screen and select 'Password'. (These passwords start you over where the game begins) 2) Convenience Store The stores are located in every town. (These passwords let you pick up from the convenience store where you got them) Enter the password! To enter the password Select 'Password' from the title screen. That'll bring up the password screen. If you are defeated and wish to continue the last game, the password will return you to the 'Convenience Store' from where you last received it. When you go to the new town, don't forget to stop by the 'Convenience Store' to get the password. Caution!! In the 2 player mode, both Jack and Ryu grow up together. Even if Ryu joined in the middle of the game, the power of the characters will be the same. Only one password apply to both Jack and Ryu. Let's Adventure Chinaland! Controller operation of the map screen Control Pad Moves Jack and Ryu up, down, left and right. A Button Opens the window and displays command. B Button Cancels your selection. Start and Select Button Not used. Exceptional Ways to Travel There are two other options to travel if you are in the map screen. 1. Whirlybird It'll take you to any town you've visited before without a stop. 2. Dragstar Two people can ride in it. It allows you to go on without encountering the enemies. Buildings in the Map Capital (cluster of houses) In the town, you can meet the people of Chinaland. The Divine House (yellow building with a red roof and window) The twelve Celestial Beings will help you. Yoma Chateau (a tower) The nest of the Yoma Clan. You should visit there. Water Lily Castle (an Oriental castle) The castle of the fairy... Huh? It's dark! There are a number of dark places such as the one in the picture (Jack and Ryu in a tunnel). If you find the one, leave immediately. Get the 'Light', then return. In the Town...How to Use 'Command' Press the A button, the command window will pop up. Talk When you talk to people in the town, cling to the person you wish to talk to, and press the A button. Then select 'Talk'. If you press the A button, people will talk to you. Call In the case of emergency, borrow the power of your rescue characters. But how? (This command lets you call one of the Celestial Beings when you get to a roadblock. It's used once or twice in the whole game) Sub Screen Please see page 20. Building (picture of a building with a shut door) You can't enter a house if the door is closed. (picture of a house with an open door) Someone must be waiting for you inside of the house with an open door. Entering the Buildings Convenience Stores (picture of a building with a "C" over the door) It is rumored that 'Convenience Stores' are from a divine place. It's very convenient. You can buy revival medicine, or alternate number of the players. Don't forget to note the password. Artiller Shop (a building with a sign of a fist on it) Sells swords, punch ups and other weapons (Actually, they don't sell swords) Hotel (a building with "Hotel" written on its sign) Rest at the hotel when you're exhausted. You power will bring up fully. Tool Shop (a building with a sign that says "Tool" on it) You can find various convenient tools. (picture a building with a burger on its sign) There are various other buildings such as 'The Divine House' or 'Training Club'. Viewing and Using the Sub Screen If you press the A button in the map screen, select sub screen. The screen such as the one showed left (sorry, cannot include) will appear. The sub screen lets you select the items and confirm various situations. Items- Displays the itmes Jack and Ryu have at the current moment. Move the cursor around and press the A button to use them. About Dragstar and Battery Move the cursor to 'Dragstar', then press the A button to use it. Then number of 'Batteries' indicates the number of times you can use Dragstar. (Batteries are steadily used up as you drive Dragstar, as well) Status- Indicates strength of Jack and Ryu. EX means experience points. As you defeat enemies, your experience points will increase and the level advances. The levesl indicate your skil. The higher the level is stronger your characters are. Equip- Displays the weapons and shields you currently have. The items you can have are: punch-ups, sword, shield, robe, talisman, amulet, lights, throwing stars. (Throwing stare are only item the item you can carry more than one). Treasure- Displays all the treasures you have collected. Money- Indicates the amount of money you have. If you are defeated, the amount of money will be cut in half. In the 2 player mode, items, strength, treasures, money and so forth are shared between the two. You can't collect the items separately. Be cooperative, and use the available items wisely. Now, FIGHTS!!-Viewing the battle screen- Block/Rock If you punch it, a treasure box will appear. Obtain it to collect various item's. Pond If you fall into it, your strength will be cut in half. Quick Passages Located opposite each other on each side of the screen. (Go through one to come out on the other side of the screen) Display Indicate (Hard to duplicate with my limited ascii drawing skills so I'll just copy it from left to right) Jack's Life Remaining Dragon kicks of Jack Level Number of (*) ball Number of (M) mark Remaining Dragon kicks of Ryu Ryu's Life How to Equip and Select the Items In the battle screen, if you press the A and B button simultaneously (or press Start button), 'Command' will appear in the bottom half of the screen. Equipmant Equipe either with the punch or the sword. The item you equip will be indicated by an 'E mark'. To change it, move the cursor around and press the A button. Also, if six '(M) marks' are collected, you can use 'Mighty Ball', to use it, select 'Equipment' in the battle. Item Select the item by moving the cursor around, then press the A button to select. Let Jack and Ryu increase their power and experience! If you defeat enemies and retain experience points, the level will increase and the maximum points for both physical strength and offense power will also increase. Both players always achieve their strength equally. In the 2 player mode, physical strength, and number of 'Dragon Kicks' will be displayed separately. How the Manage Command Battle There are also command battles. You'll enjoy the fully animated, exciting battle. To fight, select the command you like. One point advice Whoo, Surprise!! Both players can play this command battle. You and your partner can devise a plan of operation as you fight. Even if you are alone, you can call on a partner. Just select command 'CALL' then Ryu will come to you at once, and fight automatically. Be Cooperative! 1) Since you have your partner, don't fight separately. If one of you is fighting the enemies, the other should concentrate on collecting items. 2) The powerfu enemies appear! Do you care about your strength? Sometimes it is necessary to run away from the enemies. If you aren't quick enough, use a 'Skateboard' to escape from them (both of you can escape). 3) Fight against the strong enemies together! One of you should lure the enemy, the other should attack him when he's off his guard. 4) If one of you are terminated, revive him at the 'Convenience Store'. Characters Theses are our heroes, Jack and Ryu!! Jack (picture of Jack) Ryu (picture of Ryu) Mentor (picture of an old man) The Twelve Celestial Beings (a group picture of a variety of critters, including a monkey, a tiger, a horse, a rabbit, and a giant) Friends from paradise who are here to help Jack and Ryu! We are Yoma Clan!! Tub-a-Tummy (picture of a fat man with a large fork in one hand) He'll eat anything, I mean anything! The Swoopster (picture of a bird-man) He's the destroyer with a sharp beak and claws. Devillian (picture of a dragon-man) He is the toughest soldier of the Yoma Clan! He is waiting for Jack and Ryu at the'Fire Castle'. Bull-Ony (picture of a minotaur) The rowdiest among the Yoma Clan! Even his comrades avoid him. Land-Guard (a pig-man in armor with a spear) He is Tub-a-Tummy's man. Defeat him effortlessly! Sumoguru (a fat yellow creature) He is a monster that appears and disappears in the desert. He can create an earthquake. Items Sweet Bun Recovers 40 physical strength in points (In the 2 player mode, both players will be recovered). Meat Bun Recovers physical strength up to its maximum points. Medicine Revives your defeated partner. But only used when you play in the 2 player mode. Skateboard Allows you to escape from the battle. Whirlybird Takes you to any town you've visited before. Dragstar Runs in the ultra high speed without encountering any enemies. Do you know where you can find it? Battery It's a necessary item for the 'Dragstar'. You can ride depending on the number of batteries you have available. Items you'll obtain by crushing rocks K mark Allows you to use the 'Dragon Kick'. (see page 7) (*) ball Allows you to use the 'Throwing Stars' or the 'Surger'. Valentine (heart) Recovers your physical strength by a certain number of points. Boo Bomb (cartoon bomb) This is a surprise bomb that can bring on an earthquake. Select command 'Item'. Whirlybird Sometimes you can obtain it in the middle of the battle. If you're lucky! (M) marks If you collect six marks, you can use the 'Mighty Ball'. Select command 'Equipment'. Skull It depletes all the (M) marks you've collected. Uurgh!! Items you can equip The items Jack and Ryu equip can be up-graded continuously. Some items can be bought at the stores. You must look for the other items. Collect them wisely and increase your power. The right kind of weapons must be equipped according to the enemies you face to. Sword You must have it to fight again'st 'Dragon' family. Punch Some enemies can be defeated only by punches! Shield It'll repell bullets from enemies if they attack you from the front. Robe It'll reduce the power of Yoma's fighting balls by half. Talisman A mystic talisman slows down the Yoma Clan's attack and movement. Amulet It'll recover you from an enemy's magic. Light Shines on the dark hall, and reveals invisible enemy's true color. T. Stars You can shoot the Throwing stars to damage the enemies! More Items Tiger Sword A person who obtains this sword and used the 'Combined Cross Attack'. Prism Sword Legendary sacred sword. It'll chop anything down. Crush Punch Increases the power of your punches. Iron Claws Increases some of the power of your punches. But there's something else behind this item, what......? Mirror Shield It reflects enemies' 'Transformational Stone Beam' back towards them. Talisman-Y You must have it to defeat thunders of Blu Boltar. Boomerang 'Throwing Stars' will fly and return like a boomerang. Match Reveals the true color of the invisible enemies. Trouble Shooting Advice Part 1 Balloon Club at Hynen. If you stop at the Balloon Club in the first town, Hynen, you may have a difficult time passing. The qualification to pass this exercise are: you must pop 20 balloons within 70 seconds. It is very difficult! Now, we'll tell you the secret. 1. Use 'Dragon Kicks' (press the B button then press the direction pad). 2. Pop the balloons near you by using the 'Moonsault Kick' (try not to miss them). 3. Watch out for your remaining time. Now, let's challenge again!! Trouble Shooting Advice Part 2 There are certain zones or regions where you can find 'F ball' (a source of 'Throwing Stars') or 'K mark' (a source of 'Dragon Kicks') easily. If you find such areas, note them. Collecting and retaining the 'F' and/or 'K' mark is a useful for your strategy! Trouble Shooting Advice Part 3 The town of Deli-Chous. To defeat Tub-a-Tummy in Deli-Chous, you must have the 'Amulet-II'. Well, where is it??? For it in the house of the mayor. Be alert! Cilly City Huh, huh, huh? Every body talks funny......Well, don't get consued by what they say. Visit every house in the town! You'll find some clues! How to Play the Field Meeting Mode You can select a maximum of five events out of six. If you don't have a contestant, don't worry, the game will take care of the rest. 1. This is the menu to select the event you wish to play. After you finish selecting the event, move the cursor to the 'Finish' and press the A button. 2. Select the number of players. If you select the 1 player mode, the computer will be your contestant! 3. Now, the even starts!! Get set, ready, go!! The controls in the Field Meeting are the same as in the Field Training mode. I will not recopy them. The Events in the Field Meeting Mode There are six events to choose from. 1) The 50 meter dash Press the A button continuously. Aim at the goal!! 2) Balloon popping race Try to pop as many balloon as you can. Each balloon has different point value. 3) The athletic race Dash to the goal, but avoid the logs and ponds by jumping over them. Press the B button and jump in the good timing. 4) The treasure hunt One of the rocks reveals the treasure. Punch rocks to find it. 5) The eating race Try to eat the cake only. If you pop a balloon before you eat a cake, you won't get any points. 6) The shooting race Aim at the target with your "Throwing Stars". If you pop the ballons first, you won't get any points. The rest of the manual contains legal stuff.

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